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Tracey Smith excerpts

Some stories featuring the heroine "Tracey", written by Katie Smith
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Tracey Smith excerpts

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Katie Smith, the original author of the Tracey Smith series, has been posting her stories on patreon for awhile which you can find here:

Personally, I think the price of a coffee every month is pretty fair/affordable, especially considering how many stories Katie Smith writes. I figured I would post a few excepts from some of Katie's patreon stories to give people an idea of what they are missing out on. (I already got Katie's permission to post excerpts.)

Excerpt from Tracey Smith story "SMM" (sorry, I forget what SMM stands for).


She didn’t feel like she really needed an ambulance, in fact she felt fine and if it wasn’t for the fact that she’d been trapped she would of gotten out of the car by herself without the need for going to the hospital. Now that she was in the ambulance though they insisted on taking her there to check her over.

She was laying down on a stretcher and she was actually strapped onto it quite securely, she guessed that was necessary for when the ambulance went round corners at speed etc. she didn’t want to go sliding off the stretcher when that happened.

There were two paramedics in the vehicle with her, one man and one woman, and they were fussing over her when the man asked the woman to scan her, scanning girls seemed to be standard procedure nowdays.

The woman suddenly loomed over Tracey and without speaking to her she started unbuttoning her shirt revealing her braless breasts.

“Oh I like these.” the woman laughed and like Mr Taylor had done she casually started playing eith them and not in a medical way.

Unlike Mr Taylor though she managed to pull the shirt completely off Tracey and throw it somewhere out of sight behind her leaving her strapped to the stretcher completely topless.

“Have a feel of these Frank, they are great.” the woman giggled to her partner who grinned and started playing with them as well.

Tracey was strapped down and unable to move but she knew these two were only playing with her breasts for their own amusement and not for any medical reason but what could she do other than just lay there and let them carry on.

At one point they were both laughing as they each took hold of a nipple each and pulled her breasts as high as they could before releasing them, fun for them perhaps but painful for her.

Eventually they seemed to remember they had a job to do and the woman scanned her before her partner asked,

“Does it say she has an owner?”

“No not yet.”

“That’s a shame a girl like that should be owned.” he laughed.

“Perhaps one of the Doctors will claim her at the hospital,” the woman giggled,” I heard Dr Smith registered three girls for himself last week.”

“Bloody Doctors get all the best pussy.” the man snorted in disgust.

“Talking of pussy let’s get this one stripped off.” the woman laughed and Tracey suddenly felt her tugging at her skirt. She’d been laying there the whole time hating every second of the way she was being treated, she was meant to be a patient there for treatment but instead the two paramedics were using her for fun and discussing owning her as if she were just a piece of meat.

To make it even worse within seconds her skirt and panties were pulled off her and thrown away and she was left laying on the stretcher completely naked showing everything she’d got. She knew these were medical people but they certainly weren't looking at her in a medical way and to prove her point the man looked down at her exposed charms and laughed,

“Sod it I’m going to have some of that.”

and as she watched horrified he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his fully erect cock and with his colleague giggling and cheering him on he climbed on top of Tracey and started fucking her.

She couldn’t believe this was happening to her, surely being raped in the back of an ambulance wasn’t a common event but it was happening to her and all she could focus on was the female paramedic encouraging him and laughing,

“Fuck that bitch, fuck her hard.” over and over again.

Her word did the job as well because he did indeed fuck her hard before grunting and cumming deep inside her and for the second time in her life she’d been raped. So casually as well, once he’d finished with her he just got off her and zipped himself up as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, and perhaps it hadn’t to him.

For the rest of the trip she just laid there with her eyes closed hoping that they would soon reach what she assumed would be the safety of the hospital. The whole thing seemed so surreal to her, only half an hour ago she was starting her new job and now here she was laying naked in the back of an ambulance after being raped.

She suddenly thought of her job, did she still have one after crashing the car, Mr Taylor had been screaming obscenities at her after the crash and he was hardly likely that he’d been distracting her at the time of the accident by ticking her pussy, no he was going to blame the whole thing on her, her job might of finished minutes after it started!

At one stage she meekly asked for a blanket or something to cover her byt the female paramedic just sneered at her and said she was fine as she was. Tracey didn’t feel fine, she was strapped naked to a stretcher and had just been raped with no doubt the evidence of that oozing out from between her legs as she laid there, she didn’t feel fine at all!

She was wheeled through the busy hospital like that, she couldn’t see a lot as she was looking up at the ceiling but every time a face loomed into view above her it was smiling and joking, not with her but at her expense. She had no idea how many people saw her like that but it must have been lots, one or two had even reached out as she was wheeled past them and grabbed at her breasts.

A senior looking medical man checked her over and I do mean checked her over before announcing that she was fine and she was free to go, which should of made Tracey happy but the trouble was her clothes were still in the ambulance and the paramedics that had brought her in had now left, presumably with the ambulance and her clothes.

She had tried to explain her predicament to one of the nurses but she hadn’t been sympathetic at all and had just told her to ring someone to bring her some clothes if she was worried about it. If she was worried about it! What did that mean, she was completely naked in a hospital miles from her home, did they just expect her to walk home like she was.

She’d ended up standing in the hospitals lobby ringing her father and asking him to come and collect her and to bring some clothes with him, at least a big coat. As per usual he took his sweet time and she spent two hours in the hospital being stared and gawked at by hundreds of people who all seemed to find her situation highly amusing although one or two mothers had shielded their kids eyes when they saw her and scolded her as if it were her fault.

The trip to the hospital hadn’t even been necessary in her eyes, she was perfectly fine medically although she was no doubt emotionally scarred now.

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Re: Tracey Smith excerpts

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Excerpt from Tracey Smith story "Lawyer Tracey"


To her surprise she had opened the door to her apartment to find her landlord and a young couple standing inside apparently having a good look around. Tracey had never gotten on well with her landlord, he was an older creepy man who gave her the shivers every time he looked at her with his fat bulging eyes.

He’d made it perfectly clear from the start that he fancied her but so far she’d managed to evade the worst of his advances even though he was constantly trying his luck with her in one form or the other. He was fat and ugly and around sixty five so god knows why he thought he had a chance with her she didn’t know but he wouldn’t give up regardless.

Now here he was in her apartment bold as brass showing the couple around. Tracey didn’t know what to do or say at first and just stood there as he babbled at her. Apparently he’d heard from a work colleague of hers that she was being sent to Mississippi and therefore he was assuming that she wouldn’t be coming back and he would be able to let her apartment to new people!

Tracey was doubly surprised, firstly how quickly he’d heard about her trip and how quickly he’d arranged a viewing for her apartment. Yes she was going to Mississippi but that didn’t mean she’d never be coming back, surely not every young woman who set foot in Mississippi was enslaved, were they?

She was trying to explain this to him but he was mostly ignoring her and mainly talking to the young couple about the apartment who to be fair were also mostly ignoring her babbling as if she were an irrelevance.

It turned out that the young couple had just got married and were looking for their first home together and had answered the landlords on line ad an hour or so ago and here they now were.

Already frustrated and frazzled by the days happenings Tracey had actually stamped her feet like a spoilt little madam in an attempt to get noticed but the landlord had snapped at her,

“Just you be quiet young lady, I think slavery would be good for you, it would certainly teach you some manners anyway.”

The young couple had giggled at his words, the girl especially, and she even chimed in with,

“Yes I believe they train them well down there to be seen and not heard, beat it into them if they have to, I’m sure this one could do with that.” she said pointedly looking down at her nose as if she were already a slave.

Tracey was shocked and just stood there too surprised to say anything back immediately,

“Yes she will make a fine slave once properly trained up,” her landlord sniggered, “she’s certainly a pretty little thing isn’t she?”

The young woman, no older than Tracey, giggled again before her husband piped up,

“Perhaps if we saw the whole package we could give you our better opinion, my father is from the south and I’m well used to seeing slaves around the house.”

This was all getting out of hand fast and Tracey was starting to get worried as she continued to stand there looking less defiant now.

“Good idea young sir,” the landlord sniggered before turning to Tracey and snapping at her,”come on then girl don’t keep the nice people waiting, get naked for us.”

Tracey was shocked, she was being asked, no told, to undress in front of total strangers and her landlord who’d never seen her naked before, in her own apartment! She should of told them to get out and told the landlord he had no right to even let them in here but instead she could feel herself sinking into a pit of submissiveness just like when John had started ordering her around.

They had no right to see her naked of course, this was her apartment and they weren’t even in a slave state but instead of protesting like she should of she just continued to stand there looking at the floor in a submissive stance.

She must of hesitated too long because the landlord snapped at her again,

“Come on girl, do as your told!”

“If she were one of our slaves she would have been whipped by now for her tardiness.” the girl laughed, more than a hint of excitement in her eyes.

“That’s a good idea honey,” her new husband laughed,”perhaps we could take her to my fathers place and get her branded so they we can supervise her training ourselves.”

“Oh could we, that would be so much fun!” she squealed delighted.

“Yes, I don’t see why not, my fathers lawyer signs slave certificates by the dozen, he doesn't care who they are, they are just cunts to him.” the man laughed again.

Tracey was getting desperate now, she had no doubt that what the couple were saying was the truth and so in an effort to distract them she started to undress and with a minute she was standing in her own living room stark naked for the three of them.

She kept her head lowered looking at the ground but she could sense their eyes crawling all over her exposed body like a swarm of locusts in an excited mass.

“On the other hand we could sell her,” the husband finally spoke,”those big titties would fetch a nice price for us I’m sure.” and to emphasise his point he reached out and cupped her right breast in his hand giving it a good squeeze.

Tracey flinched but she knew better to pull away or try and stop him so she just stood there and let him grope her. The landlord in the meantime was standing there looking at her open eyed.

He’d been trying to see Tracey naked ever since she had moved in but she’d always managed to thwart his attempts and now here she was fully exposed in front of him and he was savouring the moment in full!

He slightly tentatively reached out and started squeezing her left breast while the other man squeezed her right and on getting no resistance from Tracey he relaxed and squeezed to his hearts content.

Tracey was close to tears now, or at least she would have been if she hadn’t of been so excited! She knew this was all wrong and that she would regret acting so wantonly once they had gone but for the moment this was a slave fantasy come to life and she was living the dream.

“Yes she’s a natural born slave slut alright.” the girl had giggled as she watched the two men grope the naked Tracey.

“You all are my dear.” the man laughed and Tracey saw the girl pout at him.

The groping went on for several minutes and didn’t only involved her breasts, both men had let their hands wander all over her body including in between her legs and they’d both laughed once they felt how wet she was. They were basically inspecting her body as if she were a piece of meat, nothing more and nothing less, a piece of meat they could easily buy if they were in the right state.

All good things must come to an end though and the men eventually dropped their hands from her body and she was told to kneel in the corner of the room still naked while they continued their tour of the apartment.

It still felt totally surreal to be kneeling like that in her own apartment while they looked around it with a view to renting it but it was too late to start complaining about it again now!

She was practically forgotten for the next ten minutes as they continued to look around and the landlord pointed out the various assets of the place, one of which was kneeling in the corner!

Tracey didn’t know how this situation was going to end up, she didn’t really think the couple were going to take her south and enslave her, they were obviously looking for somewhere to live in New York and presumably had no immediate plans to travel down south any time soon.

She was more worried about how her future relationship with her landlord after he’d just seen her naked and freely touched her up, she had a feeling he would want more sooner or later!

The spell she found herself under was suddenly broken by the loud ring of the doorbell which seemed to make them all jump. Tracey stayed where she was while the landlord opened the door to find a pimply youth standing there.

Apparently he was an Amazon delivery guy with a package for her and of course his eyes focused instantly on the naked Tracey once he saw her. The landlord wickedly made her get up and come to the door to sign for the package which of course gave him an even better view of her charms.

He’d actually stepped into the apartment and closed the door behind him as she shyly signed his tablet and the landlord had laughed and said he bet the boy, he was around 18, didn’t see sights like that every day.

The boy had laughed and said,

“Actually I see it quite often in this job, she’s a nice one sure but I see naked chicks every day, it’s no big thing nowdays.”

The landlord seemed a bit disappointed that he wasn’t giving the lad an exclusive thrill and he said,

“Even though slaves aren’t allowed here?”

“Sure,” the boy laughed, “legal slavery might be illegal here but plenty of people have illegal slaves in their homes, I’ve seen girls in cages quite often, no one cares about them once you’ve got them in your home.”

They all seemed to take a minute to ponder on this news which Tracey didn’t doubt was true especially with today's attitude to girls, although she had no idea it was as widespread as the boy seemed to indicate.

“I’ve even been offered some for sale quite often, it’s no big thing, it’s only pussy after all.” he shrugged as if it was normal to him which it probably was.

Tracey was still standing there making no attempt to hide her nakedness, now she had signed for the item she had reverted to her submissive pose of staring at the floor, her pussy even wetter than it had been before.
“Would you buy this one?” the young woman suddenly giggled surprising everyone.

The boy looked at Tracey in a new light before laughing,

“Well she is prime pussy, haven’t seen one this good for a while, but I’m a bit broke at the moment, I’d gladly rent her off you though?” he said hopefully.

To Tracey's relief the group seemed to not have any interest in renting her although she was sure they would of sold her if the boy had offered an amount and with a final long lingering look at her he left.

It wasn’t too long after that that the couple and her landlord also left, apparently he had another apartment to show them and suddenly Tracey was on her own and she took the opportunity to fall onto her bed and masturbate furiously.

The whole last ten minutes or so had been embarrassing, humiliating and even dangerous but she’d loved every second of it! She couldn't exactly say why but just being reduced from a high flying and respected lawyer to just another pussy, a piece of meat judged solely on her looks and body had been so liberating.

In a way she’d always been judged on her looks as were most girls now days but outside of the south this had taken it to a whole new level for her. She’d even been offered for sale to the delivery boy, what would of happened if they’d agreed a price, a high price lawyer being kept in a cage for his amusement! Why did the very thought of that make her finger herself to orgasm yet again.

She’d gone to bed that night a worried young woman, if she could act like that in her own apartment what would she act like in the very home of slavery!

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Re: Tracey Smith excerpts

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That's enough for now! If you liked them, consider supporting Katie on patreon and reading the rest of her stories for yourself.
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