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Amanda’s Return

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Amanda’s Return

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Carl Bradford was kind enough to let me play with his characters from "Trying on a Collar " This is early days and it is shaping to be several story arcs. The help of Carl, MrSmith and Zeechromosome has and continues to be invaluable.

Amanda was relieved to see the TSA gate. Just a few more short steps and they'll be past the checkpoint into their plane and away from Texas. She was going to miss her daughter Shirley and her charming son in law Jesse but she had to leave. The feeling of fear that had gripped her from the time the plane landed at George Bush airport throughout all the parties and the wedding itself had her internally exhausted, although she had managed to maintain the facade of the happy mother of the bride thanks to the contentment that she gained from knowing that her only daughter had found her soulmate like she had with her own husband Travis.

Passing under an arch, Amanda noticed a light strip lighting up red as the group passed through. She wondered what that was about.

" I guess we'll say goodbye now,” Jesse, her new son-in-law, remarked.

“Mom, I am going to miss you so much. The summer break is just starting, can’t you and dad stay a bit longer?” her daughter almost whined.

“Shirley honey, We will do the best we can but just because we don’t have school doesn't mean we don’t have things to do. I have my... meetings.” The Thompasons had tactfully not talked about Amands’s leadership role in the New York Abolitionist Society here in slaveholding Texas.”Plus your father has furniture to build,”

She shivered internally thinking of last night. Travis had come from the shower to find her face down and ass up. She turned her head and whispered. " Like what you see Sir?"

"Sir likes, " he moved behind her. " I see you got my second favorite place lubed up."

"So is the first one Sir. But she did that all by herself.”

“Let’s see how she did.” He plunged all seven inches of his cock into her wet, needy cunt. As she approached her release, she reflected on how perfect his cock was for her, Long but not too long. Wide enough to be a tight fit without being painful. She flexed her muscles to give her husband’s dick a squeeze. She was inordinately pleased to hear him groan. Flexing her Kegals caused her to cum. She gasped in response.

“God I love it when you do that. He panted, I am about to cum, cunt or ass my slutty wife?”

“Mouth of course. Then ass.” Amanda loved sucking his cock right after after he had fucked her. He was also good for at least one and usually two more shots after she got him hard again with her mouth.”

He flipped her on the bed and she turned to swallow his cock to the root. After twenty five years of marriage and being together she had no problem deep throathing him. When his cock twitched, she pulled back so she got all of his tasty cream. She had to swallow the first mouthful down in order to make room for his load. Six weeks was six weeks too long.When he was done she licked his rod like a flesh lollipop, Savoring the tangy taste of her one juices mingled with his.

“You like licking your juices off my cock don’t you?”

Taking said cock out of her mouth, she responded, “You know that I do. Reminds me of my wild youth before I met you.”

“One day we really need to get you another woman to lick.”

“You mean another pussy to fuck.”

“You wound me. Lets get a gold star lesiban if that’s whats holding you back. I am fine watching or watching while I am plowing your ass.”

“Promises, promises. Time to deliver.” she said saucily as she flipped her ass back into the air. And deliver he did. Twice.

Cuddled together in the hotel bed after they had cleaned each other up. Travis had told her about a new piece of bondage furniture he was working on. Her love had a gift for design as well as wood crafting and several of his pieces were in their upstate New York home. Guests oooed and ahhed at the craftsmanship. No one was the wiser that many of the items had other uses. Fun uses. He got a lot of commissions.

Because they both taught for an elite complete prep academy that had attitudes firmly entrenched in the Victorian era, all his commissions were of the vanilla versions of his pieces. It was the same reason they had never invited another person to play.

“ Not that I am complaining, but what brought my slut out to play? I figured you would be tired after the reception.”

She stroked his cheek. I don’t know. Perhaps getting Shirly and Jessie married off. You know how weddings get everyone’s juices flowing,” She had been pleasantly surprised that, despite the fear and dread, her libedio had exploded tonight from the hot and cold their marriage had suffered through since Shirley had taken up with the Foster family. Her daughter’s response snapped her from her reverie.

“I know. But between work and school, I don’t know when we can come visit y’all.”

Travis Thompson laughed. “ Texas is getting to my little girl, ‘y’all’ is it?” You and Jessie need as much alone time as you can get since you are putting off your honeymoon. You don’t need two sets of parents in town. Why don’t you think about coming up for Christmas and let Jessie play in the snow and learn to ski.”

Shirley sighed, “ I will miss the snow. Even the piles on the side of the road,”

“Wait, you mean all the white stuff up there isn’t just cotton that fell out of the haulers?” Jessie joked.

As the quartet finished laughing, two men in Texas Department of Public Safety uniforms approached them. Amanda thought one of them looked familiar.

“Tony! What are you doing here? I figured you would be sleeping off the reception.” Jessie extended his hand to a Hispanic gentleman, who shook it enthusiastically. “Jessie, I figured you and Shirley would be...” He looked at the older couple and continued, “ occupied.”
After the chuckles, Tony continued, “I had to fill in training the new guy here. This is Corporal Washington Carver, I am teaching him the ropes for airport duty. Part of it is having to put up with the failed experiments that the bureaucracy won’t let us get rid of.” He pointed to the arch behind them, “That was some bright idea to track escaping slaves. It scans for RFID chips implanted during enslavement. “

“Right,” Jessie replied, “I read about that in school. It was abandoned because it had too many false positives. That was what? Twenty eight or thirty years ago?”

“Exactly. DPS has been trying to get it decommissioned for years. In the meantime, its the price hardworking DPS officers have to pay to work in the air conditioning during Texas summers. It triggered when your group went through,” Tony looked embarrassed, “I do need to have y’all follow me so we can get this logged as a false positive. I am so sorry to delay you Mr and Mrs Thonpson. It should only take a minute. We can’t access the database over wireless for security reasons so we have to use a wired device.”

Fear clinched Amanda’s gut as she and Travis followed the officers to an unmarked door off the concourse. Shirley and Jessie joked with Tony as they entered a stark room with an antique looking personal computer and equally old printer off to one side on a small desk next to another door, the only items in the room other than a couple of chairs.

As Washington shut the door behind them, Tony turned, sighed and said, “I have to check all of you silly as it is. Shirely you and Jessie are too young to have ever been chipped by the program. Not to mention that you both work at the Longhorn. And Mr and Mrs Thompson, being from New York... Well its procedure and we have to check everyone the arch alerts on. No matter how lucidious,” glancing significantly at Corporal Washington.

Behind the growing horror building in her, the professor’s part of her mind approved of Tony using the situation to provide a teaching moment. Another part of her was amazed she was so outwardly calm she was.

“Ok let me go first, we do need to get my in-laws on their plane,” Jessie pulled down his lip to reveal a tattooed series of numbers.”

As Tony wrote them down, Travis asked, “ Son what is that?”

“A Slave Identification Number or SIN. I and... he glanced quickly at Shirley, “Shirley has to be entered into the system in order to work at the Longhorn.”

Amanda noticed that Shirley blushed at that, but only said, “ Yes, that”, as she pulled her own lip back to reveal a different number.

“Sir, both numbers are clean. Ms. Shirley is...” Tony looked annoyed, “That's enough Corporal. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. I need you both to do the same.”

Travis looked like he could spit nails better than his nail gun at home but complied to show nothing but red gum. Amanda has tears rolling down her face.

“Tony, this is ridiculous, you're upsetting my mom. She was born in New York! She has never been... “ her voice trails off as Amanda’s trembling hand pulls her lip down to reveal the number 334-25-1984 tattooed on her lip.

“That’s a hit sir.” Washington says into the silence.

“Amanda! Don’t answer any questions until we get you a lawyer!” Jessie barked.

Travis exploded, “What the hell is going on. Why does she need a lawyer? She’s getting on that flight with me.”

Ironically some of the dread lifted now that the secret was out. In an unnaturally calm voice she said, “Travis honey, you need to get on the plane. Jessie will explain. I can’t leave till this gets sorted. Mas.. Jessie, please help Travis understand.”

Tony looked at Jessie with genuine pain in his face. “Mr. Thompson, it is going to take some time to get this resolved. We have to take custody of Ms. Amanda for now. There is nothing that can be done for a few days at least. Let Jessie take you outside and tell you what the next steps are.”

Jessie half pulled the fuming Travis through the door out to the concourse. Turning, Jessie said softly, “Help your mom. Join us in a bit”

As the door shut behind the pair, Tony touched his phone. The click of a maglock engaged. He turned to look at Amanda. Silently she slipped off the straps of her green floral print sun dress and let it fall to her feet. She then stepped out of it and her sandals. Tony handed Shirley a large plastic grocery bag. “For her things” he said solemnly.

Amanda took an insane pleasure at the expression of the two officers when she slipped her unhooked bra off her shoulders, revealing her 42 DD breasts. She was vain enough to check them regularly in the mirror. Still firm thanks to regular exercise the only concession to age and nursing a child was her long fat nipples. Which were diamond hard in the chill room.

Shirley came around to face her eyes red with tears, “Mom...”

“Honey it will be ok,” handing her the bra, “You need to go help Jessie with your dad.” Shirly hugged her tight. Tony cleared his throat.

“Shirley, you know what has to happen next. Best you do what your mother says. Take her carry on with you.”

Her wonderful daughter hugged her naked body agan and whispered in her ear, “Don’t answer any questions without a lawyer. Jessie and I will figure this out. Be strong.” Choking back a sob, Shirley clutched the stuffed sack and carry on. She almost pulled the door off before Tony released the lock to let her out, relocking it behind her.
Which was a good thing because about a minute later something repeatedly hit the door so hard that it vibrated in the frame. Amanda closed her eyes, “Oh Travis,” she whispered.


“Let it be Corporal. Print her paperwork and let's get out of here.”

Amanda fell into the Present position without being ordered.Tony reached into the desk drawer and retrieved a large black capture collar and attached leash. Turning he emotionlessly said. “Collar 1984”

Automatically, Amanda raised her long brunette hair with its streaks of grey from her neck. He snapped the collar around her slim neck. The long forgotten sound of a dot matrix printer started up in the background. She felt the collar electrodes poke her neck over her spine. Tony draped the leash down her back.

Tony stepped back and spoke,”

You are under arrest for suspicion of theft of animate property by virtue of fleeing your lawful owner. I am required by law to tell you that the slave collar you have been fitted with can deliver a powerful and extremely painful electric shock if you attempt to leave custody. Additionally, all members of the Texas Department of Public Safety are authorized to use any means deemed necessary to compel you to comply with all orders given to you, and those means include electrical shock and whipping. If you follow my instructions you will not be hurt. Do you understand?"

“Yes Master.” Tony grimaced at that but continued

“Back hands” She put her hands around her back. Cold hand cuffs bound her.

“Washington, who is the owner of record. They have to be contacted.”

“Mendez Holding is her owner of rec..wait she was escheated to the State of Texas as unclaimed property.”

“What the hell. Let me see, Washington.”

Amanda couldn’t resist raising her downcast eyes enough to see Tony look at the old tube style screen.

“She only had three months left on her indenture. Why would she run?” Washington mused.

Tony looked back at her and she cast her eyes back down. He smiled mirthlessy, “Corporal, have you done the module on the history of slave management after the Reinistution?”

“No sir. Next week.”

“I will tell you in the car. How long till the printer is done.”

“At the rate this noisy antique is going, probably another five minutes. Since we have a minute,” Washington stood and reached for his pants zipper.

“Corporal, keep it in your pants.”

“But Lietunat Hernandez sir, she’s a slave.”

“A slave that the Foster family has taken an intrest in. I don’t know how this is going to play out but for reasons I will explain on the way to the jail this is not the usual situation. You don’t want to cross the Foster family in this town. You remember the Hartwick case?”

“The guy that Tess took down when he tried to interview her with his dick? The sting case?”

“Right. Last I heard, he’s starting year two of five at the Lavender House, licking lesbian pussy while bull dykes peg his felon branded ass six days a week. Word is the asshole roughed up one of Foster’s slaves about nine months before. The elder Mr. Foster got the sting investigation started. Again, you do not want to fuck with the Foster clan. We do our jobs. Only our jobs.”

“Yessir.” Amanda noticed that the prominent bulge in the young officer’s pants had disappeared. If she ever got to talk to Jessie again she needed to let him know about Tony’s kindness. Even if he was only delaying the inevitable.

The racket finally stopped. Washington carefully tore the printed portion away and started tearing the strips from the sides that pulled the paper through the printer, frowning at the faint print.

“Somebody needs to tell DPS IT that it's the 21st century.”

“It's been tried. They don’t want to spend the money as long as it works. That said, do a requisition for a new printer ribbon. Also, call in that we are 10-15 and 10-19” Walking past Amanda he picked up the leash.

“Heel slu... 1984”

Amanda rose, grateful to get off the hard floor. As she followed Corporal Washington through the second door, Tony behind her, she wondered if Travis made his flight.

“What the hell do you mean they stripped her naked,” Travis demanded of his daughter after seeing the bag of clothes Amanda had been wearing along with her carry on. Already irritated by being pulled into that room and being shooed out like a child being sent to bed, he was almost ballistic by the time his visibly crying daughter had exited the room with a plastic bag in hand and his wife’s carry on over her shoulder. When he realised what had happened, he hurled himself against the door in a crazed attempt to get to the love of his life.

Jessie and Shirley had finally got him away from the door. As Jessie was explaining for the second time that he had called one the best lawyers in Texas to meet with Amanda at the jail and that she had already electronically filed a motion for a hearing. He stressed the best way to help Amanda was for Travis to go home and pull together as much cash as possible to cover her price at auction and legal fees.

The notion that his wife was going to be sold like a heifer enraged him all over again.

“Dad, listen to Jessie. You have to calm down. You keep this up and all that is going to happen is that you get hauled away to jail too. You can’t help her there.”

On cue, a couple of more DSP officers joined them. A woman with sergeant's insignia and a nameplate that identified her as H. Potter spoke

“Is there a problem? TSA called in a disturbance.”

“Sergeant. I'm Jessie Foster of the Longhorn. My father in law, Travis Thompson is a little overwrought over some bad news,he is fine now.”

“Sarge,” the other officer said, “ We got instructions from the LT on him.”

“Thompson, right.” turning to Travis, “Sir, we have been directed to insure that you make your flight. I am further directed to escort Mr. Foster and his wife to the gate as well. If y’all will follow me.”

She turned and walked toward the TSA checkpoint. Both Jessie and Shirley guided him from either side. A whispered conversation between Sergeant Potter and the TSA agents caused them to be waived past the line. Travis overhead a fragment of conversation.

“He is white as a sheet. Something horrible must have happened to him.”

“If you only knew lady,” Travis muttered to himself.

Getting to the gate, the two officers drifted away to give them privacy while waiting for his boarding call. Taking a deep breath, Travis asked the pair, “you said sold. If she is owned by someone wouldn’t I just need to deal with them?”

“Travis has been texting me to keep me in the loop. The state owns her. Her owner of record was Mendez Holding. They are no longer in the picture and her title is held by the State of Texas.”

“Shit,” Shirely muttered.

“What does that mean Jessie?”

“That she will be regraded and sold at auction. Almost certainly by the Longhorn. We have a contract with the state.”

“Ok, going along with this insanity, how much do you think she would fetch? So I have a target.”

Travis had never seen Jessie look so uncomfortable, even when he had visited him and Amanda to ask for Sheriley’s hand in marriage the day before he actually proposed.

“Sir, this is weird. It depends on a lot of factors, some I don’t want to think about in connection with my mother in law. Tony told me that she was initially graded Prime. At eighteen, that is phenomenal , she must have been quite the slut.” Jessie’s face went to a horrified expression as he realized what he had said about his mother in law.

Travis laughed mirthlessly, “ Up until about two and a half years ago she was quite... enthusiastic.”

“I so don’t need to be a part of this conversation,” Shirley muttered.

“Ok, putting my Longhorn VP hat on and doing my best not to think about her being my mother in law. She’s still quite attractive. Age is going to take its toll no matter what. Nearly fifty? We get a lot of pretty, young pussy half that age or more everyday. Given her age,...Choice Minus, likely Select Plus. Worst case, she is looking at five years on a criminal indenture for running away, with at least another six months on top of that since the remaining time on her self indenture will be doubled.”

Shirley interjected, “She only had three months left on her indenture? That’s crazy.”

“Right. But considering who owned her and the timing, I suspect she had her reasons.”

The first boarding call for Travis’s flight was announced. Jessie rushed on, Anyway, call it six years and $40,000.”

“Better add $20,000. I saw her. Her body looks like someone twenty years younger. Also, remember Mrs. Robinson's Productions is out there.” Shirley said. She paused and said, “I am going to hell for this conversation.”

“At least we will be together, “ Jesse replied.
“Children, nobody’s going to hell. God understands I am sure.” The second call was announced over the PA. “I know what I need to do now.” he hugged his daughter and pulled his son in law into a manly hug after taking his proofed hand. “ Love you both. I need to get cracking.” Travis grabbled his carry on bag, giving Amanda’s to Shirley. Hopefully his wife will be able to make use of it

As soon as the pilot announced that phones and electronic devices could be turned back on he got to work on his tablet. after checking their liquid assets. They had almost $70,000 on hand and could access over $300,000 by cashing out stocks. He followed Jessie's suggestion and moved all their cash into a separate account in his name alone. He did the same for the broakerage accounts Afterwards, he Googled “Mrs. Robinson’s Productions” and “slaves in Harris County jail”. He went cold reading the results and told the stewardess that he had changed his mind about that drink. He prayed that Amanda was holding up and redouble dhis determination that he would make sure that Mrs. Robinsons’s Productions never got their hands on his wife.

Amanda padded along the service tunnel on bare feet with her arms handcuffed behind her back which forced her tits out in display. Washington seemed to find excuses to turn back and ask Tony questions. Despite the far warmer tunnel, her nipples remain hard from the attention.

“I guess I am still the slave slut I used to be.” she thought to herself, unsure if it was a good or bad thing. Given what she suspected awaiting her at the jail probably a good thing.

She wondered what Tony was up to. She heard the paper rattling and her leash pulled at her collar just enough to make her think he was juggling the papers and perhaps a phone.

Finally they went through some double doors into garage parking.The first row across from the door contained several police vehicles. And a van with the DPS logo and “Slave Transport” stenciled under it across the back doors. Washington went ahead and opened one side to reveal a poodle cage.”

“Lets take my cruiser. I have a prisoner cage and I hear the AC doesn’t work for crap in that unit. If its this hot here. I don’t want to think about outside.” Washington shut the van door without further comment and moved to the police car that Tony had pointed to. After loading her in the back in the center of the seat, Washington buckled her in. He draped her leash to the side, shut the door and got in on the passenger side. She saw that Washington glanced back at her every few minutes through the rearview mirror. Not lustly, like he was checking on her.

As they pulled on to Will Clayton Parkway, Tony started speaking,”Mendez Holding was one of the first slaver companies established after the Reinstitution. It was before my time, but they even gave old man Beilfleur a run for his money.They paid top dollar for Choice and Prime sluts. No one seemed to understand how they were making so much profit. Then customs ran across a container that should have been inbound but was loaded on a outbound container ship headed to Saudi Arabra. It had ten Prime sluts locked in with bottles of water, slave kibble and some empty buckets. One of the agent’s recognized his niece, who had been sold for a year;s indenture to cover a deficiency on a wrecked car that insurance didn’t cover. Mendez had bought her. Fourteen months prior.”

“What? But why didn’t the Ag department call us when the owner didn’t turn her over within five days of her term ending/”

“Because up to then, enslavement terms were calculated by the owner and slaves were relased directly by the owner. It was a fucking honor system,” Tony spat the last out.

“That’s brain dead. What happened next.”

“Texas Rangers and DPS raided the Mendez compound. I talked to one of the Rangers that were in on the raid. It was a charnel house. Slaves started their indentures normally. The Prime and Choice pussy either did outcall fucks or worked in high end bordellos. Then one to three months before the end of their term, they were pulled back. Which at the time was not unusual. A lot of the early slavers ran on preemies whorehouses. The idea was to have the slave close at hand for their mamussion.”

“You mentioned a charnel house? I don’t like where this is going LT”

“There’s hope for you yet Corporal. When they got back, the gloves came off. The lucky ones either serviced sadists at the brothel or made movies for sadists. Sometimes both. With a quality only possible when you didn’t give a shit for what shape the victim was left in.”

“And the unlucky ones?”

“Snuff films. The back field had thirty bodies buried in it.”

Amanda could barely see from the tears streaming down her face. She could barely make out Washington looking at her in the rearview mirror with a look that hadn’t been there since her SIN number hit. Tony continued.

“And the cherry on top prize for the lucky slaves that survived that hell, was a one way trip to the Middle East in a shipping container to a slave merchant with a a disregard for the paperwork for infidel slaves. Saudi wouldn't extradite him but I think you can still find his beheading online if you know where to look. The State Department was able to repatriate some of the girls. What was left of them anyway.”

“After that first session. I had to get out of there,” Amanda whispered.

Tony thunderd, “Slave you were told to stay silent!”

“LT, I don’t know what you are yelling at 1984 for. I didn’t hear her say a damned thing.”

The rest of the ride passed in silence.

Upon arrival, Washington first wiped away Amanda’s tears and held the tissue under her nose. “Blow,” he said gently.

She did and smiled at him as he unbuckled her seatbelt, “Thank you Master. I wish this slave could suck your cock to thank you.”

Washington frowned, “1984, after that story I may not get it up for a week. Mam, I will be praying for you, he whispered as he helped her out of the back of the squad car. Louder, he said, “heel 1984”

Amanda was directed to a metal door flanked by what looked all the world like a drive through bank teller window, Tony had just shoved the paper into the tray when the uniformed deputy remarked, “Oh yeah1984. The runaway slave. Dammest thing. I was going to try to get her in front of the judge today so we could schedule the slut for an afternoon atonement session and brand her ass first thing in the morning. The clerk told me that not only to put a hold on atonement and branding, but that Sharon Price is her lawyer and she will be by to see the slave later.”

“Then I guess you should take very good care of her,” Tony replied.

“Yeah right. Send her through and I will return your collar and cuffs.”

As the metal door slammed behind her after first opening to admit her. Amanda faced two deputies with shock batons. The deputy at the window first unhooked the cuffs and replaced them with another set, this time much tighter.He followed with what looked and felt like an identical collar, right down to the electrodes punching into her spine. The deputy repeated the same thing Tony had said word for word, except saying “Harris County Jail” instead of DPS.

“ I understand Master.”

Out of the corner of her eye she could see Washington retrieving the collar and handcuffs through the delivery tray. Behind him Tony looked to be furiously texting.

“Control DPS 3420 exited sally port 2 after slave delievery. Sally port is 10-7 for a break.”

“Copy.” The deputy put down his mike and approached Amanda and barked, “Knees slut and open”, as he unzipped his uniform pants.

Amanda went to her knees and opened her mouth. Which was promptly filled with a rather flaccid cock. She did her best to suck it to life. Just as she was going to lick his balls to stimualte him, the officer grabbed her head and savagely face fucked her.

“Hey you don’t get all the fun Wilber. Let's reposition her. That’s a fine looking ass.”

She quickly found herself on her back,on a bare metal desk. Her head was draped over one end. Her left wrist and ankle were cuffed together and one of the deputies produced another set of handcuffs to repeat the process on the right. This left her legs and hands both in the air. Then Wilber pulled her ams down to the desk spreading them and forcing her legs wide and almost doubled back on her tits.

“Have at the slut,: Wilber almost cackled.

The other two deputies didn’t waste any time. One had removed his pants and plunged his reasonably sized dick into her cunt. The other did the same into her ass. Thank God she had continued her slave yoga and still had the flexibity to manage. After a couple of minutes Wilber spewed his miniscule load, crowing all the while like a porn star.

With that distraction out of the way, Amanda did her best to enjoy the feeling of being pounded cunt and ass. It was going to happen if she wanted it or not, so she tried to get as much pleasure as she could.

Right when she was on the edge of an orgasm, the deputy fucking her pussy pulled out and sprayed her tits and face. She just had time to close her eyes to keep cum out of her eyes. He then presented his cock for cleaning, which Amanda dutifily managed despite the pungent smell of his crotch overwheming her cunt’s taste on his cock.

The officer fucking her ass then decided he wanted to take up painting as well. Pulling out of her ass, he shot his cum from her head to her pussy, while the other deputy stepped away to put his pants back on. The guy who had been in her ass, presented his own cock for clean up when the PA barked. “Wilbur where is 1984? She was supposed to be delivered to Attorney Conference Room 1 five minutes ago. Are you paying attention to your screen?”

The cock was whipped away and stuffed in the man’s pants while the other guard stood Amanda up, cum trailing down her face and body. At least they missed her eyes. She realized she was going to have to get used to not getting orgasms most of the time. Travis had spoiled her over the last twenty five years. She was moved down the hall to a door with “Attorney Conference Room One on the door. One of the officers, ass man Amanda thought to herself, opened the door. The other pushed her inside to see a strikingly beautiful woman about her age sitting at a conference table across from a metal chair bolted to the concrete floor.Amanda was pushed toward it.

“You can release her cuffs, deputy.”

“ Can’t do that mam.”

Steel edged the woman’s voice, “Yes you can deputy. She’s slave naked, with mutlipe locked doors between her and any way out. Where is she going to go? So, are you going to unlock her cuffs and go away till I rap on the door, or do I mention you,” She looked at the name tag that said “A. Poole” “Deputy Poole when I have lunch with the Sheriff tomorrow to talk about his re election campaign?”

Amanda flexed her hands to get the blood flowing as she dropped to the Expose position.

“Oh sister, get up and have a seat, such as it is. I am Sharon Price and I am your lawyer.” Amanda shook the proffered hand. As she sat down, Attorney Price opened her briefcase and withdrew a package of wet naps., “I see the Harris County Jail has extended its usual welcome, Wet One?” pushing the package towards Amanda.
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Wow! Another thread in this world starts to unwind, love it!

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Loved it please continue.

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Just re read the story and now im hooked and will be looking for the next chapter often. Thank you.
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It has actually moved up my to be written list.

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Great to see Amanda's story is moving up I look forward to reading it. Thank you I will be checking the site often.

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I noticed that Amanda's indenture was identified as a "Self-Indenture", meaning it was voluntary. This raises the question of why she did it. Was it because she was sexually submissive and fell for some fantasy, similar to the girls described in "Allison's descent? Was she in financial trouble and in need of money, possibly for tuition? Could she have been an abolitionist at the time, and seeking to gain insight into the lives of slaves and credibility for the cause by indenturing herself? Is it another reason entirely? Furthermore, will more officers become sympathetic to her as they learn about what she went through, the way Washington did? Will her case bring any remaining perpetrators from Mendez and similar organizations to justice? The questions are many and the suspense endless.
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Re: Amanda’s Return

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ScruffyGit wrote: Sun Mar 27, 2022 9:01 pm I noticed that Amanda's indenture was identified as a "Self-Indenture", meaning it was voluntary. This raises the question of why she did it. Was it because she was sexually submissive and fell for some fantasy, similar to the girls described in "Allison's descent? Was she in financial trouble and in need of money, possibly for tuition? Could she have been an abolitionist at the time, and seeking to gain insight into the lives of slaves and credibility for the cause by indenturing herself? Is it another reason entirely? Furthermore, will more officers become sympathetic to her as they learn about what she went through, the way Washington did? Will her case bring any remaining perpetrators from Mendez and similar organizations to justice? The questions are many and the suspense endless.
No, eighteen year old Amanda made a calculated decision to enslave herself for a year to earn money for college and take advantage of her raging hormones. Her thinking was that she could also indenture during the summers if she needed additional funds rather than take out student loans. The Abolitionist movement was just taking off because no one ever expected that the amendment would ever pass. The Mendez affair is what actually galvanized it.

Amanda’s legal situation is a conundrum with a lot of different reactions. Stay tuned. :D
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Re: Amanda’s Return

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Since people have asked, thought I would provide an update.

I am actively working on "Animate Rentals " for the Literotica " On the Job" event. Its due April 18th. I am also working on a piece for the Lit Geek Pride event due May 25th. Amanda’s Return is in the mix too.

Finally, I am writing for some anthologies that I have been invited to submit for and get paid.

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