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Slave Tracey

Some stories featuring the heroine "Tracey", written by Katie Smith
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Slave Tracey

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Thought I might post some older Katie Smith stories that might otherwise be lost to time. This is one of the oldest I know of.

Slave Tracey by Katie Smith

Part 1

Tracey got up and rang the bell as the bus approached her stop. Clutching her handbag tightly she stepped off the bus and looked towards the big gleaming glass building to the right.

At just over a month since her eighteenth birthday she had decided it was time to learn to drive and as part of that under the new rules for females she had to report to the licensing centre and have a medical completed.

She started walking towards the building with some slight trepidation, she was naturally a slightly nervous girl and the though of officialdom in any capacity was slightly scary to her. There was another reason for her worry though, the building she was headed to did not only licence girls for driving it also was the place girls were licensed as slaves! One thing didn't mean the other of course, Tracey was quite able to walk into the building and get her medical and be on the way to obtaining her driving licence, all as a free girl. On the other hand knowing that girls were also being processed and registered as slaves in the same building was scary and also slightly exciting at the same time.

Slavery had only been legalised a few months earlier and society in general was still getting used to it. Of course illegal slavery had been around for years in various forms, most recently as people trafficking from the poor parts of the world to the richer western countries. Most of the people being trafficked were young girls being sold into the sex trade and for a few years earlier there had been various discussions going on in government on the best way to deal with the problem. Most people had assumed that that would involve some sort of crack down on the actual people trafficking the girls, increased prison sentences etc but in fact the government went the other way, they legalised slavery!

Their argument was that it was so wide spread now that instead of keeping it underground and an illegal activity they should legalise it and get the relevant taxes etc from it. That way everybody won, the girls were treated better, especially at the early stages, no more long boat journeys chained in the hold for example, and the state earned money from it.

There were a few things though that didn't quite sit well with some of the feminists in society. For a start it was only girls that could become legal slaves and only men that could own them. The law had been bought in to protect the girls being shipped in from abroad but it also included British citizens so any British girl could also become a slave and quite a few had become so.

There were a few ways you could become a slave, firstly you had to be a female between the ages of eighteen to twenty five. You had to be legally registered as a slave with the government slave agency, known as Slave-x, that meant being licensed and bar-coded. Once you were properly licensed you were legally a slave and could be bought or sold as property. You were first put up for sale by the government in organised slave auctions and the government taxed your first sale but once you had been bought for the first time you could then be sold on by your new owner and traded much the same as a used car for example.

Girls could volunteer to be become slaves or the more likely way was that they were sold into slavery. In effect the government bought them by having them licensed and registered and then the seller got a cut of the money that the girl was sold for. Again though once the girl was bought the government's interest ceased and the girl could be bought and sold any amount of times.

Once a slave the girl had very little rights if any at all. Whoever bought her literally owned her and she was officially classed as an animal and had the same rights as an animal. Her owner could decide to keep her on a leash naked all day if he wished and it wasn't uncommon nowadays to see precisely that, a naked girl being led down the street by her owner. Technically he couldn't kill her, after all even animals had some rights, but he could do practically whatever else he wanted and that included of course all sorts of sexual acts which was the main reason a man bought a girl slave in the first place!

All in all being a slave girl in the 21st century was probably very much what it was like in the 18th century and earlier, you were your owners toy, to do with as he pleased with no recourse and when he tired of you or you displeased him he could sell you to someone else and replace you with a newer model at whim.

All of this made Tracey shudder inwardly as she walked through the door of the large building and immediately saw the sign on the wall saying,


A second smaller sign pointed her in the same direction for new driving licence registrations and so rather timidly she followed the signs down the brightly lit corridors hoping that she didn't end up in the wrong room!

To her relief though she saw the sign over a door for new drivers before she could see one for new slaves and she entered the door into a smallish room with some chairs and a table set around the outside. There were two other girls already seated, approximately Tracey's age and after a quick look at Tracey they started to chat and giggle to each other furiously, obviously friends She sat down and glanced around the room. The only furniture was the table and chairs and on the table were a few scattered magazines, on the walls were a few faded posters apart from one new one which was headed,


The poster showed an old fashioned auction block with around a dozen girls standing on it, most looking nervous and all completely naked! To the side of the stage was a large man with an old fashioned auctioneers gavel raised and in front of the stage laughing and cheering were a large crowd of men all looking at the exposed girls with lust in their eyes. Tracey looked at the poster in silent thought, she was surprised that it was so prominently displayed in a waiting room where in theory it was only going to be girls waiting, the scene it depicted filled her with shame that men could treat women in such a debased way, but and although she hated to admit it, it did also send a tingle between her legs that she could not ignore.

After sitting there in an awkward silence for ten minutes while the other two girls chatted together like complete airheads completely ignoring her the door suddenly opened and a middle aged woman entered and smiled.

“Hello ladies, my name is Mary,here for your driving medical are you?”

All three girls nodded and the woman smiled again,

“Good, we are a bit short staffed this morning I'm afraid so we're going to get you looked at with the new slave girls just down the corridor, shouldn't take long though, just slip your clothes and any jewellery off and leave them on your chairs and we can get you done in no time at all.” she said cheerfully.

Tracey had to admit that this sounded a bit dodgy, being looked at with the slave girls could be risky but the other two girls had already stood up and were starting to remove their clothes and so feeling more than a bit embarrassed and unsure Tracey did the same. Within a minute all three girls were completely naked and like the other two Tracey had neatly folded her clothes and put them on the chair behind her along with her watch and earrings and handbag. It felt more than a bit strange standing there completely naked in front of the others but at least they were all girls, although that fact was soon broken when the door opened again and an oldish man in a blue overall and carrying a bucket and mop entered. Looking at the three naked girls he smiled and said to Mary,

“Okay if I give this room a clean?”

“Yes of course Frank, we are just off anyway aren't we girls.”

As Tracey rather gratefully followed the other two girls out of the room she heard the cleaner say to Mary,

“How about their clothes and stuff?”

“Oh just do what you normally do with it all.” Tracey heard Mary laugh dismissively.

And then the door shut behind them and all three naked girls meekly followed the woman down the corridor.

Tracey was quite glad Mary was striding purposefully down the brightly lit corridor because she felt extremely embarrassed being naked so openly. She noticed that the other two girls were walking along with their arms by their sides not trying to cover themselves at all whereas Tracey couldn't stop herself from walking with one arm across her breasts and the other between her legs in an attempt to cover her nakedness. In reality though they didn't actually pass anyone else on their way and after a two minute walk Mary pushed open a door and they entered a new room, a room Tracey wouldn't feel so self conscious at being naked in as it was full of naked girls!

There must have been at least another twenty five girls in there and with Tracey and her companions it was approaching thirty. There was hardly enough room to swing a cat and Tracey followed closely as Mary approached a desk with a woman sitting behind it.

“Hi Sally, these three are needing a medical once over for their driving licence, can you put them in with the others?”

“Okay,” the woman sighed, “Can't promise anything though, you know what keeps happening when you leave girls with me.”

“Well looks like you've got a lot in here today anyway so three more won't be a problem I'm sure.”

Mary laughed and she turned to Tracey and the other two girls and said,

“I'm going to leave you here now girls, just do as your told and you will be fine.”
and with that she turned and left the room, leaving Tracey wondering how safe she was!

Sally had got up from behind her desk and approached the three naked girls holding a red marker pen in her hand,

“Okay girls, let me just mark you up or otherwise we won't be able to tell you apart from the other girls will we.”

As Tracey watched Sally span the first girl around and drew a big red cross on her left butt cheek and giggling she said,

“I should think even those stupid guys down at processing should notice that this time.”

Motioning for the second girl to turn around she did the same to her bottom and then smiling at Tracey she said,

“Turn around then sweetheart, lets give your little backside a mark”

As Tracey turned she suddenly heard some call out,

“Sally, we need you over here.”

“Won't be a sec.” Sally called back.

“Now!” the voice shouted and with a sigh Sally straightened up and giving Tracey's bottom a pat she said,” Hang on there a second Princess I'll be back in a sec.” and she was suddenly gone.

The two girls already marked quickly drifted away from Tracey leaving her feeling very isolated and defenceless and without the safety of a red bottom!

She could see Sally standing at her desk talking animatedly with another woman and all of a sudden the door opened and another half dozen naked girls came in pushing Tracey further back into the mass of naked girls. She saw Sally look up a minute later and look at the spot where Tracey had been standing and then look away when she saw she was no longer there and to Tracey's dismay she saw Sally putting the red marker pen back into the desk drawer with a little shrug.

For a few seconds Tracey panicked and started trying to push her way forward towards the desk but there were now just too many girls between her and Sally and she made no head way at all until a sudden waft of colder air swamped the room as large double doors at the back of the room opened up and Tracey heard a man's voice shouting at them to come that way.

The sudden tide of almost forty naked girls carried Tracey along into a new corridor and she saw as she looked behind her with a sinking heart the doors to the original room close and shut and she knew she was now going to have to try and explain her position without the safety of red ink.

The corridor suddenly opened up and Tracey found herself in what looked like a large open shower room and as sprays of water suddenly appeared from the ceiling she knew that's exactly what it was.

“Okay girls get yourselves under the water and get washed, we want you all clean for the doctors in the next room, the man shouted at the head of the room, “and don't dawdle either!”

Tracey had no intention of dawdling as soon as she stepped under the nearest spray of water and realised it was ice cold! The other girls had realised this as well as evidenced by the loud chorus of squeals and shrieks which the man watching seemed to find amusing!

Again Tracey was embarrassed to be naked in front of him, the only consolation being that she was just one of forty naked girls he could see, and then of course it hit her, this was his job, herding girls through this process, naked and cold and scared, nothing but livestock on it's way to market for him, how many naked girls had he seen before Tracey!
After what seemed a lifetime under the freezing water the shower heads suddenly spluttered a few times and then dried up all together and the girls were led into another room. This one was smaller than the shower room and once again the girls were bunched up together. They had not been offered towels and stood shivering still wet as they saw the three eximantion tables at the front of the room with three men in white coats standing beside them.

It soon became obvious that this was the medical examination part of the process and from what Tracey could see it was very brief! Each girl was pulled forward to a table where it was quickly indicated that she should climb on, her ankles placed in stirrups and her legs opened wide. The “Doctor” then spend a cursory minute running a stethoscope over each chest and his fingers between each pair of legs before with a nod she was cleared to get off the table and stand with the other girls who had been checked.

Tracey was in the tenth line of thee girls and she shuddered as she felt her legs forced wide by the stirrups and shuddered again when she felt the doctors fingers spread her lips before pushing their way inside her. In reality though they were in and out in seconds and again she realised that she was just another pussy to him, another pussy to be checked as fast as possible before the next one.

Once clear of the table and standing huddled with the other already examined girls Tracey knew she was going to have to say something very soon about why she was really there. She had no idea how much processing there was to go through before officially becoming a slave but she didn't want to go through too many more stages!

She suddenly saw with interest the two other girls there with her for the driving licence medical get up on the tables to be examined. They had been behind Tracey and still seemed to be sticking together like long lost friends and Tracey saw them excitedly start talking to the Doctor once they had been released from the tables.

Knowing it was now or never Tracey stepped forward and moved towards the little group to announce herself as the third girl there just for the driving medical. The Doctor and the two girls looked at Tracey in slight surprise as Tracey started to explain and then the man who had led them there suddenly grabbed Tracey's arm and span her around.

“There's no mark on your arse darling, get back with the others.” he shouted loud enough to make Tracey jump with fear.

“No please, the lady didn't have time to mark me, these two will tell you I'm with them though.” Tracey whimpered looking at the two bimbos in front of her who quickly looked at each other and then giggling like schoolgirls said,

“We've never seen her before Mister.”

Tracey looked at them in shock as they looked at her as if betraying her was the funniest thing they had ever seen and the man grabbed her arm again and forceabley pushed her back into the naked mass of slave girls.

“Nooo! I'm not a slave girl” Tracey wailed and through her tears of fear and anguish she hardly saw the man approaching her before he touched the end of a small baton to her side and she screamed as the pain from the electric shock coursed through her body.

“Shut up blondie, last thing we want is you spooking the other slaves, stop your whining or I'll increase the current next time.”

Tracey could see from his snarling face that he was not joking and so trying to keep her sobs to a minimum she stepped back into line and she could only watch in dismay as the two giggling bimbos waved at her as they were led through a side door by one of the doctors, presumably to carry on with their normal lives while who knew what life awaited Tracey!

The girls were suddenly prodded forward into yet another room where another queue was formed two abreast and Tracey found herself second from the back unable to see what was happening to the girls at the front, from the shrieks and squeals of pain though Tracey wasn't in a hurry to find out!

The man with the electric baton was walking up and down the queue of naked girls making sure nobody stepped out of line and Tracey was not going to give him a reason to zap her again and so she shuffled slowly forward as the line was processed.

Finally she was close enough to see what was going on and she shuddered as she knew this definitely was the point of no return. As she watched a girl was bent over a metal frame almost double, her bottom and pussy displayed to the girls facing her. A man in a white coat was standing beside her with what looked like some sort of electric gun in his hand and he pressed this hard against the girls right hip and the girl suddenly bucked against the frame and shrieked as her slave bar code was lasered into her skin.

Tracey knew about slave bar codes, every slave girl had one on her hip and once bar coded there was no escape from your new place in society as a slave. The code could be read by any normal bar code reader and it provided all the information you needed to know about the slave, her date of birth, her eye colour and most importantly details of her owner. Once bar coded the girl could be bought and sold at will, and as easily as buying and selling any other commodity. You simply scanned her, got her details up on the copter and entered the details of her new owner, much the same as you would buy and sell a car really, the registered owner being clearly shown.

Suddenly Tracey found herself at the head of the queue watching as the girl in front was bent over the metal frame and the bar code lasered into her hip for ever, the girl giving a small yelp as her life as a free girl was taken away from her and then the man nodded to Tracey and she stepped forward. What else could she do she thought to herself, the man with the electric baton was still looking over them and she knew he wouldn't take too kindly to another interruption of the smooth running of the processing so almost in a daze Tracey found herself bent over the frame, her rump high in the air waiting for the pain of the laser gun.

When it came it wasn't as bad as Tracey had imagined, it was more the significance of what had happened rather than the pain of the event. As she straightened up and joined the other girls she couldn't help but look down at her right hip and see the newly imprinted bar code on her skin. She knew now that she was in big trouble, the only way she could now come out of this with any dignity or hope or being sold literally to anyone was if someone she knew bought her, her father would be the ideal person but she had no way of getting a message to him, as far as he knew she was still being assessed for her driving licence!

The group started shuffling forward again and as if reading her mind the man with the baton shouted out,

“Final room ladies, you can have a rest after this.”

This new room looked much nicer, this one was carpeted for a start and there were about six desks around the room, each with a computer on them and a man sitting behind each desk. These men were not in white coats and as fas as Tracey could see they were just collecting data and entering it into the computer, being naked in the room in front of these men suddenly made Tracey embarrassed, their very ordinariness made the situation seem even more surreal.

She was motioned to stand behind another girl at the second desk in and as the man started asking the first girl her details such as name and date of birth Tracey suddenly realised with a start that she knew him!

He had been round her house several times over the last few years, somebody Chambers she was sure his name was, he had worked for her dad for a while and then he had left, or had her dad fired him, she couldn't remember.

She was suddenly filled with hope that she could still get out of this, until they had entered her details onto the database she was still legally a free girl, perhaps this man would help her, even if she was totally embarrassed standing naked before him!

The first girl moved off and Tracey took her place, there were no chairs for the girls and she had to stand facing him, everything on show as he barely looked up and asked her her name. It was only when she told him it was Tracey Smith he looked at her properly and a smile crossed his lips, not exactly a pleasant smile as he looked the naked girl up and down.

“Oh hello Tracey Smith, how is your father?”

Tracey smiled and started to reply, hoping from his apparently friendly question that he may indeed be able to help her but before she could get two words out he raised his hand,

“Actually don't answer that, I really don't care how he is since he fired me, it's nice to see his lovely daughter here though in all her glory, don't tell me the old fart finally had enough of you and decided to enrol you as a slave?”

“Well no, there's been an awful mistake.” Tracey said nervously.

The man raised his eyebrow inquisitively and Tracey carried on,

“I was only here to get a medical for my driving licence and I've ended up here with the slave girls by mistake, is there anything you can do to help me please?” she looked at him with her best doe eyes.

Again the man unnervingly looked her naked body up and down for a few seconds before laughing and saying,

“Sure Tracey I'm sure I can help you out, you'd be surprised how often girls get caught up like this actually, but firstly lets get all your details entered.”

He then proceed to ask her all the questions he'd asked the previous girl and as Tracey watched he entered them into the computer, smiling at her all the time as he did so. She was so happy that he'd agreed to help her she barely noticed and was happily answering his questions until he stopped and still smiling said,

“Okay Tracey that's enough to get you processed and registered as a slave.”

Tracey looked at him in shock,

“But you said you can help me?” she stammered.

“Well I'd like to Tracey, I really would, but I see you've already been bar coded and that's impossible to take away from you now” he half sneered.

“But please,” Tracey squealed, “There must be something.”

Mr Chambers looked at the naked girl standing before him pleading to him and again a wicked smile crossed his lips,

“Well technically even though you have been bar coded it hasn't been activated yet, I guess if I don't activate it you will still be a free girl.”

“Oh please please, don't activate it and let me go.” Tracey pleaded.

He smiled, relishing his power over the girl before turning to the man sitting at the first desk a few feet away and shouting out to him,

“Hey Jim, what happens again if I push the enter button after I've entered all of this girls details?”

Jim looked over from his own desk and laughed and said in a way that made Tracey sure they had used this routine before,

“I'm not sure John, I think she becomes a slave girl for life.”

“Oh yes, that's it, Thanks Jim.” John laughed and as Tracey watched horror struck he calmly pushed the enter button on his keyboard and Tracey's life changed forever.

With a nonchalant “next” Tracey was led off to join the other fully processed girls and as she turned her back on the table she heard him laugh after her,

“Bye Tracey, give my regards to your father, if you ever see him again of course.”
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Re: Slave Tracey

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Part 2

Tracey looked at the official document in her hand still not quite believing what she was holding. It was her official slave registration document. It was a fairly innocuous document, it had her name and date of birth and vital statistics down one side and then in glaring red ink her bar code number, a number that she had checked matched with the one lasered into her right hip. On the right hand side was spaces for details of her owner and to Tracey's relief that side was a set of empty boxes. Those boxes would soon be completed with her fathers name and address, all he had to do was complete and sign the form within seven days and pay the slave registration fee and she would officially belong to him as a slave girl, his to do with as he pleased with no restrictions. At least he was her father Tracey thought to herself!

It could have been a lot worse, that awful day she had gone to get her medical for her driving licence had gone from bad to worse. Being processed as a slave girl had not been on Tracey's itinerary that day! Once that horrible Chambers guy had processed her she had thought her normal life was over, she had been herded into a small cell along with twenty other girls and been locked in there for the night. The cell had been designed to hold two people, she knew that because there was a sign on the wall, but twenty naked girls had been shut in there with barely enough room to sit and certainly no room to lay down. Some of the girls had been crying, some shouting and some just staring into space and Tracey had just sat leaning against one girl while another leant against her, wondering what the future now held, she'd only come to get a drivers licence!

In the morning they had been released and all of them had been forced into a open courtyard where they had literally been hosed down with freezing water and then fed with what appeared to be porridge full of thick unidentified lumps. Still naked they were then lined up and informed that they were due to be auctioned later that day and each of them would be sold to the highest bidder. Tracey had been terrified.

Back in the cell Tracey had been sitting when they heard a man outside asking for girl 52478-3, Tracey had paid no attention, the number meaning nothing to her until the girl beside her nudged her and pointed to Tracey's hip and said that was her number!

Calling out Tracey had got the man’s attention and she had been taken from the cell and led down a long corridor and into a room where another man was waiting along with her father! Despite her embarrassment at being naked in front of her dad Tracey had never been so relieved to see him and as she hugged him she learnt that Chambers did seem to have a conscience after all and he had informed her dad of where she was and what had happened to her.

The official then explained to dad that he could take Tracey home but she was still officially now a registered slave and always would be. Her father would be her registered owner but it would still all be done the official way and now a week later Tracey sat holding her registration form looking at her wistfully. Another man could have been listed as her owner on the form and she knew that she had got off lightly but even so seeing that line, slave number and looking at the number on her hip bought a shudder to her.

From the moment he bought her home her father had told her that no mention of this would be made to anyone, as far as everybody else knew Tracey was the same as always and unless anyone saw her bar coded hip nobody would know any different. Technically slave girls were supposed to wear a slave collar, usually a thin band around the neck that was usually also electrified so that you could dispense punishment quickly. Although most slave girls wore a collar it wasn't a legal requirement and so Tracey's father had told her he wouldn't make her wear one, as far as he was concerned he wanted Tracey to behave and act like a free girl and that suited Tracey fine!

The only slight hitch was that her father had to complete and sign the form and pay the fee at a Post Office within seven days, if he didn't do this then Tracey would become a slave of the state again which meant she could be arrested and taken to a slave centre to be sold. The only problem was the form had arrived today, Monday, and her father was away on business till Friday, she wasn't sure what time he was getting home on Friday either and she knew that the Post Office was shut on Saturday and Sunday so the timing was going to be tight!

The doorbell suddenly rang and Tracey dropped the registration form onto the table and went to answer it.

Her heart sank when she saw it was her neighbour Emily. She had never liked Emily and as far as Tracey knew Emily had never liked her! There was just something about her, she was just a few years older but she always seemed to be looking down her nose at Tracey and the rest of her family, as if they didn't belong there or deserve to be living in the same street as Emily and her family. Snooty hardly began to describe Emily!

“Oh Tracey thanks God your home I need a favour.” Emily pouted as she walked straight past Tracey and into the kitchen. Following quickly behind her she found Emily leaning against the kitchen table and she couldn't help but give a nervous glance at the slave registration form openly on the table behind her.

“You know I have this silly art exhibition I'm showing at tonight dear, well my silly model has just rung to say she can't make it.”

Tracey looked at her not understanding a word, what art exhibition/? She knew Emily was trying to become an artist but that was it.

“Be a dear and come in her place would you?” Emily asked with big fake eyes.

“Oh I don't know,” Tracey said flustered,”I might be busy tonight.”

She knew the reply was weak but she had always been slightly unnerved by Emily, slightly scared of her if the truth be known.

“Well cancel your plans you silly girl, this is much more important don't you think, this exhibition could push me towards the big time if it's a success, isn't that more important than whatever you were doing.” Emily sneered.

For a second Tracey thought about grabbing her by the hair and literally throwing her out of the back door but apart from anything else Emily was several inches taller than her and despite hating herself for doing so she found herself agreeing.

“But what would I have to do?' was the best she could come up with.

“Oh nothing much, I've done a sculpture of my original model and they will want to see you along side the piece, you are the same size and shape as far as I can tell so you will be perfect.” Emily replied.

“So I just have to stand there a while?” Tracey said timidly.

“Yes, even you can do that can't you,” Emily laughed,” Just be ready at seven and I will come and collect you.”

“Okay” Tracey replied wishing that she had more backbone and Emily straightened up as if to leave when she suddenly spotted the form on the table.

“Oh are you getting a slave Tracey?” she asked as she picked up the form, “there will be quite a few at the exhibition tonight, serving drinks etc.”

Tracey just stood there not sure what to say, watching as Emily's eyes scanned the form with small interest until she suddenly looked up and grinned at Tracey.

“Oh Tracey, it says your the slave.”

Moaning inwardly Tracey proceeded to explain how her name had come to be on the form to a smiling Emily with some embarrassment.

“You were lucky then,” Emily laughed when Tracey had finished,”I've heard that quite a few girls get processed that way, you were lucky your dad got you out.” she looked at the form again before saying,”the owners section hasn't been completed yet though?”

“No dad is away, he will fill it all in when he gets back” Tracey said wishing that Emily would lose interest and put the form back down.

To her dismay though she saw Emily fold the form up and say,

“Oh in that case I can look after the form for you, it's got to be safer than leaving it laying around on the kitchen table don't you think, you silly girl, after all anyone could fill in those empty boxes and they will be your owner, not your dad, unless that’s what you want.” she laughed and Tracey saw with dismay her putting the folded up form into her jeans pocket.

“Well I'm not sure Emily.” she said shyly.

“Well what happens if the form is lost or destroyed?” Emily asked.

“I don't know, I guess I become a state slave and get put up for auction.” Tracey replied worriedly.

“Oh well I better not lose it then,” Emily laughed,”I'll keep it safe for you till your dad gets home, just be ready for seven tonight or I might forget it's in these jeans and put them in the wash” she laughed before flouncing out of the door.

Tracey couldn't believe it, not only did her horrible neighbour have her slave registration form which her whole life depended on but she also had to go to the stupid art exhibition.

She spent the rest of the day wondering what on earth she should wear, she'd never been to an art exhibition before and if the end she decided on a simple blue shift dress and by seven she was nicely made up, hair done and dressed ready to be collected by Emily who as usual was bang on time. She barely seemed to notice what Tracey was wearing as she just took her hands and lead her down to the waiting Taxi.

“Now don't mess this up for me Tracey.” Emily said sternly as she twisted to face her in the taxi,”that stupid model of mine was no brain box but she could model, my sculpture will be on display and all I need you to do is stand beside it smiling sweetly, think you can manage that?” she said scornfully.

Tracey nodded her head hating the way she was being spoken to but not being able to resist it she asked Emily if her registration form was safe.

“Oh that silly thing, I gave it to my brother, did you know you can do it all online now, it's dead easy according to him.” she said dismissively as if it was of no importance at all.

Tracey however was shocked, Emily's brother Simon was a horrible little twerp who was even more vile than Emily. He had asked her out on a date a few months earlier and had seemed most upset when Tracey had turned him down, angry in fact. And Emily had just given him Tracey's slave registration form!

“Are you sure that was a good idea?” Tracey managed to say.

Emily looked at her for a second as if she didn't know what she was talking about and then said,

“Oh don't be such a cry baby, he just wanted the form to mess around with, he was on the slave site when I left but he was moaning because he didn't have a credit card to pay the registration fee, it was such a small fee too,” she laughed, “he was enjoying looking at your photos though.” she giggled.

Tracey shuddered as she remembered standing against the blank screen naked and having her pictures taken from all angles, the pictures no doubt Simon was enjoying!

“I must say you have a sexy little body on you Tracey,” Emily giggled, “ I was almost tempted to give him my credit card to buy you but he was on the phone to his friends probably trying to get a card number off of one of them.”she laughed.

On seeing Tracey's crestfallen face she giggled again and said,

“Oh don't look like that, his friends are all a bunch of losers, I doubt if any of them have got a card anyway, better hope he doesn’t find dads wallet though, loads of cards in there.” she laughed.

Tracey sat in silence the rest of the way not believing what was happening. What if Simon did get a credit card number and registered himself as her owner, she would be his slave then, no more refusing a date to him, she would have to do whatever he said, no matter what!

Before Tracey could say anything else they reached their destination and the car came to a smooth stop and the door was opened for them. There was a lot of people milling about on the pavement but Emily grabbed Tracey's hand and confidently led her towards the main door of the big glass building and soon enough they were inside where it seemed just as crowded.

Most of the people seemed older and certainly not the usual kind of people that Tracey would mix with and then Tracey saw a naked girl walking through the crowds offering them drinks from the tray she was holding. Emily had said there would be slave girls there and she saw over the next few seconds that there were actually quite a few naked girls walking around offering drinks.

Emily had pulled Tracey to a small side room where only a few people were standing and she turned to Tracey and smiling said,

“Okay Tracey just slip your clothes off and we can get started.”

Tracey thought she must of misheard her for a second and just stood there looking at her blankly before Emily said with a hint of anger in her voice,

“Come on girl get your clothes off.”

“But you never said I'd have to be naked?” Tracey stammered.

Well of course you do silly, my sculpture is of a naked female torso, there wouldn't be any point in having you stand beside it fully dressed would there!”

Tracey stood there thoroughly dismayed, this day was going from bad to worse, how could she end up in this position!

“I'm not sure.” she whimpered and this time Emily grabbed her arm and holding it tightly snarled at her,

“Don't make a fool of me here Tracey, if you don't get naked right this second I'm going to ring my brother and give him my credit card number so he can buy you, that's if he hasn't already done it.”

Fighting back the tears Tracey knew she had no choice and so in one quick movement she pulled her blue dress up over her head handed it to the now smiling Emily swiftly followed by her bra and panties.

“Good girl.” Emily giggled which didn't make Tracey feel any better at all,” Oh look there’s your slave bar code, better make sure you don't get mixed up with the other girls.” she laughed before motioning for Tracey to walk back out into the main room. When Tracey next looked round she saw that Emily no longer held her clothes and she felt even more wretched.

The room was completely full of people by now, all milling around looking at the various works of art and being served drinks and canapés by naked slave girls. The fact that the naked girls were there made Tracey feel slightly better, after all it wasn't as if she was the only naked girl there but she still felt terribly self conscious as she meekly followed the striding Emily through the throng.

Finally they reached Emily's exhibit, which was indeed a sculpture of a naked female torso which did look pretty much like Tracey's own torso, complete with large heavy breasts.

“Now all you have to do is stand beside it and look pretty.” Emily giggled, “I'll be right here to, don't worry nobody will talk to you.”

Tracey took her place beside the sculpture trying to “look pretty” and feeling anything but! Sure enough Emily's sculpture started to attract some attention and there was soon a steady stream of people walking past and having a look, at the sculpture and at the naked Tracey! A few asked Emily some questions or told her how much they liked her piece. At one stage a terribly snooty woman came up and looked at the piece for a few minutes before turning to Emily and saying,

'Oh I see you used a slave as your model, how very chic, is she included in the price?”

Tracey looked on in horror as she saw Emily smile and say,

“Well I hadn't thought about that but it might be a good idea.”

“Oh yes dear, it would be silly not to sell them as a pair don't you think” the woman laughed and walked off leaving Tracey feeling even more insecure.
An hour later Tracey was at last getting used to being stared at naked but she now had a new problem, she desperately needed the toilet!

After holding on as long as possible and waiting till there was nobody in front of them she timidly asked Emily if she could be excused. To her surprise Emily didn't snap at her,

“Oh okay,” she sighed,” I could do with a break to and have a look at the other exhibits, make sure your back here in twenty minutes though.”

Tracey nodded and said thank you and then looked for the signs for the toilets when Emily sniggered,

“You will have to go through that door there,” she pointed,”you can't go to the normal rest rooms as a naked slave girl, just go through there and I'm sure they will show you where to go.”

“But I'm not a slave girl!” Tracey protested.

“Well maybe not officially yet but your naked and you have a bar code on your hip, anyway Simon's probably found somebody to give him their credit card number by now and bought you, he seemed pretty determined.” she giggled.

Close to tears Tracey turned and started walking quickly towards the door Emily had pointed out, a door that she had seen the serving slave girls coming and going through. Feeling more than a bit apprehensive she pushed through the door and found herself in a large kitchen area with several slaves refilling their trays of goodies and several men supervising them. Nobody had looked round as Tracey entered and so clearing her through she said a very timid,

“Excuse me.”

A man dressed in a suit turned and looked her up and down and then approached her holding something in his hand that Tracey couldn’t see.

“Open your mouth wide love.” he said cheerfully.

Tracey was so surprised by the request that she did as she was told without really thinking and quick as a flash the man placed a nozzle between her open lips and depressed a trigger on the can he was holding and Tracey recoiled as a burst of freezing cold gas hit the back of her throat.

“I thought you were meant to of devoiced them all.” the man said angrily to a man coming up behind him.

“I did”, he said sheepishly..

“Well this one just waltzed in here and spoke, and for fucks sake she hasn't got a collar on either,” the man snapped angrily, “ God if you want something doing correctly do it yourself.” he muttered to himself and snatched a black collar from inside his jacket and quickly fastened it tightly around Tracey's neck.

“There you are darling, now get back to work or I'll test that collar on it's highest setting” he said and slapped her bare bum before giving her a tray full of sandwiches!

Tracey couldn't believe it but as she tried to say something she realised that she couldn't! No ,matter how hard she tried not a sound escaped her lips. She had heard about devoicing sprays before of course, they were used to stop slaves speaking, they simply froze the vocal cords, she knew that it usually only lasted a few hours but she also knew some permanent sprays had hit the market and she hoped she hadn't just been sprayed with one of those!

And she was now collared! From what the man had said she knew it must be an electric collar and she certainly didn't want to receive a shock so she quickly turned round and headed back out the door with her tray effectively now a slave girl.

For the next hour and a half Tracey acted as a waitress serving plate after plate of small sandwiches and glasses of wine and champagne. In all that time she never saw Emily once, she could only imagine she was off somewhere talking to someone or even worse, maybe she had left!She did see one person she knew though, Mr Jones, her old school teacher, a man Tracey had never liked, there had been all sorts of rumours at school about Mr Jones perverse ways and Tracey had no reason to disbelief any of them!

“Well hello Tracey Smith” he smiled at her, his eyes travelling up and down her naked body several times making her shudder, “I always thought you would be perfect slave material, you certainly have the body for it.” he laughed and he casually reached up and squeezed Tracey's left breast!

She would of shouted at him, maybe even slapped him but she had been devoiced and she was also not so stupid that she knew she was in a precarious position so she gritted her teeth and moved on noting with dismay though that he seemed to be making a note of the bar code numbers on her hip!

She had to make several visits to the kitchen area to get her tray restocked and each time she heard snippets of conversation between the men in there. One was saying that some country called Zonga or something had made all girls slaves and he was wondering how long it would be before the UK followed suit.

“It would teach some of those snooty bitches out there,” one of the men had laughed,” take them down a peg or two.”

On another visit she heard a man on the phone,

“Just bring the biggest one you have, there's a lot of pussy here to take back, we will just have to cram it all in, I'm not hanging around for second run.”

By ten pm the crowds were starting to thin out and Tracey started to wonder how she was going to get out of this and get home. She guessed the man in the kitchen had been talking about transport for the slave girls and she certainly didn't want to be put in with them! Then she squealed as someone slapped her hard on her bare behind.

“I see you've found your true vocation then Tracey.” she heard Emily laugh and for a few seconds she was actually pleased to see her but then she heard what she said next.

I'm about to leave so thanks for coming even though she only helped for an hour.”

Tracey looked at her pleading with her eyes but Emily just giggled,

“What's up, can't speak, did they spray you? Oh don't worry I doubt if they used a permanent one, I see your collared now though so I can't take you I'm afraid, I'm not sure where they got the other slaves from but looks like your going with them.” she smiled,” Simon will be disappointed but you wouldn't of lasted long with him anyway, the last few slaves girls he's owned didn't”

Then with a cheery wave she turned her back and walked away, still a free woman and all Tracey could do was watch her go.

To her surprise she suddenly felt her collar burst into life, not shocking but a steady pulse and as she looked she saw the other slave girls started to walk back to the kitchen as if ordered which was what the collar was doing she guessed.

Following the other girls she entered the kitchen and joined the group in one of the corners near a large steel shutter door. As she stood huddled against the other girls she counted twenty three girls in total. A few minutes later the steel door was raised and Tracey shivered as a blast of cold air entered the kitchen.

“Okay ladies”, a man shouted out,”into the van all of you, will be a tight squeeze so just get in any how you can.”

Immediately the group started moving and finding herself somewhere in the middle Tracey got into the back of the van without too much trouble but was soon squashed up against other girls as the van was dangerously overloaded with pussy!

As the door was slammed shut Tracey heard the driver say to another man,

“Where am I taking it again?”

“Don't you know?' the other man laughed.

“Not really, the central slave place yes?”

I guess so, this is all unowned pussy.”

“Oh so I could take a few then.” the driver laughed.

“Sure.” she heard the other man laughed,” Knock yourself out, nobody will miss a few of them.”

The driver said something that Tracey couldn't hear and then the engine started and the van started to move. Like the driver she had no idea where they were going but she was sure she wasn't going to like it!

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Re: Slave Tracey

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Part 3

Tracey was close to cumming. Whoever the girl was with her head jammed between Tracey's legs was doing a good job with her tongue!

At first she had been extremely embarrassed to be in this position, crushed into the back of the van with over twenty other naked girls, boobs and bums pressing everywhere, but once the unseen girl between her legs has started licking her all thoughts of embarrassment went out the window!

From the moans and others noises coming from the van load of girls Tracey wasn't the only one receiving pleasure in the cramped confines and the fact that the ride was bouncing along at a steady speed only made the pleasure more intense!

And then almost at the last second the pleasure was taken away as the van shuddered to a halt and Tracey heard the driver get out swearing to himself as he did. A few seconds later the van door was opened wide and Tracey squinted as a powerful torch beam was played over her and the other mass of naked entwined flesh and confused Tracey heard a giggling girl say,

“No wonder you look overloaded, are you sure you've got enough pussy Sir?”

Tracey heard the driver say something and laugh and then he shouted out loud,

“Okay ladies everybody out of the van.”

Tracey could only move with the flow and before she knew it she was standing shivering on the side of the road wishing that she had at least something on her feet, she could cope with being naked by the side of a busy road but the grass she was standing on was freezing!

They were lined up in two lines and Tracey found herself in the second line behind the first standing dangerously close to hat looked like a steep slope, watching as she saw a young police girl start to count them all. The girl didn't look any older than Tracey, a pretty blonde who didn't seem to have a police car or any back up as far as Tracey could see.

“Twenty four, I'm pretty sure that van wasn't designed to carry twenty four girls Sir.” she laughed, “Where are you taking them?”

“Just back to the slave depot, they've been doing a job at the art gallery.” the driver replied not looking happy about the whole situation.

'Which depot, there's so many of them now.” the police girl laughed.

“The main one in town, I've just got to drop them off and I'm done.”

Tracey was fully aware that she was standing naked beside a busy road, a fact not hidden on the passing motorists who were busy honking their horns as they drove past the two lines of naked girls.

The police girl started walking up and down the lines apparently inspecting them before saying to the driver,

“This is all prime pussy isn't it.”

“Sure is,” the driver laughed,”I was going to keep a few for myself when I drop them off.”

“I don't blame you,” she giggled, ”take it over to Stan's Secondhand Slaves when you've finished with it, he's always on the lookout for fresh prime pussy.”

“Really?” the driver laughed.

“Sure, I mean the few you keep, not all twenty four of them,” she giggled, ”well you could offer him all twenty four but I doubt he will have enough space to store them all.”

“Does he pay?” the driver asked.

“Yes but not much I'm afraid, pussy is cheap now, mind you if you offer him all of them he might give you a bit more, you should drive by his shop and see what he says.”

“I might just do that then.” the driver laughed.

“You should,” she giggled,”he has the best pussy in town, in fact I might pop over there soon and get one, might end up owning one of these girls here.” she laughed.

“Okay thanks for that, I better get them loaded up so I can get them over there.” the driver said and grabbed the nearest girls arm and pulled her towards the back door of the van. As the line of girls moved in that direction Tracey suddenly felt her foot slip on the wet grass and before she could stop herself she slipped straight down the steep bank behind her. Normally she would of screamed out but the devoicer spray was still working and not a sound escaped her lips as she dropped a few feet down the bank and out of sight, it was almost as if the earth had swallowed her up!

The fall had panicked her a bit but as she lay there against the wet grass she realised that the driver had not seen her fall and was carrying on loading the girls into the van. She was too scared to look up in case he saw her and she suddenly heard the police girl giggle and say,

“Do you know where it is, if not I could show you the way.”

The driver mumbled something that Tracey didn't hear but she heard the girl giggling again and say,

“I can't get in there.”

“Of course you can, and get that uniform off, if your going in the back you have to be naked like the other pussy.” the driver laughed.

A little exchange went on that Tracey couldn't hear and as she risked a look up she saw the police girl standing about ten feet away starting to undo the zip of her skirt and as Tracey watched she saw her take off her skirt and blouse and then hesitate once she was down to her bra and panties until the driver nodded at her and said,

“Everything off Missy.”

The police girl pouted at him and then swiftly unzipped her bra and let it fall from her body before bending forward and pulling her panties down and stepping out of them so that she now stood by the roadside completely naked, just like Tracey had been two minutes earlier.

“You better not sell me with the others.” the girl laughed as she approached the back of the van.

“Well your not bar coded are you, he won't buy free girls will her?”

'Yeah right, I bet he buys them all the time.” the girl giggled.

“Well lets get you down there then, might get a better deal for twenty five girls rather than twenty four.” the driver laughed and smacked her bare bottom as she climbed up into the packed van. The door was slammed on her and within seconds the van pulled away and Tracey was left naked by the road hidden from view by the bank of grass. Darting up she quickly grabbed the police girls discarded skirt and shirt and pulled them on relieved to be covered again and started the long walk home.

The next few weeks passed in a bit of a blur for Tracey. She made sure that she stayed clear of Emily and Simon for a start which unfortunately meant that she couldn't get her slave registration form back. She could only hope that Simon had either lost it or lost interest in it. Perhaps Emily had told him she had been last seen being packed into a van with a load of other slave girls never to be seen again, although Tracey knew that that plan was scuppered when her dad bumped into Emily at the supermarket two days after the art exhibition and told her that Tracey was home and well! Either way every day that passed without Simon coming over and saying that she was now legally his was a blessing to Tracey!

Her dad has managed to cut her slave collar off her which Tracey had always thought was meant to be impossible but then she guessed they were only temporary collars handed out at the exhibition rather than a permanent collar put on most slaves. They had both got a nasty electric shock though when her dad had cut through the tough leather!

The next thing that happened was that Tracey got a job. Technically slaves were not supposed to have jobs, well not paid ones anyway but her dad pointed out that it would help hide the fact that she was technically a slave if she went and got a proper job. More by accident then design she had soon landed a job as a slave welfare officer for the government!The job basically entailed going round various slave establishments and making sure that the slaves were being treated well. The slave establishments included government processing centres, auction houses, and more or less anyone who owned a slave. She had to wear a business suit and she had her own security pass which allowed her into every part of the government centres at least.

Tracey was over the moon at landing such an important job and she wore her suit and badge with pride, she was acutely aware though that visiting the kind of places she was it was hugely important to keep her bar code hidden! Her initial excitement was soon dispelled though when she realised that in fact nobody was in the least bit worried about the slaves welfare and they treated her and her visits with contempt and anger.

The over riding factor that Tracey soon discovered on her visits however was that slaves were everywhere and the numbers involved were staggering. Up till now although she was aware that the slave trade existed and it was all legal she assumed that slaves were a rich man’s commodity only to be bought and sold with care and thought, rather like buying an expensive car perhaps. In reality she soon found out that owning a slave was easily within reach of practically anybody and indeed practically everybody did own one.

On her second day on the job she visited a government auction house where she stood on the side of a large stage for an hour and watched literally dozens of naked trembling girls sold off to the highest bidder. There must have been at least two hundred people in the crowd bidding for the girls and Tracey could hear the excited chatter and laughter and general good humour amongst the crowd as they bought the slave girls as if it was the most natural thing in the world. The prices also shocked Tracey, the most expensive girl was sold for fifty pounds and she was an absolutely stunning eighteen year old blonde, girls almost as pretty were sold for a lot less. Occasionally the auctioneer would auction off a group of girls rather than just one and at one stage Tracey saw a group of four girls chained together sold for fifteen pounds!

When Tracey had finally left the stage area she had had to walk past a long line of naked girls all waiting their turn on the stage and she had sensed their fear and also some excitement and she couldn't help but think that this may end up being her fate with that dammed bar code on her hip.

She had started to experiment with trying to hide the hated code on her hip with make-up and fake tan and she had actually got quite good at it. At a first glance and maybe a second nobody would notice the mark if she applied the make up well enough, it wouldn't fool anybody really looking for the mark but it might save her from a casual look and bearing in mind the types of places she was visiting every day that was most important!

Her make up skills did in fact save her one day in her second week on the job. She had to visit a government ware house where newly processed slaves were kept awaiting auction. The manager of the place had reluctantly greeted her with his best “what a waste of time” look and proceeded to show her around the building.

She had been shocked when he'd shown her into the main part of the facility as it consisted of row after row of large metal cages stacked four high. The cages seemed to be about four foot square, and stretched as far as the eye could see and nearly all of them contained a naked girl. Tracey had actually stopped in shock at the sight, there must have been at least a thousand girls in the cages and the sheer size and numbers stunned Tracey for a second. The manager hardly noticed though and as they walked down the line of cages Tracey was aware that occasionally they had to dodge a fork lift truck that was carrying a new cage complete with girl inside to be slotted into the bank of cages. It really was a storage unit!

Tracey had been struck by the fact that none of the girls were making a sound and the manager had laughed and explained that they had all been temporarily devoiced.

After walking down the line for ten minutes they had reached a break in the bank of cages where a fork lift was standing idly beside a open cage and Tracey had tapped the bars absent mindedly and made a comment about how uncomfortable it must be for the girls to be kneeling on the barred floor of their cages. The man had laughed and said none of the girls complained but then again they couldn't as they were devoiced and then he said,

“Why don't you try it, there's an empty one, climb inside, see what it's like for ten minutes.”

Tracey looked at the cage in shock, the door was wide open but she certainly didn't fancy climbing inside.

“Well what are you waiting for, you asked about it and I thought you welfare officers were supposed to check these things out for the slaves.” he said with more than a hint of annoyance in his voice.

Cursing herself for asking the question now Tracey forced a weak grin and started to bend forward to climb into the cage.

“Hold on, how are you supposed to see how uncomfortable it is on the knees and stuff if you've got that expensive skirt on,” he snapped,”take it off and the rest of your stuff.”

Tracey looked at him in shock, surely he didn't expect her to just strip naked in front of him and climb into the cage did he? From the expression on his face though that's exactly what he was expecting and so wishing the ground would open up and swallow her she started to undress.

Within a minute she was as naked as the day she was born and had handed the unsmiling man her clothes, she was hoping against hope that he wasn't paying much attention to her right hip and that her make up would do it's job! To her initial surprise he didn't seem the slightest bit concerned that she was naked and then Tracey remembered how many naked girls this man saw every day!Gingerly she got down onto her hands and knees and crawled into the open cage and for him to shut the door behind her.

“Well is it comfortable?” he snapped.

Actually it wasn't, the small metal bars of the cage against her knees was extremely uncomfortable and when she told him this he again snapped,

“Well do what all the other bitches do, lay down on your side.”

Tracey had done just that and she had to admit that was better and then to her dismay and surprise the man had said,

“You can stay in there for a while, I've got an important meeting to attend to, I'll be back to let you out shortly.” and Tracey could only watch him stride away.

She had crawled into the cage head first so the door was now behind her and reaching round she tried to open it but it was locked and there was no way out. Unable to do anything else she laid on her side and waited. She saw that the manager had placed her clothes in a pile on the floor and the fact that they were only a few feet away but completely out of reach tormented Tracey. Finally after around fifteen minutes someone did come along but it wasn't the manager, it was the fork lift driver!

He took one look at the naked caged Tracey and snorted,

“For fucks sake, can't even take a tea break now without another one to move.”

Tracey thought about saying something to him but what would she say, she couldn't even remember the managers name and how was she going to explain that she'd stripped naked and climbed into the cage to see how comfortable it was! Anyway once the man started up the fork lift conversation was out of the question and all she could do was lay there in her cage as she was picked up and driven about fifty feet to the right and then raised high in the air and placed on top of three other occupied cages.

To her horror she realised she was now just another caged slave girl and not only that but a completely lost naked slave girl, if the manager came back now to look for her all he would find was her pile of discarded clothes and then a bank of a thousand cages!

In the end Tracey spent twenty four hours in the cage before she was found and released. It had been pure luck as well that she was found, her row of cages had been shifted and the girls inside slowly released, she guessed it was their time for auction and as Tracey's cage was unlocked and she unsteadily got to her feet and stood with the other girls she saw the manager standing a few feet to her left and making herself known she had finally been allowed free. The manager had treated the whole thing as nothing serious at all and Tracey got the distinct impression that even if she had of disappeared entirely, swallowed up as another slave girl it wouldn't of bothered him at all. She did see as she was finally allowed to get dressed that the make up covering her bar code was almost gone and she pulled her skirt on as quickly as she could or she knew she would end up back in the cage for real this time!

That had been a close call and Tracey tried not to let them get that close again. A week later she found herself back at the same processing centre that she herself had been processed at, albeit by mistake! She rather surrealy found herself being shown round by Mary, the woman who led her naked down the corridor before dumping her in the room full of naked girls and leaving her to her fate. Tracey had been worried that Mary would recognise her but instead all she got was the usual feint look of annoyance as she showed Tracey round, Tracey guessed that Mary led so many naked girls down these corridors that she didn't recognise any of them after!

The whole trip had felt very weird to Tracey as she watched dozens of girls being led through the various rooms and processes until they were fully registered slaves, complete with bar coded hips. She had been even more worried when she had been standing in the registration room as she knew that John Chambers would recognise her but to her relief he wasn't there.

The feeling of deja vu was even stronger when on the way out she had passed the very room where she had waited with the two bimbo girls who had betrayed her and as she passed the door it opened and the cleaner Frank had come out carrying a big black bin bag. Unable to resist it she had asked him what was in the bag and he had laughed and said it was four girls sets of clothes and he was on his way to throw them into the incinerator.

“Isn't that the room the girls here for a driving test medical wait in.?” she asked.

“Sure is?” he replied looking at her quizzically.

“Well won't they want their clothes back when they've had their medical?”

“No no,” he laughed,”Once they leave this room without their clothes they won't need them again.” he winked at Tracey and walked off down the hall swinging the bag of girls clothes as he did. Although she didn't want to admit it to herself Tracey couldn't help smiling as she thought maybe those two red bottomed bimbos didn't get away scot free after all!

The next week or two Tracey travelled all over town visiting various places of all sizes and she couldn't escape the feeling that female slavery was becoming more widespread and accepted at an increasingly fast rate. She had asked Mary how many girls they processed every day and even she had said it was growing all the time but their current record for one day was 198 but she was confident they would break the 200 very very soon. Tracey remember that a guy at the art exhibition had been saying that some African country had made all it's females slaves and that he thought that was the way the UK would go and Tracey was beginning to believe it!

A week later she had got an urgent phone call to report to her head office and when she'd got there she was shocked to be issued with her own laser kit and laptop computer and told to go with a a team of three men to a large department store in town. Apparently the store had gone bust overnight and it had been decided that all the female employees were to be classed as stock and assets and therefore registered as slaves and auctioned off to raise funds.

In the car on the way there Tracey learnt that it hadn't been made public yet that the store had gone bust and therefore the staff would just turn up for work in the normal way, once there the news would be broken to them and all the females would be bar coded and processed. It was Tracey's job to do the bar coding.

It did feel very underhand to Tracey, tricking the girls into turning up for work only to be trapped but what could she do! The store was a large one set over four floors and when they arrived they took the lift to the fourth floor where the store manager and a couple of other guys met them. To Tracey's surprise the men that met them had seemed jovial, almost as if they were looking forward to what was about to happen. They were laughing and joking with Tracey's colleagues and at one stage the store manager had looked at his watch and laughing said,

“Okay all the bitches should be in by now, there should be some good money to be made from them, we've only been employing the best looking pussy for some time now as we knew this was going to happen.”

Tracey was shocked at his callous attitude especially the fact that he had been planning for this!

She was told to stay there and set up the laser equipment on a desk in the corner and wait for them to bring the girls up so she did just that. In reality that took all of five minutes and left on her own Tracey wondered how many girls they were going to bring up

It was forty five minutes later that the lift doors suddenly opened and Tracey saw a group of ten girls escorted by one of her colleagues and a man she'd never seen before emerge and start walking over to Tracey's desk. Tracey could see straight away that most of the girls were scared, a lot looked confused and a few looked angry but they all looked as though they were going to do as they were told and this was tested when one of the men escorting them said,

“Okay ladies, get those clothes off, I want you bare naked in 30 seconds, no time for shyness here, get stripped or get shocked.”

Tracey suddenly saw that he was holding what appeared to be a foot long iron bar but as he held it up she suddenly saw an arc of blue electricity shoot from the end! The girls saw that to and as one they quickly started to undress and within the thirty seconds Tracey had ten naked girls standing in front of her. Some were standing trying to cover their nakedness with their hands, others were standing defiantly with their hands by their sides.

“Right this lady here is going to bar code you and enter some basic personal details into the computer and you will then become the property of the state for the rest of your lives, the state will decide what to do with but in reality you can expect to be sold at a local auction house to the highest bidder to be used as that person sees fit.” the man with the electric prod shouted out and a collective whimper of dismay rose from the shaking girls.

The next two hours for Tracey then consisted of her pressing the laser against the right hip of every girl standing beside her desk, entering the bar code number into her laptop along with the girls name and date of birth and then pressing enter. She was aware that each time she pressed enter she was officially enslaving each girl but what else could she do!

She knew that the store was a large one but she was surprised how many girls needed to be processed, the lift doors discharged more and more groups of girls and it soon became apparent to Tracey that the store manager had been right, they had only been employing the best looking girls recently! Nearly every girl she processed was between eighteen and twenty four, all were slim and nearly all were big breasted.

As each group was finished they were led off into a side room and Tracey guessed they were moved back downstairs to be moved to a holding centre like the one she had visited with the endless rows of cages.

After ninety minutes the store manager had come back up to the fourth floor and had stood watching and smiling with her colleague as a new group of girls undressed.

“I told you we had only been employing prime pussy for a while didn't I”, he laughed, “we actually had an employment drive on Friday and a lot of these girls are here for their first day day,” he laughed again and Tracey could only grimace at his total disregard for these girls lives.

He suddenly walked up to one of the naked girls, a terrified looking blonde, and started sliding his hands up and down her body as if he was inspecting her like a piece of meat,

“Yes these pussies should fetch a good price.” he laughed before slapping the girls bottom hard.

Finally the last girl was processed and Tracey closed the laptop lid noting that she had processed two hundred and seventy nine girls!

As she reported to her two colleagues and the store manager who were poking around the big pile of girls clothing left on the floor she heard the store manager say,

“Two seventy nine, we normally only employ two hundred female staff so that extra eighty should help clear a bit more of the debt shouldn't it.”

The two men laughed and agreed with him and one of them laughed and said,

“Yes you should have had a few more recruitment Fridays before now.”

“Oh they are great fun,” the manager laughed,” you should of seen the stuff we were getting them to do at the interviews, stupid bitches were doing everything we told them, they are so desperate for a job nowadays you can literally get them to do anything you want at an interview, it's great fun.” he snorted in laughter.

Tracey very nearly ran out of the store when they finally said their goodbyes and she could only be grateful that she was able to do that unlike the two hundred and seventy nine girls she had just processed!

A week later she looked at her work sheet which showed her where she was visiting this week and number two on the list was Stan's Secondhand Slaves, oh no she thought!

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Re: Slave Tracey

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That's all there is. I did try to proofread it, but I was mostly focusing on cutting out anything inappropriate and not so much on grammar.

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