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So this is an entirely new Chapter Three, the original Chapter Three will now become Chapter Four. Originally the first part of this chapter had two plot lines, one was a supernatural story the other just a regular one. I decided to separate the plot into separate story's, the supernatural themed one is now a "What If" story.
The second part of the chapter is the Mr. Mctavish story that was originally part of Chapter Seven. But I realized it no longer belonged there,, it should now happen earlier with all the new stuff I have added

A few months after her visit to HCI, Amy was still working through her feelings. She tried to stop looking at herself in the mirror nude, and put both collars into a box and buried them deep under her bed. The reminders in the mail from HCI were another matter. Their presentation of happiness in slavery made it harder for Amy to have a real break from her feelings. She thought about just throwing them away unopened, but decided the it was safer to read what was in them, just in case there was something important. The offers of slave training, professional slave gradings, and various items for sale to enhance (or enforce) the slave experience kept pushing at Amy’s slave buttons.

Amy was also facing that her relationship with Ty had become frayed. Both of them had people come into their lives that caused friction and jealousy between Amy and Ty. Amy had never suggested playing any kind of “slave games” with Ty, but Chase Powers was another thing. He was arrogant and manipulative but also an excellent horse rider. He had kissed her and Amy knew he would enjoy dominating her as a Master. But Amy realized that would also make him dangerous to play at being a slave with.

One day she received a letter that both rattled and intrigued her. She was being offered a free giveaway at HCI, it was linked to her chip so no coupon was necessarily. Amy didn’t know what to think of it, was it a trap, or above board? She made a phone call but all they said was that it was a fun opportunity.

The following week Amy was in Calgary on business and passed by the HCI store. She knew she shouldn’t go in but the curiosity got the best of her. She also wanted to confront her fears and the persistent slave feelings instead of running from them.

She walked in the front entrance and was greeted with, “Welcome Amy, please report to the Enslavement Desk for processing.” This took Amy aback, but she decided to confront this game of theirs’s.

She went up to the enslavement desk and in a firm voice inquired, “Why is your store trying to enslave me?”

Without looking up from the computer the young man replied, seemingly from a script, “Please remove your clothing and I’ll begin your enslavement process.”

Automatically Amy undid all the buttons on her blouse. She stopped herself as the item of clothing dropped to the floor. She picked it up and cleared her thoughts and spoke up. “I’m not here for that so can your stop the computer from harassing me?”

Alex, for that was his name, was so caught up in his training that he ignored what Amy was saying and came around the desk with the Slave Chip Reader/Encoder, “OK, I’ll get your info and we’ll get slaved away in no time.” He finally looked up and saw the young woman, in her bra and blue jeans, carrying her blouse in her right arm. “Why are you not naked? Please follow my directions.”

Increasing feeling both angry and fearful, Amy retorted in a firm strong voice, “I am not here to be enslaved. I do not want to be enslaved. Am I getting through to you?”

“Do not concern yourself, this will go quickly if you cooperate, you’ll be in a new home in no time enjoying your new life as a slave.” Amy stood her ground, Alex continued to use standard responses he was getting nowhere.

Management Trainee Alex Pearson was confused. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go. During training they had them rehearse standard coercive enslavement procedures. But this girl wasn’t acting as the training told him she would.

Exasperated Amy walked away and went to the Customer Service desk. “Can you help me, I received a letter about some kind of free gift, but the store and the guy over there.” Amy pointed to Alex at the Enslavement Desk, “Just wants to enslave me. I was just curious what the offer was?”

Amy still had her top off so it was easy enough for the clerk, an older white woman, to read Amy’s chip. She told Amy that the offer was a free Slave Yoga class and added, “Junior over there is grand spanking new, just knows what the textbooks tell him.” She then informed Amy that the next class was in two hours and she could wait in the slave pens if she wanted.

Amy did not like that idea at all, she was angry with herself for flirting with slavery, “Is there anywhere else here to wait?”

“Not here, they don’t exactly want women sitting around when they could be processed into slave meat instead.”

Amy looked at her phone, there was a there was a Wal Mart nearby to waste some time, not much in restaurants around and anyways shouldn’t eat much before yoga. She really wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. She finally decided to avoid much more exposure to slavery and drove to the Wal Mart.

She wondered around looking at the DVD’s and clothes. She had never been a clotheshorse wanting the next fancy thing, so the Women’s Clothing Department worked for her. She just wondered around, just casually glancing at the clothes. There was nothing that caught her eye, she wandered a little more and found the slave section. It wasn’t impressive, mostly inexpensive basic slave stuff: collars, whips, cuffs and so forth. Nothing but a novice would find it stimulating.

Amy looked at her watch and realized less than an hour had gone by. There was too much time to walk around, but not enough time to go somewhere else. So, she drove to HCI and asked to wait in the kennels.

The young black female clerk placed a plastic color-coded collar around Amy’s neck, this particular one designated her as there for the slave yoga class. Though it also meant she was potential product, as Slave Yoga classes at HCI were also designed to turn free woman into slaves.

Amy removed her clothes while she was processed into the computer. The clerk cuffed her hands behind her, something Amy would have shocked her a short time ago, but now it was just no big deal. It was another not-so-subtle push towards slavery. Entering the kennel was no longer a strange or scary place to her anymore. Amy found she had a roommate. She was young, barely eighteen, raven haired and very pretty and she got up and greeted Amy with a big hug.

“I’m so happy to have a sister with me. Isn’t this going to big adventure?” Amy was curious about the girl’s enthusiasm and asked about how she ended up here. “Oh, I’ve been dreaming of this for a long time, I just devoured the slave romance books by Hilary Rodham. I knew it was the life for me. As soon as I turned eighteen, I had my dad bring me down here to be sold to my new master.” She continued on with her descriptions of an idealized life as a slave.

Amy felt sorry for her, knowing from even her limited experience as a slave that it wasn’t a life of wine and
roses. She didn’t know how to respond; she didn’t want to drop the reality of slavery on her. Getting her upset now wouldn’t help, if she changed her mind it didn’t matter, there was no way out now.

“You know Beth, slavery isn’t like what they depict in those books. You don’t control who gets you, he isn’t necessarily going to be handsome and loving. I mean, if you work at it, I’m sure you could have a good relationship with your master. But you have to forget about what you want, its about what he wants and needs. The better you serve him the better he’ll treat you.”

Beth sat down and starting wondering what she had done. Her parents didn’t have much money and getting a windfall from auctioning her certainly made them support her plans. Amy sat beside her, “Look, just hope for the best and work hard at being a good slave. I’m sure things will work out.” It didn’t take much to cheer the girl up. Beth’s immersion in slave novels propaganda wouldn’t be removed that easily and she thanked Amy.

Amy plopped down on the cot to wait out the rest of the hour till the yoga class. She wasn’t sure how she felt being in here again. She felt some worry about someone she knew seeing her, but otherwise she was neither scared, nervous or excited being locked up with slaves waiting to be auctioned.

Her reverie was broken by a familiar voice, “Amy is that you?” It was Dale, the slave monger who she had gotten to know when she ‘visited’ HCI just a few months ago.

Amy looked up, “Oh its you, how are you, Dale?”

“I’m more interested in how you are. You finally realize its too hard to remain a free woman now?”

“No, I’m just waiting on the next yoga class. I got an offer of a free class, well actually I was told it was a free gift, I was close by so my curiosity got the best of me.”

“That’s too bad, I would have loved to use you again.”

Amy wasn’t sure what to think about that. The idea didn’t turn her on, but it didn’t turn her off either. She remembered Dale fucking her hard in the ‘try out’ room, which she had to admit was a pleasant memory. The additional memory of her lesbian experience likewise was also a delightful memory.

She didn’t even give it much of a thought but she found herself going up to the bars and kneeling. He immediately realized what she was offering and placed himself in position. Amy put her hands through the bars and undid his jeans. Pulling down his pants and shorts, she caressed the familiar cock with her hands. Slowly he started to harden and he pushed it through the bars. Amy did her best, though she was still untrained in maximizing oral pleasure. Licking the head, letting the cock slowly enter her mouth through pressed lips and rolling her tongue around his manhood as it slid back and forth over her lips. Amy gave decent pleasure, though dealing with trained slave girls, Dale was used to expert penis gratification.

When he finally came, he pulled out and sprayed Amy’s face and breasts. This was something Amy hated on the rare occasion it had happened. It made her feel even more dirty and used. Dale took her to the showers and Amy was able to clean herself off. When he took her back to the kennel, he playfully swatted her ass and laughed. “You’re a good slave, you should be on the auction block as soon as possible.”

Amy had to admit, giving Dale a blowjob was almost natural. She just did it with no feelings of guilt or shame. Amy knew back in the world she would have to make sure that people didn’t think she was eager to do it. The only thing that had angered her was having herself covered in his jizz.

Finally, a clerk came back and took her out of the kennel, again securing her hands behind her back and as taken to the room where the slave yoga class was going to be held. There were eyes on Amy when she was brought in, but she was soon joined by other naked women.

When it was announced that the class would include slaves in training, and be held in the nude, a couple of women left, a few others groaned slightly, and several showed palpable excitement at the thought. Amy realized that the other women probably considered her a slave in training.

Most of the free women looked at the naked slaves with a mixture of contempt and curiosity. Amy felt neither. If anything, she felt sorry for them having experienced what she thought was a rather soft form of slavery. It helped Amy deal with her experiences thinking that a real slave’s life was so much worse than what she encountered. She didn’t want to think about the pleasure she experienced, or the almost carefree feeling it had given her.

Amy had done some slave yoga when she had been alone at home and followed along with lessons either on Slave TV or online. In high school there had been basic slave instruction once you turned seventeen. It was done in leotards, even after everyone turned eighteen. There was little support in the community for slavery, the cowboy ethos of hard work and self sufficiency were still held here. Though it was fraying under the influence of the media, the internet, and weekend cowboys buying ranches.

The class got underway and started with basic stretching exercises. While the class was distracted a series of panels on one of the walls silently slid open, revealing the participants to an audience. It took a while fore someone to notice the appreciative spectators, and this caused several free women to complain. The instructor reprimanded them, reminding them slave yoga was meant to preformed publicly and they would lose points if they quit the class now. Amy was past caring, just another bullshit enslavement trick. The class calmed down and the moves were now more physically demanding. Soon they were told to start reciting slave mantras that were projected on a screen, addressing them to the woman who was their taskmaster:

“Remember you are a slave.”

“You exist to please your Mistress.”

“Your Mistress’s happiness is your only reason to exist.”

“You have no rights.”

“You never say no to anything.”

“When you do wrong you will bring your Mistress her whip in your mouth and beg punishment.”

Soon the women were repeating them in unison, making the words reverberate. All the girls were sweating and the room was filled with the smell of aroused women.

Amy repeated the mantras, but with no conviction. Her experience as a slave, short as it was, had given her a shield against such simple inducement to slavery. She had wanted to use the yoga as a way to exorcize it from her mind. She was now realizing that going to HCI and doing slave yoga might not have been the best way to do that. She knew she should have given more thought to her plan, she had arrived almost without thinking of consequences. Her previous experience here had given her a familiarity with the place, it even felt safe. In fact, she was thinking more about a horse she was having trouble helping.

The mistress of the class started demanding the free woman do better and would strike the yoga mat of an offender with her short whip to inspire them to greater efforts. The sharp slap of the whip pulled everyone, including Amy, out of their personal reveries. The free women worked harder but soon slacked off. All of a sudden, one of the free women let out a yelp of pain as the sound mistresses whip connected with her ass. The free women’s hearts skipped a beat as the slave girls snickered at the victim.

Luckily the hour was up and so the mounting fear was abated. Both the free and slave women were made to shower under the same cool water showers. There the free women received playful touching and comments about their poor performance in the class from the slave girls. Before the free women could get dressed the mistress came in a berated them for their poor performance compared to the slaves. She insisted that they should take a full schedule of slave yoga. She then offered the classes absolutely free, but the women quickly realized that the free classes were paid for with an agreement to be enslaved if they signed on.

Amy was just happy the class was over and went back to the customer service desk to get her clothes. The mistress came up to Amy before she had a chance to start getting dressed, “Your free class came with an implied enslavement followed by more free classes. Come with me to be processed.” Amy noticed the steel slave collar in the woman’s hand and a cold chill went down her back. The mistress obviously hoped that by confronting Amy while she was still naked and vulnerable, it would be easier to bully her into slavery. Amy did feel insecure with this woman making threats to her, her body betrayed her and she could feel her pussy juices start to flow.

But Amy had experience with attempts to enslave her, “No thank you.” She said decisively.

“But it was part of the deal.”

“Nothing was said about that. I didn’t sign anything. There were no Terms and Conditions to agree to.”

The woman shoved her hand between Amy’s legs and pushed her fingers into her pleasure box, which to Amy’s surprise, neither embarrassed or distressed her. “I can feel your Slave Hot and Juicy, your body is ready and anxious for enslavement.”

Amy knew there were truth in mistresses’ words, but defended herself never the less, “That’s because I had some very intense sex before coming here.” A good excuse. Mistress merely snorted at Amy defense of herself, giving her a look of superiority, which made her nervous. Amy’s luck held as the woman was called away by a call on her phone.

Once Amy was dressed, she tried to walk out of the store, which set off a buzzer. Worried that it was her slave chip, she had been told that it might accidently tag her as HCI property. She went to the customer support desk, where the same older woman that Amy had met earlier was still there. “Why did the store buzz me.” Amy asked with a little nervousness.

The woman looked at here and smiled, “Don’t worry dear, you just forgot to have me take off your collar.” And to the young woman’s relief she came around the desk and cut the collar off. Then she swiped it across the top of a metal contraption and said, “OK, I just wiped the security tag, you can take the collar, free of charge.”

Skeptical, Amy asked, “Are there any consequences, if I take it? If I take it, am I agreeing to enslavement or something?”

The woman smiled again, “Don’t worry, the collar is just going to the garbage otherwise. There’s nothing linking it to you. The company encourages us to give them away, probably to inspire repeat customers…and hopefully new slave stock.”

Relieved, Amy waked out of the store, a little on edge wondering if the buzzer would sound again. When it failed to do so she relaxed and walked to the truck.

The next day a panel van with the insignia of HCI drove into Heartland. Luckily Grandfather Jack wasn’t there, though he probably didn’t know what HCI was except that Amy sometimes got mail from them. Amy answered the door and she froze when she saw the HCI logo on the men’s outfits. Amy’s blood ran cold with fear, but she tried to keep a calm demeanor. “Hello, can I help you?”

“Yes, we are here to pick up a slave, name of Kate, she’s scheduled for a slave yoga class.”

The name was the thunderbolt through her system. It was her slave name, did the manager at HCI, Ms. Gill, use that name for her? She tried to keep her composure but she could feel herself shaking in fear. Her palms were getting sweaty and her mouth was getting dry. She crocked out a response, “No one here by that name.”

Sensing her nervousness, they interrogated her, “Are you sure you’re not the slave? Are you scheduled for enslavement after the class?”

Not sure how to respond Amy decided to speak the truth, it was one less thing to worry about, “I had a class a few days ago, it was a free class and I didn’t sign up for any more.” Feeling unsteady she showed them her driver’s license. “My name is Amy, not Kate.” She could feel a slight wetting of her vagina, was this making her horny?

Amy put them on the defensive, “Look didn’t you see the sign at the gate? It says ‘No Slaves Allowed’ so there are no slaves here.”

The man looked at his pad, “I’m looking at the order here and this is the address.”

Amy looked at the pad, it was the right address. “Do you have any information on this slave you’re looking for?”

“Yes, she’s blond, blue eyed, 5’ 7”, 36C, Slave ID #376-690-254.” He looked at the picture of the slave girl on his computer pad and then looked at Amy, “The picture does look like you.”

“Let me see that!” And Amy grabbed the pad and saw the picture. The slave girl was naked of course, and did look a bit like her, almost like sisters. But looking closely you could tell it wasn’t Amy.

“I’ll admit she looks a bit like me, but she is taller and has a completely different slave ID number.”

“We will have to check that can you come to the van please?” Amy followed them and without being asked she pulled opened her blouse and pulled it and her bra strap down off her shoulder. The reader was pressed against her skin and she heard the beep as it opened her information. “OK your ID number is 267-456-873, so you’re not the slave we’re looking for.” Amy was starting to relax when the man said, “We got a message when we scanned your chip, it says to call HCI for status. I’d better secure you for safe keeping.”

Amy’s heart jumped and her chest tightened as her clothes were removed and a collar secured to her neck with a chain that was locked to a rod in the van. She was scared, she told herself they had said this could happen but it would be cleared up quickly. She tried to breath deeply to calm herself, but the cold was making her nipples hard and she could feel her juices dripping down her leg, quickly getting cold. She could hear the man talking on the phone, deciding her fate. She looked around and noticed there were two other slaves in cages in the van. Both were white, one was young and brunette and the other older and raven haired.

They started to make comments about her, “You’re a cutie.” “You for sale?” “Ready for the auction block?”

Meanwhile the man on the phone was asking about Amy and why was she flagged by the system. “Finally, he came over and informed her, “OK they told us there was a computer glitch with you, so your clear.” Then he noticed new wetness, “What do we have here?” And he put his hand between her legs and smiled, “You’re all nice slave wet and juicy. Are you ready to be a slave?”

Amy, having people suggesting slavery to her way too often, was not frozen in fear at this attempt to enslave her. She was worried and nervous of course, but no longer overwhelmed with fear at her situation. Yet she had to admit to herself there was some feeling of excitement and even pleasure at the thought of slavery. And yes, the thought of being enslaved had made her slave wet. She just had to take some deep breaths to regain her composure.
While she was doing this though she was assaulted by the application of two fingers into her pussy. This was giving her shivers of pleasure instead what would have been outrage just a few short months ago. Her body started riding the fingers, swaying in rhythm to their movements. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure flow through her. She ignored her fears and just accepted she was being used like a slave, again. She let go like she remembered how and quickly came to orgasm.
“Slavegasam!” said on of the slaves in the cages.

“So, I guess that settles it, you’ll coming with us to HCI to be processed?” the older driver inquired.

Amy was looking for her words when she was saved by Mallory Wells, a long-time friend who had spent so much time at Heartland one would have thought she lived there. Mallory was a short, cute, ball of energy, very talkative with a tendency to stick her nose in everything. She couldn’t see slave naked Amy who was hidden behind the van, she also couldn’t see the HCI sign on the side so she approached and called out. “Hey what are you doing here?”

Realizing that Mallory might see her Amy firmly said, “No, I don’t want to be a slave. Now please unlock me and let me get dressed or there will be hell to pay when my friend gets closer.”

The drivers decided it wasn’t worth the trouble to push enslaving the girl and they released her. Amy quickly got dressed as Mallory approached. One of the drivers who had approached Mallory and asked her name. He than asked if she knew any slaves named Kate and she answered in the negative. He told her that they were looking for a slave but it was turning out to be a wild goose chase. He inquired if she was interested in enslavement. “Maybe you can make this trip worthwhile? Your friend not interested but you’re good looking and a lot of owners like slender slaves. How about we collar and crate you and we’ll take you to HCI for processing?”

The spitfire angrily responded, “Look here, I’m only seventeen so keep your grimy paws off me. And I’m not going to be paraded around for men to ogle me and buy me to serve their twisted little fantasies.”

At this the younger driver held up his hands defensively and regretting crossing this miniature wild cat, he apologized, “Wo, wo, sorry I suggested it, I’m just doing my job.”

This little scene slowed Mallory’s advance and gave Amy time to get dressed. She came around from the back of the truck and addressed Mallory, “Its OK Mallory, I told them they have the wrong place so they’ll be leaving now.”

“What are they doing here? Didn’t they see the sign No Slaves Allowed?” An angry Mallory responded.

“They thought there was a slave here for them to pick up. Its not a big deal. But don’t tell anyone OK, grandpa especially would get angry.” Amy looked at Mallory hopefully.

“OK, but you know how hard it is for me to keep a secret.”

“Well just don’t think about it.”

As the door to the panel van was being closed one of the slaves inside called out, “Hey blondie, maybe we’ll get you next time.”

Mallory’s mouth opened in surprised, “Are you telling me there are slaves in that truck?”

Rather embarrassed Amy tried to explain it away, “Yes there are, they seem to like trying to drag other women into slavery. It’s probably a good idea that we should avoid interacting with slave girls in the future, you might think your helping them but they will probably just try to drag you down with them.”

Mallory started peppering Amy with questions about the slave in the van. Amy tried to answer truthfully, without giving too much information. It was probably better to satisfy Mallory’s always intense curiosity than try to deflect it. That would just make Mallory suspicious, which was another one of her less endearing traits.
Amy decided to she needed a shower to clean herself of the smell of slavery. She found herself paying a lot of attention to her breasts and clit. Right now, the pleasure she was feeling was mixed up with slavery. Thoughts of a sensual life serving a master filtered in. She was feeling unfulfilled as her on again off again boyfriend Ty were off again. The loss of intimacy was frustrating her, she almost though about being a slave for a weekend. Was that even possible? Who would she serve? Could she slip back into her life when the weekend was over?

Then Fate Intervened, again.
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Amy tried harder to avoid anything to do with slaves, unfortunately Amy, who usually had horses brought to her, would occasionally have to go to clients who had slaves. She would stay away from the main houses where pleasure slaves might be, and would ignore the fact that some of the stable hands were work slaves, treating them the same as anyone else.

She was at a ranch working with a new horse, Duncan, that was having some kind of severe anxiety issue. She was cooing to it to calm him, but it would continually bolt from her and knock her aside. She would slowly approach it again and after a few minutes the horse would again run away. Unfortunately, the third time this happened Amy was pushed hard and ended up in soft mud and a fresh horse paddy.

The horse’s owner, Mr. McTavish, came into the corral and helped her up. “Tracy, get out here and help this lady get cleaned up.” A naked, large breasted girl came out and started stripping off Amy’s jacket, boots, socks, blue jeans and blouse. Amy found it strange being stripped by a naked slave.

“Don’t worry I’ll clean this up and wash this up for you mistress. You can stay in the extra bedroom while I do this.” Then started leading her away, but then, “Oh, I see your underwear is a bit dirty too.” And before Amy realized it, she had been completely striped naked, steps way from the eyes of her client. She made a show of covering her breasts and pussy with her arms, wanting to them to think she wasn’t comfortable with this. It was early in fall and the cool air quickly made her nipples hard as well as pleasuring her pussy.

Soon she was in the main house, and brought to the guest bedroom. The slave left her and said, “This could take a couple of hours, so relax.” And without any more ado, left Amy completely naked. Amy wasn’t sure what to do with herself and she was filled with conflicting emotions. All she needed was a collar and she would look like a slave again. The idea excited her, but she decided not to fight it as she thought this would quickly pass so there was no reason to expend the emotional energy fighting it. She could feel herself getting slave wet at the thought of her situation, so she just went with it.

When Tracy returned, she noticed Amy’s wet snatch and asked, “Do you want to be my new sister?”

Amy was taken aback; she knew what she meant but didn’t want to admit it. ”What’s that?”

“You be my sister slave here silly, your already dressed for it.”

“Ah, no, thank you.” Amy said in a friendly way, hoping she would drop the suggestion. But she felt a shudder of sexual excitement flow through her.

“Oh, why not, it can get so lonely here, and he’s a good master.” She then went over to a drawer and brought out a steel collar. “See why don’t you try this on for size?” And brought it over to her like she was going to put it on Amy’s neck.

“Oh no, please, I don’t need to.” But she found it thrust into her hand. “I don’t want something locked around my neck.” Almost saying “again”. But Amy was starting to relax a little around this blond woman, who was in her mid 20s with a positive personality that just oozed out of her.

“Don’t worry, this doesn’t lock automatically, it needs a key. Try it, open and close it.” Amy did, and saw it was safe. Then the slave grabbed it and slid it on Amy’s neck.

Amy almost had a panic attack as she felt a wave of slave feelings overwhelm her, “Take it off, take it off!” as she fumbled to take it off.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m here.” And Tracy gave her a big hug. “Just take a few deep breaths.” When Amy did calm down, she helped her take it off for a few moments. Amy wasn’t sure why the collar had affected her that much. “Come on will you be my sister slave for a little while?”

Amy didn’t really say yes, but she didn’t refuse either. Tracy put the collar back on Amy, then she ended up helping Tracy wash and dry the dishes. After that there was some tidying up around the house.

“Your being such a good slave. Maybe I should check your slave wetness.” And without warning Tracy went up and pushed her fingers into Amy’s vagina. Amy was shocked but was quickly seduced by the pleasure she was feeling. “Your getting nice and slave wet. You like this don’t you?”

Amy moaned, and said “Yes, it feels so good.” She was flooded with memories of slave pleasure and didn’t want to resist. She just wanted more. Constantly fighting her slave feelings was tiring, so often she wanted to just let go. Now maybe she could, safely she hoped, just relax and enjoy it. She felt the fingers push deeper and then a shock of sexual excitement when the other slave’s thumb started pleasuring her clit. She started riding the fingers like a cock, her body no longer under her control.

After what seemed like forever, blanketed by ecstasy, she exploded in a powerful climax. She lost what control she still had over her body and collapsing on the floor in a puddle of sweat. While she lay there, Tracy kneeled low with her knees on either side of Amy’s head and ordered, “Lick me and be a slave with me.” Not thinking Amy started caressing the fleshy pussy lips with her tongue. Hearing appreciative sounds from the girl on top of her, she licked and sucked on the slave’s clitoris, then switching between doing that and pushing her tongue as deep as she could inside Tracy’s hot box. Soon she was feeling her companion’s shivers of gratification kick in. Amy felt her mouth fill with warm, slightly bitter liquid as Tracy squirted into her mouth and face. Amy was shocked and didn’t know what to do, she had heard of women who squirted at orgasm, but had never known anyone who had. Finally, she slowly swallowed the juice and wiped her face when the other slave got up.

“Oh, that was so good sister, you now slave like me.” Amy let the comment pass, not sure what she felt she now was at that moment. “Why don’t I take you down to our pen? You’ll love being master’s slave.” And she led Amy to the basement of the house.

Amy saw a cage, with a soft dildo attached to a water bottle. A dog bowl and a tall post with cuffs on it, and a slave whip on the wall. “Would you try my cage please sister? I want you to experience what its like. Don’t worry I won’t lock it.” Amy was at first reluctant, but with additional prodding, with a joke about whipping her for being a bad slave, Amy was persuaded to go in. She went in backwards, gingerly, and let Tracy close the door.

Amy was thirsty and decided to suck on the dildo to get a drink of water. Only after did she realize she did so without thinking about it. What she got didn’t taste or feel like water. “What is this?”

“Its water with cum in it for slave girls.”

“Gross.” Amy had heard of it but never taste it. And she didn’t want to appear in any way OK with it.

“Come on give it a try, here have some of my slave kibble to get you thirsty.” And pushed the dog bowl in the cage. Amy’s curiosity got the better of her and she grabbed a few pieces with her fingers. “No, no, bad slave. You must eat from the bowl like a dog.” Amy was letting herself be ordered around, with no thoughts of resistance. “Maybe Ill let myself enjoy a little bit of slavery again instead of getting myself all twisted up.” She thought.

She buried her face in the bowl, using her teeth and tongue to grab at the kibble. She chewed on it and found it rather bland and a bit salty. This got her thirsty and almost without thinking sucked on the dildo again.

“Oh, sorry I have to go for a minute, have to put your clothes in the dryer, be back in a jiffy.” And the slave girl disappeared.

Amy wasn’t sure what to do, she decided not to try to get out without permission. She tried to make herself comfortable, but couldn’t. It would take some time for her to get used to being in a cage.

Finally, Tracy came back and opened the cage. “You were a very good slave not to letting yourself out.” Proclaimed Tracy.

Amy felt a bit proud to have been a “good slave” and crawled out of the cage then said. “Well, that was an interesting experience. But I don’t think I want to repeat it.”

“Well OK, why don’t you have a lay down up in the bedroom?” Amy returned to the guest bedroom, but took a wrong turn and ended up in the master’s bedroom, and there laid down and fell asleep. She gave no thought to the fact that she was naked and collared.

She was awakened by the bouncing movement of the bed, and found herself face to face with Tracy, then she noticed the slave girls’ breasts swaying to a vigorous fucking she was receiving from her master. Amy couldn’t believe it, she was here, with two people having sex, and she was trapped. Soon Mr. McTavish had orgasmed and he was being cleaned off by Slave Tracy. “So, are you my new slave Amy? Ready to serve Master?” and he shoved his penis in her. He was a very active lover, playing with her clit, Amy didn’t even think of saying stop. Amy let herself be carried away by the pleasure she was feeling all over, and soon found herself having a strong orgasm. Soon after she felt his hot load enter her. Then she was pulled up and found his cock in her mouth. “Now clean it.” Which she did without thinking.

He then got up and started dressing, “Well I guess you don’t need your clothes anymore. I’ll take you into town and make your enslavement official.”

Amy was flooded with conflicting emotions. She had let herself play slave now she couldn’t think clearly, it was like she was in a dream and couldn’t speak. He placed a leash on her collar and pulled her up. When they got to the door a gust of cool breeze got Amy’s attention, “Please stop.” She was on the verge of tears, “I don’t want to be a slave. Please, I’m sorry sir.”

“Are you sure, you sure liked me fucking you like a slave, and your mouth and cunt is dripping with my cum.” Amy knew it was the truth, but was trying to stand firm.

Tracy spoke up, “But you fucked me like slave, you liked pleasing me didn’t you. That makes you a slave.”

Amy looked at her quizzically. She started to feel cold fear build up in her.

“Well yes that can sometimes be used to show a girl has self enslaved. Usually, it has to go with other indicators, and your behavior would also count towards enslavement.” Amy’s heart sank. “But I won’t hold that against you, I’d only want to enslave you if that’s what you want or need.”

Amy felt like a huge weigh had been lifted from her, she flung her arms around Mr. McTavish, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Amy needed to relax and find her bearings; she had just been on such an emotional roller-coaster that she was all tensed up and stressed. She was left alone to lie on the bed and tried to calm down and compose herself. Later, Tracy entered and put down the now cleaned and ironed clothes. Amy just looked at them not knowing what to do.

Mr. McTavish came up to her, “Why don’t you stay here while you’re helping my horse, Duncan? You’re not going to get him into a trailer like that, not without a lot of tranquilizers. You can even be my slave for a while if you want.” Amy responded that she had a lot of responsibilities back home, though there were no other horses to work with. “Well just stay the night for now, we’ll make some decisions tomorrow. Its late, so call home and tell them.” Amy called and told them the situation with the horse, of course she said nothing about being used as a slave. Right after she got off the phone Mr. McTavish said, “Oh, one more thing”, and he pushed something against her right ass cheek.

“What was that?”

“Relax, just one of those temporary tattoos, its my brand, so no one will claim you.”

“Why, they can’t do that anyways?”

“Well, if they found you naked and collared with no owner on record it would be a problem. Don’t worry it will only last a week.”

“Oh, OK.” she looked at it in the mirror, it was small but one could easily make out the letter’s “M” and “T” inside a square. But looking in the mirror the fact that she was naked and collared was brought home to her. She couldn’t believe it, it had happened again, she had sunk so low as to be willing to be a slave to someone she barely knew.

She looked at herself more intently and started admiring how good she looked, athletic with small C breasts. Blond, with light blue eyes a toothy smile and a country girl look about her, she thought she would sell well at auction. She wondered what her grade would be, for she had never been graded. She had thought about being graded, but worried it would end up with her as a slave.

He came up behind her and held her shoulders, “Isn’t that a beautiful slave in the mirror?” Amy shivered, not sure what she was now. He moved off and came back, “I’m going to lock your collar on. No use having it falling off at the wrong time.” And without another word he took out a small hex key and locked it. Now Amy felt trapped, but her slave mind liked it. She started to like the idea of someone else taking away her responsibilities and worries.

When supper came around, she ate slave kibble from a bowl next to Tracy, and drank from a portable cum water dispenser. That night Slave Amy was brought down to the basement. “I had another cage from when I had another slave. It’s fitted out with everything Tracy’s has, so don’t worry.” Amy slowly backed into the cage and watched him lock it.

She slept fitfully, not used to being so constrained. She drank the cum water, getting used to it, starting to like sucking on the dildo. In the morning slave kibble was put through the food slot, she ate it and drank more of the cum water, feeling it coat her mouth. Finally, he let them out, and Tracy went right over to him and sucked his cock till he came. Tracy led Amy over to a corner, where a shower had been set up, the water was cool, the soap and the shampoo were basic, but it did the job. They went upstairs and Amy helped make their master breakfast. They sat on the floor while he ate, and he would pass them bits of food. Afterwards they cleaned up, and Tracy went to do her household duties, and Amy went to work with the horse, she wasn’t slave naked, it was too cool out for that, so she wore the clothes she arrived with. Being clothed, but also being collared made Amy feel disjointed, feeling half slave and half free.

Slowly she was making progress with Duncan, he was quieting down and following some of her leads. She decided to take a break and took a shower in the basement, as she had a lot of dust and sweat on her. She had turn off her phone and went upstairs to turn it on and check the messages, not thinking of getting dressed again. The messages from home were the usual, how was she, how long was she staying, and so forth, all of which she answered by text. Thinking of home reminded her of her other life, and she looked at her folded clothes. This brought back some of her old self, her free self, the one with control of her life and having responsibilities.

But Amy was in fact enjoying herself immensely. She had been struggling to push back against slave thoughts, worrying people might recognize her as a slave, tormented that her family would find out. Amy relished just letting go, no worries about being slave, just being one. No anxiety, just the freedom to be a slave.

At supper, someone drove into the yard, “Ah he’s here, I’ve been waiting for him.” Mr. McTavish exclaimed. They all went out to greet him, with the slave girls keeping their heads bowed. He went to the car to greet him while the girls waited on the front porch. The two men chatted a bit, the newcomer was about average height and weight, middle aged and white.

Master then brought the gentleman to them and both bowed to him. Then Tracy knelt and brought out the man’s cock and started licking it, it took a moment but Amy joined her and they shared pleasuring duties taking turned licking and sucking. And when it was time for him to cum, Tracy, as senior slave, swallowed his cum.

The all entered the house and then master explained, “Amy, this is Mr. Sanderson, he’s a notary. I have decided that you should stay for the weekend, since you have been enjoying your life as a slave. And you seem to need it right now. So, Mr. Sanderson will make it official, he will program your chip to say you’re my slave, and you will sign a Notice of Temporary Enslavement. Now the legal limit is actually a week, but you can leave after the weekend. However, you will legally be my slave for the whole week.”

The official paper was placed in front of Amy, she felt chills of fear run through her. She stammered, “I though I would decide if I was staying?”

“I decided you needed to have the decision made for you. Like the slave girl you are.” He handed her the pen, “Now sign.”

Amy applied her shaky autograph to the paper. Then a ink pad was produced, “I also need a thumb print since many slave girls are illiterate.” Announced Mr. Sanderson.

“But I can read and write.” Protested Amy.

“Doesn’t matter, it’s regulations. And I suggest you don’t go around acting educated, you can get in trouble for being an uppity slave.”

The bureaucrat took Amy’s right hand and pressed her thumb into the sponge and then the paper. With that done he took a chip encoder and pressed it against her left breast and gave off a moderate beep when activated with a trigger like button.

As he left, he said to master, “Congratulations, you have a great looking new slave. Hope she serve you well.” Amy detected an air of finality in his words and it worried her, but she also found herself getting wet.

The weekend went in a blur of pleasure, with interludes of horse therapy. Amy would wake in her cage and wait for master to unlock her cage. After a quick shower both slave girls would take their pleasure from their master in turns. Hands explored each other’s bodies, tongues would search out pleasure regions, lips would caress, and fingers would enter and gratification would be given.

Afterwards, the girls would prepare breakfast, eating their kibble from their bowls, and receiving tidbits from master, sometimes after begging like a dog. The girls would clean up after and go to their chores, Tracy to housecleaning, Amy to working with Mr. McTavish’s horse Duncan, who she was making real progress with. Amy was doing this slave naked, as they were having an unseasonable stretch of warm weather.

Amy was just happy letting go of her fear and anxiety about slavery, saving the energy she needed to push away her slave mind. Now she could relax and just let herself enjoy being a slave. No worries, no need to think but just enjoy working with a horse and giving and getting pleasure. The pressure was off and she was feeling as light as a feather.

She was still Amy, she thought about telling master to call her Kate, to help hide her identity. She hoped it wouldn’t cause Slave Kate to back, it might be catastrophic to her freedom. Amy felt she could handle keeping any kind of slave mind away. And anyways she didn’t need Kate, she was able to be a slave without having to become someone else.

On Saturday she was working with the horse when her master approached. “Hands against the fence and legs spread.” He ordered. Amy immediately obeyed, and he push inside her hard and fast. It hurt at first and he knew that was something she had to accept as a slave, but soon the pleasure started to mount in her body. She pushed back against his cock and let the warm feeling of delight surround her.

That evening she was straddling him in the cowgirl position, the two moving in a slow rhythm. “You’re a good slave, Kate and I want to keep you. I can you know, you signed standard enslavement papers, he forgot the temporary ones.” Amy didn’t care, she was just feeling so good and content.

The next day he had a visitor, not someone she knew well but someone her grandfather did. “Well, you got yourself a new slave? Pretty one too.” He looked her over had felt between her legs, which she immediately spread her legs to give him better access. Then he looked at her face, “Whoa, is that you Amy, Jack’s granddaughter?”

“Yes sir, please don’t tell him. And call me Kate.”
“Well let’s see how good you are?” and he pulled out is cock. Amy immediately went on her knees and licked the head, then slowly let it in her mouth while using her tongue. He very quickly came and Amy had to swallow his load like a good slave. “Well, you did great, if your ever auctioned I’d put a lot of money down for you.”

That evening master took her to his room and had her undress him. She did so without question and when she was done, she knelt and waited for him to command her. He informed her he would be using her anally, “Don’t worry, I’ll go slow, and use lots of lube.” This was nothing new for Amy, so she went on her hands and knees on the bed as he lubed his cock. She was startled when he pushed in his finger in her ass and she felt a liquid being pushed into her ass. She could feel him come up behind her and then felt something push slowly against her anal sphincter, pushing it open. Amy gasped as his cock slowly entered her, feeling like a reverse number two. She had recently started been doing kagel exercises, that tightened her ass and pussy so they were as tight. Then he slowly started to pump in and out and Amy felt another, pleasurable, feeling. Faster and faster, he moved, bringing her to orgasm. Soon after he did as well and she felt his warm cum inside a different hole.

Amy was even getting used to sleeping in a cage and eating slave kibble, she didn’t like it but she was becoming OK with it. On the other hand, she might respond to the name Kate, she didn’t feel like her ‘Kate’ personality taking over.

Monday morning came and she realized it was time to go home, but she didn’t know how she felt about it. Master McTavish greeted her, “I’m going to miss you, and I know you’ll miss this, I have noticed your reactions. As I told you, you signed standard enslavement papers, I don’t have to let you go, and I think right now you’d accept that. But I said this would only last for the weekend and I always keep my word. You can go home now, the slave office in town is closed though, so you’ll have to come back soon and I’ll officially release you. And of course, you’ll have to have your chip re-adjusted. I’ll have to take you in naked though, as the slave you still officially are.”

Amy held her head low and thanked him. “And another thing.” He continued, “I’ll give you a certificate of release for now, so you won’t get in trouble for being clothed and uncollared.”

He took her to the guest room, where her clothes were, and got dressed. It felt strange being clothed, she was so used to be naked again. She wasn’t sure if she should be clothed anymore, they felt constraining and even uncomfortable. But the more she wore them the more she felt like herself.

She put her arms around Mr. McTavish and thanked the man who was still her owner. She was in the truck about to leave when she realized she still had her collar on, and she had to go back and have her master unlock it. It felt like freedom again, but it also gave her a pain in her stomach wondering how she would adapt to being emancipated. She was feeling very emotional and, crying as she drove away.

Coming back home was a startling experience, she felt out of place, like an imposter. It took a while, working with horses helped a lot to get back into her regular home life. She had to catch herself once or twice thinking of herself as a slave. She looked at the fake brand in the mirror and while it was still fresh, she would wonder why she was wearing clothes. But she didn’t feel as much anxiety being free this time, maybe the thought that she was still technically a slave helped.

Almost two weeks later Mr. McTavish phoned for her to come to his ranch so he could take her in and be released. She had asked to have it done sooner but Mr. McTavish keep putting it off. When she arrived, she greeted him by disrobing as soon as she got out of the truck and sucking his cock. After which he locked her collar on and placed a leash on her.

Amy had hoped that her would take her to Calgary to do the paper work, but instead he took her to Hudson, the town where she had been to school and most people knew her. She held her head down, hoping no one would recognize her, but she was certain she had been recognized. She was terrified that everyone would think was a slave now, giving proof to some rumors that had appeared.

He took her into the Slavery Department, where she had almost been enslaved and brought before the official in charge.

“So, what can I do for you?”

“I had called ahead; I want to release my slave. It was meant to be temporary but Mr. Sanderson brought the wrong papers. I have his affidavit with me attesting to that.”

“Are you sure you want to release her; you don’t have to you know?”

“I promised her I would and I keep my word.”

“And you wouldn’t just prefer to auction her?”


“Well, its your loss.” And he got down to entering the relevant data in the computer. “OK, she wasn’t entered in the slave database so that makes things easier.”

Finally, after several minutes of questions asked and data entered, he printed out her release forms. “Keep them somewhere safe. And there is a card at the bottom you can cut out and have laminated. Keep it with you it could save you a lot of trouble young lady.” His words “young lady” meant that this bureaucrat now regarded her as a free woman again and not as a slave.

Mr. McTavish now produced a bag with Amy’s clothes, which she slowly donned. She was nervous, she now had responsibilities, she couldn’t comfort herself with slavery. She was on her own.

Winter came and with it, new hope for a life without slavery intruding. It was cold, I mean COLD, I mean -25 Celsius (-13 Fahrenheit). In that kind of weather just going from place to place takes a lot more effort. Living and working on a ranch, the additional effort needed to care for horses, cleaning the stables, and a myriad of other chores that one had to do every day, tended to keep one attention fully on the here and now. Even more so if you were dealing with a horse with emotional issues.

This is not to say that minds didn’t wander in quiet moments, though her thoughts tended more towards dreams of relaxing on a tropical beach than the idealized pleasures of slavery. This was a great help for Amy, the hard work in difficult circumstances strengthened her character again. Successes with horses buoyed her confidence and helped conquer complicated feelings about slavery.
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Poor Beth comes down with a bad case of self-enslavement syndrome from reading too many Hillary Rohdam slave romance novels. I guess on the positive side she got if from reading instead of vegitating in front of the TV watching those Hallmark channel slave romance movies and TV shows. Out of curiosity. Why didn't Amy share a cage with Tracy allowing them to bond more as sister slaves? I enjoyed the rewrite.
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I enjoyed the re-write too, but I am curious why not write new stories with new characters?

Or new stories with old characters, for that matter!

It doesn't need to be perfect and the original versions were good too.
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