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Babysitter to Babysat

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Babysitter to Babysat

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This is another story by an author I cannot remember. It's from one of the many websites that are not defunct. At the time, I never thought those sites would go down and I was just downloading it to edit it to make it more to my taste. This is a edited version of the story where I made all the characters 18+ and I also changed the main character's body type to be more to my liking. I do enjoy enf type stuff, but I prefer for the women to be busty and very much so adult. In the original story she is not busty at all. I don't know if there is more to the story or not as I only edited the first 3 chapters.


Chapter 1: The Meeting

“Hello, I’m Christine,” I said, extending my hand. “You must be Nicole. Your mother has told me a lot about you.”

The young woman seemed a bit taken aback by something, and hesitated for a few uncomfortable moments before accepting the outstretched hand in greeting, and inviting me in. “Is something the matter?” I inquired.

“Um... no. Not really,” replied the young woman. “You’re just a bit… different than I expected.”

“Oh? How so?” I asked. “Well… you’re just a bit younger than I assumed. I mean, when my mom told me one of her business associates would be staying with me, I thought you’d be... you know... more like her age.”

I thought about Nicole’s mother, a rather severe and dour woman whose looks showed every one of her 52 years. In contrast, I was a rather young looking 22 years old. Barely five feet tall, I was keenly aware how easily I was mistaken a younger than my true age. But despite my looks, I was self-confident, perhaps due to the fact that I was already on the corporate fast-track, having been hired by a top employer right after completing my MBA.

I had recently become acquainted with Nicole’s mother, Coryn McGee, a woman of intimidating reputation but tremendously influential in the company. My talent had caught her attention shortly after joining the company, and a professional friendship had quickly developed. As a result, when Coryn was unexpectedly summoned to an important meeting in out of town, she had asked me to do her the great favor of staying at her house to keep an eye on her unruly daughter while she was away. Never having met her daughter, I was somewhat reluctant. But having Coryn’s favor was not something to be casually dismissed.

Coryn could truly help my already fast-paced advancement move along even more swiftly. So, more out of self-interest than any real sense of friendly assistance, I had agreed. Unfortunately, Coryn had not been able to stay long enough to even introduce her daughter. So this moment at the front door was the first I’d ever met Nicole. Coryn had explained that Nicole was already 18 years old, and just about to graduate high school. Though intelligent, Coryn was worried about her grades, which is the reason she had asked me to stay with her, rather than leaving her alone.

Nicole was to stay home and focus on homework, rather than spending the weekend shopping or going to parties with her friends. I was warned not to let her manipulate me into letting her go out, something she was supposedly very good at. It was no wonder Nicole was popular at parties, I thought as I looked at her.

She possessed a statuesque physique, reminding me of a dancer or model. Her large dark eyes and long, straight, dark brunette hair gave her a striking - even attention-getting - appearance. I felt a twinge of jealousy, as Nicole’s looks reminded me of the physical flaws I had always had to compensate for – from my short height, to my curly blonde hair, to my higher pitched voice.

Being treated seriously had always been a struggle for me; something that meant I had to work extra hard to achieve my success. Perhaps that’s why I felt uncomfortable, as Nicole looked down on me from her natural height advantage. It was likely just lingering insecurity, but I thought I caught the hint of a smirk, an amused twinkle in her eye, as Nicole recovered from her surprise.

“Well please come in. Mom said you’d be staying here. Do you have any luggage I can help you with?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t. I came here straight from work. I was hoping to run to my house in a bit to pick up a few things, but your mother asked me to stop by here right away to check up on you.”

Nicole visibly bristled a bit at that. Coryn had warned me that her daughter had a hard time with the fact that her mother still checked up on her like she wasn’t capable of looking after herself. But it was an unavoidable aspect of this visit. There would be no need for me to be here at all, except for the fact that her mother in fact did not believe she was capable of properly looking after herself.

“Well as you can see, I’m doing just fine,” Nicole remarked in a crisp voice with more than a hint of offense.

“Oh, no need to be that way about it,” I offered. “There’s no shame in being a kid. You’ll be out on your own soon enough. You’re lucky right now to have your mother still looking out for you. A lot of kids aren’t that lucky.”

Perhaps I over-emphasized the “kid” part a bit more than necessary due to my own insecurity. But the comment seemed to have the right effect, as Nicole’s shoulder’s lost their defensive tension and relaxed.

“I suppose you’re right,” she admitted. “That’s certainly what my mom tells me all the time.”

“Well it’s true,” I replied. “Now before I run off, your mom mentioned some boxes of old clothing? She said you were going through your closets and asked if I would run the old clothes to Goodwill on my way.”

“Oh right,” Nicole affirmed. “Come on up to my room. I’m almost finished getting them ready.” I set my purse down on a small table next to the door, and followed Nicole up the large spiral staircase to her upstairs bedroom.

Chapter 2. Clothes Make the Girl

Entering Nicole’s room, I was somewhat surprised to see mature and refined décor. I had expected the typical teen-girl clutter: hunk-posters, stuffed animals, and school memorabilia.

“Mom just let me move down to this room recently,” Nicole explained as if reading her thoughts.

“My old room is down the hall. I’m really eager to leave all that kid stuff behind. Getting rid of these old clothes is part of it.”

I noticed one box already full, and another about half full of carefully maintained clothing. Clearly Nicole’s style had changed a lot. Compared to the jeans and form fitting black top she was wearing now, some of these old clothes seemed positively frivolous. There was the typical little sailor dress, a few frilly party outfits. Even the everyday clothing showed a predominance of pinks and lace and heart designs. Very little about them suggested the maturing-too-quickly rebel who was parting with them now.

Pictures of a younger Nicole on the walls and dresser of the room confirmed her suspicions. “You know, you shouldn’t be so eager to dismiss your childhood,” I offered. “Someday you’ll look back on these days fondly.”

Nicole got a sour look on her face. “I doubt it,” she replied. “You have no idea what it’s like.”

I laughed, “Oh I think I do. I was a little girl once too. And unlike you, I was always very short for my age, which made it even more difficult to be taken seriously.”

Nicole got that amused half-smirk on her face again, making me feel uncomfortable in an odd way. “Yes, you have one on me there.” Nicole walked to her closet and pulled out another outfit, moving to put it in the box. But before she did she stopped short. She held it up and gave a playful look to Christine. It was a plaid jumper with a white, peter-pan collared blouse underneath. A school uniform by the looks of it.

“You know Christine, when I wore this in Junior High. I was about the size you are now.”

What was this girl driving at? “Um... Oh, haha. You’re teasing me about my height.”

Nicole smirked a little wider. “No. I’m just noticing something. I’ll bet you could fit into this outfit if you wanted.”

This caused me to look at the uniform with new eyes. For me? It was certainly a cute little outfit for a girl. But I couldn’t imagine myself in such an outfit. Expensive tailored business suits were my “uniform” of choice for the past few years. And even when casual, I took pains to portray a professional, accomplished image.

“Umm… I.. uh.. “ I stammered in confusion for a moment, and then let out a nervous giggle. “Oh you’re still teasing.”

Nicole’s expression turned into a slight sneer, “You see? You’re not so eager to recapture those childhood memories you pretend to be so fond of.”

Ah-ha! I now realized I was being tested by Nicole. That Nicole’s rejection of her childhood was assumed by her to be the way all adults really felt about it, despite their words. “No, Nicole. It’s not like that at all.”

“Suuuuure, it isn’t.” Nicole sarcastically remarked.

“I’m serious Nicole,” I tried to explain. “Just because I won’t put on your old uniform, it doesn’t mean I think childhood is something bad.”

“Not bad for me, it seems.” Nicole shot back. “But too degrading for you. Just like all the other adults. You can talk a good game, but you obviously don’t really believe it.”

“I didn’t say anything about it being degrading,” I replied defensively. “I think your old uniform is very cute. Nothing to be remotely ashamed of.”

“But you won’t put it on.” Nicole stated blankly, in a tone that suggested disbelief. I thought for a moment, and realized my resistance did seem a bit irrational. If it would help Nicole overcome her hang-ups, my weekend staying with her would probably go a bit smoother. And besides, I might win a few points in Coryn’s eyes. “Well if it means so much to you, ok. I’ll put it on.” I offered, feeling rather generous.

Nicole’s expression immediately changed to one of glee that seemed a bit out of proportion for the simple offer. I assumed it must be due to that deep psychological hang-up over childhood. But I had no time to ponder that as Nicole became a whir of activity and instructions.

“You can hang your jacket here… I’ll get a skirt hangar for your skirt... Oh no, the pantyhose has to come off too, I have knee socks for you… Your shoe size is a 5? Here... these Mary Janes are a 5….”

Before I knew it I was standing there in only my underwear, a rather stylish navy blue bra and panty set, with an under-wire push-up. I felt exposed and foolish, crossing my arms protectively in front of myself. Nicole suddenly paused as she turned from the closet where she had hung my suit and seemed to be looking at my body as if trying to sort out some question in her mind.

“Hmmm… no, that underwear won’t do either. I’ll have to find you something more appropriate.” I felt like this had gone a bit further than I had intended, and tried to mention something about it. But I found my self-confidence was not quite where it had been a short while ago.

“Um... Nicole, I... I think this is good enough just to try on the outfit.”

In contrast, Nicole seemed quite a bit more confident at the moment, and brushed my comment aside, “Nonsense. The whole point of wearing the outfit is to see how it feels. And that means from the skin out.”

She searched through one of her drawers for a moment and came out with white cotton panties. “Here. These are some old ones of mine. They’re perfect for that look.” I reluctantly accepted them, looking at them with obvious reluctance.

“Um... Nicole I don’t know about this.” Nicole’s hands went to her hips and she stared down at me, now that I was out of my 2 inch pumps, her height advantage was even more apparent. “You’re backing out already? See I knew you were full of it!”

My growing insecurity was in conflict with my initial impulse to prove my point – even if that point seemed a bit unimportant at the moment. My competitive instinct won out and I replied. “No. I’m... uh... I just would like a little privacy to put the rest on.”

Nicole returned to a more positive mood. “Oh, ok. I understand.” She walked back to the dresser. “Before I go, would you prefer a training bra, or a camisole to match the panties?”

“Um... err...” I struggled, not terribly fond of either idea.

Nicole immediately decided for me, “I think the training bra is better,” she offered, handing me the simple white garment. “That’s more high school. Just blossomed.” And with that, Nicole walked from the room mentioning something about needing to make a phone call. I stared at the plain undergarments.

Such a contrast to the expensive and elegant ones I was accustomed to wearing. I had long believed in dressing myself as elegantly on the inside as on the outside. It was always a subtle reminder of my style and perhaps my status, I suppose. That made this little act of underwear changing more symbolic and diminishing than I had expected. Nonetheless, I steeled myself to follow through for the sake of Nicole.

If this little gesture would gain her trust, I told myself it wasn’t such a big deal. My movements a bit clumsier than usual, due to my underlying nervousness, I slipped out of my stylish “adult” panties and bra. Quickly sliding into the new cotton panties, I was at least rewarded by the fact that they seemed comfortable, and fit well. The training bra was a slightly different matter, forcing my big breasts to squish against my chest, bursting out the top of the bra and making them look even bigger. Not terribly comfortable. It reminded me of when my tits were still growing and I could never seem to get a bra that fit right.

The skirt fit, but was far shorter than I expected. Nicole must have surely worn spanx underneath them because they were only a few inches short of indecent. They made me feel rather conscious of my bottom which was rather large for my petite frame.

The blouse was next. Buttoning it up, I noted the contrast. The slightly stiff fabric was nothing like my expensive silk blouses. I almost welcomed the jumper to cover it. Almost being the key. Because as I tugged it into place, and smoothed it down, I felt instantly ridiculous. The pleats flared out, making me feel uncomfortably exposed. However, Nicole was proven if anything to have slightly underestimated my size.

The jumper was actually slightly too small on me, making me feel even more uncomfortable. It actually amplified the impression of my small stature. Not bothering to look at my appearance in the mirror, I was determined to get this over with as quickly as possible. I sat on the bed and tugged the white knee socks into place. Without much more thought, I stepped into the black patent leather Mary-Janes; fastening the buckles and standing just in time for Nicole to come bursting back through the door, still a blur of hyperactivity.

Nicole stopped dead in her the moment she saw me, a look of amazement on her face. The intensity of her gaze made me self-consciously shift nervously from one foot to the other. “Um… so how do I look?” I asked, tugging at the hem of the skirt and displaying more nervousness than I intended.

“Almost perfect!” Nicole replied with that same intensity. “Come on. Let’s get that makeup off you and get you some more appropriate jewellery.”

She grabbed me by the wrist and whisked me over to a seat in front of a makeup mirror. I wondered why she was in such a hurry. There Nicole took out a cloth and some Noxema. Before I could protest my face was being scrubbed clean of my expensive and tastefully applied lipstick, blush, eyeliner and mascara. As I blinked my eyes when the scrubbing was finished, I noticed how disheveled I looked in the mirror. Not my usual self at all.

Nicole quickly applied some other makeup - but only pink blush and some cherry flavored lip gloss. Far less sophisticated than I was used to. She also clasped a tiny gold chain with a heart shaped pendant around my neck, as well as giving me some friendship bracelets to replace my designer watch. She whirled me around, facing me away from the mirror before I had a chance to look, and examined me with that same intensity. I realized I was feeling less and less confident around this girl, and tried to gather my composure by staring at the floor, rather than looking her in the eye. “I think just the hair is left.” Nicole remarked.

But as I started to protest, she simply ignored me and began unpinning and brushing out my hair from its carefully coifed professional style, into a shoulder length simpler one. I swallowed up my protest, hoping to get this over with as quickly as possible now, and was surprised by two quick SNIPS from scissors, giving me girlish bangs.

“Hey!” I objected. “That was an expensive hairstyle!”

Nicole didn’t even bother to reply. I was beginning to feel somewhat like she was intentionally treating me like a child, and I was trying not to let it get to me. She rummaged a bit in a drawer, and came back with a plain white tie. With deft movements she fashioned my hair into a ponytail, holding the longer hair out of my face and emphasizing the bangs even more. With a surprisingly strong tug, she pulled me to my feet and whirled me around to face the mirror.

I gasped at the image reflected. My hand flew to my mouth to cover up my open-jawed shock. I looked nothing like myself at all. Staring back from the mirror at me was a real 16-year-old girl. Not just some adult playing dress up. She seemed awkward and embarrassed. But the taller, older girl standing behind her – who seemed 4 or 5 years her senior, seemed very pleased and extremely confident.

I suddenly felt trapped and exposed. Standing there in a schoolgirl uniform, I found myself actually envying the more mature, even more womanly clothing Nicole wore. I felt a growing sensation of being suddenly different and excluded from the entire adult world. I felt a sudden desperation to escape – to tear off these clothes, and put my own back on.

But at that moment I was startled to hear the doorbell ring. Before I knew what was happening, Nicole tugged me quickly by the arm out from the room and into the hallway.

“Wh… what’s going on?!” I demanded, as I found myself meekly stumbling along behind Nicole in confusion.

“Just play along,” Nicole replied without looking back. “You look so good I want to see if we can fool my friend.”

“Umm… I don’t know,” I said, tugging back in resistance. “I think I should just change back.”

Nicole turned and fixed me with a glare. “So are you saying you’d be ashamed to be assumed to be a kid? That it’s beneath you to be taken the way I am every day?!”

Gosh, she had me there. That was exactly the problem I was trying to help her overcome. I simply couldn’t back out now without hugely reinforcing her problem with that. So I tried to steel my nerves, telling myself it was all just a little game. “Um… n.. no. I’m not saying that.” I replied in confusion.

“Great!” said Nicole, spinning around and now easily tugging me along with her to answer the door. I suppose I’d have to play along with this little “game” after all. But surely I would be recognized as an adult fairly quickly. Wouldn’t I?

Chapter 3. What a Tangled Web We Weave

Nicole answered the door, and I found myself shyly standing behind her. Almost trying to hide myself. From the childish hairstyle, to the plaid-pleated uniform, to the knee socks, to the mary janes. There was nothing about my appearance I truly wanted anyone to see at the moment.

“Thanks for coming Beth,” said Nicole, as another girl about the same age entered. Though not quite as tall as Nicole, she seemed a little more muscular, and wore a jacket indicating she was on her school’s swim team.

I looked up at her short reddish brown hair, and freckles, as she peeked past Nicole to spot me. “And this must be Christine,” she said with a smile that seemed a little patronizing. She extended her hand, “I’m Beth. Nice to meet you.” Gosh, how awkward I felt. She was clearly fooled by my youthful appearance, speaking to me like I was a shy child.

And in a way, that’s exactly how I felt at the moment, as I shook her hand weakly and mumbled “umm… n.. nice to meet you.”

“Oh aren’t you a bashful little thing?” Beth giggled. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite.”

This caused me to simply blush and nervously tug at the hem of my pleated skirt. “So, you go to Saint Agnes? What grade are you in?” she asked.

For a moment I blanked, until I remembered that I was wearing a school uniform. Saint Agnes was a local girl’s school.

“Ummm…. Y.. yes.” I offered uncertainly. “Christine is in eleventh grade this year,” Nicole offered in a tone which sounded helpful. “Her mother and mine work together. She’s staying with me while they’re away on another business trip.”

Why that made me blush so deeply, I don’t know. It was a perfectly plausible story. But I hated to have it implied that Nicole was the one taking care of me instead of the other way around. And I especially hated to hear that I was so easily assumed to be an eleventh-grader, when in fact I already had an MBA and a career! I silently hoped that Nicole was already satisfied with our little game, and would send Beth off shortly.

“Christine, why don’t you go watch some T. V., while Beth and I talk for a little bit,” Nicole offered. I didn’t feel great about being dismissed from the room like a child. But obviously our little game had worked, and I had no desire to reveal the truth now. It seemed more embarrassing than funny from my perspective. So I just nodded and quickly scurried off into the living room, grabbed the remote, plopped down on the sofa and clicked on the television.

I had hoped Nicole and Beth would finish soon, but I supposed it didn’t matter much. At least she wasn’t going out. And in the privacy of the living room, I didn’t feel nearly as self-conscious about my schoolgirl attire. I actually let myself relax a bit, and forgot about the girls in the other room.

Suddenly, I heard Nicole tell Beth, “I’ll be back in a little while. Thanks for the help.” And the door quickly slammed shut. I leapt to my feet and darted toward the front foyer. Beth was standing there smiling at me expectantly.

“Where did Nicole go?!” I asked, unable to contain the urgency from my voice. I was supposed to be the one keeping her home, and within the first hour of being here, she was off!

“Oh don’t worry,” Beth replied in annoyingly calm manner. “She’s just going out for a little while. I’m staying with you until she gets back.”

My eyes opened wide in surprise. Beth was staying with me? What on earth for… and then it hit me. The way I was dressed… the little “game” Nicole had me play… the hushed conversation in the other room…

“Y.. You can’t mean you’re BABYSITTING me!” Beth gave a friendly, but annoyingly condescending smile.

“Well you don’t have to call it that if it makes you embarrassed. Nicole told me you were a little sensitive about the topic.”

My face flushed with anger – partially at myself. How could I have let myself be tricked into this by that girl! I was warned she was manipulative! And now, I was forced to confront the embarrassing situation and confess the real situation to Beth. The joke wasn’t on Beth it was on me! I tried to calm myself. “Um.. Beth. I have a little confession to make.” Beth quizzically raised an eyebrow as I continued. “Nicole and I were playing a little trick on you. You see, I’m not really 16 at all.”

Beth crossed her arms in front of herself, “Oh, really?” she asked with a skeptical look. Though a bit annoyed to be hit with such skepticism by this girl, I realized the fault was mostly mine, so I tried not to let it get to me.

“I’m afraid so. You see, I was asked by Nicole’s mother to stay with her this weekend, and see that she does her homework rather than going out to parties.” Beth now broke into a smirk.

“Nicole’s mom hired a junior-high student to baby-sit for Nicole, did she?”

“No!” I spluttered, becoming openly frustrated. “I told you I’m not really 16!”

“You just happen to wear a school uniform from St. Agnes in your free time, I suppose,” Beth said, in a tone becoming openly mocking.

“I told you, we were playing a trick on you!!” I said with a stamp of my foot.

“Nicole and I were going through her closet and…. Oh never mind! The point is that I was only pretending to be a junior high student. To see if it would fool you.”

“Ohhhh, you were trying to fool me when we met?” Beth replied, clearly still not convinced.

“Yes! Yes! That’s what I said!” I snapped, not able to keep the frustration out of my voice. “And you’re NOT trying to fool me now so you can get out of the house, now that Nicole is gone?” Beth replied with a hint of a “gotcha” in her voice.

“Of course that’s not it! I’m really an adult! This outfit is all part of the trick! I can prove it if you won’t believe me. I have my driver’s license in my purse.” I snapped with more frustration. Beth looked amused but curious. “Well let’s see this driver’s license then.”

“My purse is sitting right next to the…” I turned toward the little table next to the front door, only to see it was empty. A quick glance to all sides didn’t locate it anywhere. “But… it… it was sitting right here, by the front door!” I explained. “Nicole must have taken it!”

“Ahem!” Beth cleared her throat behind me. “Are you sure you don’t mean this?” she was holding up a bright pink backpack, that seemed to have books and folders inside. On the outside was a piece of masking tape with the words: “Property of Christine” written on it in large letters.

“That is not my purse!” I snapped. Beth was looking less amused now. “No, but I believe this is where you’ll find the homework Nicole told me you were supposed to do.”

My eyes opened wide with surprise. “Homework?!! But… but I told you, I am NOT actually 16! I don’t HAVE homework!”

“Nicole told me you might pull something like this. I’m trying to stay nice, but I’m losing patience young lady.” Beth replied with an increasingly clipped tone. This was just absurd. Here was this…. mere child, holding a ridiculous looking backpack out to me and expecting ME to meekly take it and do HOMEWORK?!! It was time to put this little missy in her place.

It wasn’t her fault that Nicole pulled this trick, but it was time to end this once and for all. I put my hands on my hips, let my anger show on my face and put my foot down.

“Now you listen to ME, young… lady!!” I emphasized those words very clearly to let her know just who the adult here was. “I have already told you the true situation here, and I will NOT play this little game no matter what you think about it. Am I clear?!”

To my surprise, Beth didn’t look remotely chastened. She calmly set down the backpack, and straightened back up with a sigh. “I was hoping that it didn’t have to come to this. I tried to be friendly. But that’s obviously not going to work with you.”

A little shaken by not getting my expected response, I nonetheless tried again. “Did… did you hear me?! I said I’m not putting up with any more.” “Oh I heard you loud and clear,” replied Beth in that disturbingly calm tone. “You’ve completely convinced me that you won’t ‘play’ as you call it, without a little extra motivation. And that’s just what I intend to provide.”

And with that she walked directly up to me and grabbed me by the wrist. I hadn’t realized that she was so much taller. I found myself staring up at her in shock from her sudden aggression! I tugged to pull free, but found her strength to be tremendous. And without another word she turned and strode from the foyer into the living room, pulling me helplessly and awkwardly behind her. “Wh… what are you doing?!” I gasped after her, sounding weak and flustered even to myself. “L… let go!”

Without bothering to respond she turned and seated herself on the sofa, and with another quick tug from her I found myself sprawling through the air only to land face-down across her lap.

My instant reaction was to try to scramble to my feet, but within a few moments of futile struggling easily counteracted by this brute of a girl I realized I was helplessly restrained. But it wasn’t until I felt my skirt being lifted that the thundering meaning of this position sunk in. She intended to…. SPANK me!

With that realization I struggled with renewed energy but found it equally ineffective. “St.. stop!!!!” I practically shouted. “You can’t do this!!!” With terrifying calmness, Beth finished lifting my skirt, exposing the white cotton panties Nicole had insisted upon, and simply stated, “I most certainly can. Now will you promise to behave? Or do I need to continue?”

Not accustomed to this sort of situation, I lost control and shouted back, “Promise to behave?!! Wh… who do you think you are?!! Let me up this instant!!” And with that I suddenly felt six hard smacks across my bottom – alternating from one cheek to the other. I was stunned into total silence. I simply couldn’t believe it! I was actually being… SPANKED.

What’s more… it truly hurt. This girl was truly strong and meant business. “Well?” I heard from Beth as she stopped. “Would you like to change that attitude? Or should I continue?” My mind was reeling. This seemed unreal. I couldn’t gather my thoughts well enough to formulate a coherent reply.

I simply sputtered “But… but…. NO! Stop!” “Are you going to act like a good girl and obey me?” she asked. “Good girl?! Obey YOU?!” I sputtered back at her indignantly without thinking. “I am NOT a child!!” I shouted.


My bottom was suddenly on fire. I struggled wildly, but Beth’s strength held me firmly in place. All the while her hand rained down on my exposed and already sore posterior. “STOP!!” I shouted when I realized how truly trapped I was. “PLEASE!!”

Beth simply ignored my pleas and spanked some more. It was really hurting now. I was actually beginning to feel tears well up in my eyes when she suddenly stopped. “Now,” she started to speak, sounding neither winded nor upset. She spoke in that same calm tone she used before. “I think it’s about time we had a little talk. You might not like the word, but I am you babysitter, is that clear?”

I was totally out of sorts by this point. I had no chance to gather my thoughts. And the pain in my bottom was occupying a tremendous part of my attention. I was more confused than anything. So I blurted back, “B.. babysitter? i… I’m the babysitter.” And with a resigned sigh, Beth suddenly and swiftly tugged my panties down, exposing my bare bottom. My automatic wriggling in response was just as ineffective as the rest had been. “Still not ready to behave? Fine. I can keep this up as long as it takes.”

“W.. wait! No!” I shouted. But Beth simply ignored me and began spanking again… this time the smacks on my bare bottom were louder and felt even harder. In moments I felt tears streaming down my cheeks, and heard myself starting to sob. This couldn’t be happening!! “Pl… PLEEEEASE!!” I sobbed. Beth’s spanks slowed down a bit. And she began to speak between spanks. “Are we getting ready to behave?”


I sobbed out “Yes!!!” Any thoughts about my dignity overwhelmed by my need to save my now burning bottom.


“Really? You promise to start acting like a good girl and obey me?”


“Owweee!! Y… y.. YES!!”


“Then lets start with telling the truth. How old are you really?”


“Tw… twenty…”


Beth’s blows rained down harder and quicker again before I could finish saying “twenty-two.” “NO MORE GAMES! I want your REAL age little girl!” Beth lectured.


I was suddenly eager to confess to anything she wanted to spare my poor bottom… what age did she want to hear…. “I mean.. six… sixteen!!!” I sobbed. Much to my relief the spanks stopped. “Much better,” Beth replied. “Now let’s clear the rest up. You’re sixteen years old, and Nicole was babysitting you, right?”

With a sniffle I replied “Yes.” Hardly believing I could hear my own voice saying such a thing.

“Good girl” she complimented. “And since Nicole left me in charge, you’re going to obey me, right?” “Y… yes!” I sobbed.

“Much better. Now I want to hear you promise to be a good girl, and I’ll let you back up.” With relief dangled so tantalizing, I eagerly confessed, ignoring the injury to my ego, “I… I’ll be a good girl! I p… promise!!” And with that, Beth released my and tugged me firmly back to my feet.

My burning bottom overcame any sense of modesty, and rather than pull my panties back into place, both hands immediately flew back to rub those very sore cheeks. I couldn’t believe how much it was stinging! Beth’s expression was slightly amused, but also rather stern. I found I couldn’t bear to look her in the eye due to my intense shame and even fear.

“Now go take a time-out in the corner to cool down.” She ordered. Even in my defeated state that sentence seemed to spark something in me. “A time out?!” I snapped back, unthinkingly in surprise. Beth’s expression turned fierce, “Or perhaps you need a little more spanking to persuade you.” I let out an audible gasp at that… my hands defensively covering my sore bottom grasped it in fright. “N.. NO!!” I replied with a fresh sob.

“Then march yourself to the corner young lady!” she snapped. “And keep those panties down as a reminder until I give you permission to raise them, is that clear?!”

I was openly crying again as I sobbed back a meak “y… yes.”

“MARCH!” she barked, pointing to a suitable corner. And without another thought, I quickly and awkwardly waddled to the corner, my panties dropping to my ankles as I did so further embarrassing me but I didn’t dare touch them without Beth’s permission. As I got to the corner Beth had indicated, she came up behind me, roughly grasped my wrists, and placed my hands on top of my head.

“For that last bit of backtalk, hands on your head, missy!” What’s more, she tugged up the back of my skirt and tucked it into the waistband, exposing my reddened bare bottom. I didn’t dare protest, simply letting out renewed sobs. “Don’t you dare even look away from that corner until I say, is that clear?!” she demanded. “Y.. .yes ma’am!” I responded quickly.

Then the realization that I was calling a mere child “ma’am” hit me, and deepened my humiliation even further. Beth left me standing there, as she sat back on the sofa, clicked on the television and browsed the channels. To my surprise and chagrin, at that point I heard the front door open and I heard Nicole call out.

“Beth?! Christine?!” I wanted to melt into the floor. “In here!” Beth called back. Unconsciously I pressed myself deeper into the corner – as if that would help conceal me. My fear of Beth kept any thought of running away from the corner and trying to hide entirely out of my head. So there I stood – obviously spanked bare bottom on full display, with my hands on my head in the corner, as Nicole entered from the foyer. I heard her gasp, and then I heard a stifled giggle. “Wh…. What happened here?!” she asked with a snicker.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle.” Beth replied calmly. “You were right about her attitude though. She tried to pull a little stunt the moment you were out the door. She has a wild imagination, that’s for sure.”

Nicole’s bemusement was evident in her voice. “What stunt did she try to pull?”

“Oh she spun some crazy story about being YOUR babysitter, if you can believe that.”
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Re: Babysitter to Babysat

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I enjoyed it, love role reversals :)
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Re: Babysitter to Babysat

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This is a good story. I have two or three different authors listed, so take your pick:

- Netsylph, from Alec Leamus Magicboxxx site, and also from Dijan

- Cindy -and- Yarlson, both from ASN (now ASSTR).

And, AND, here some more of the story!!!


"Oh she spun some crazy story about being YOUR babysitter, if you can believe it. And claimed she was really an adult. She was so insistent I even doubted for a moment, ridiculous as that sounds. Of course, when it came time for some "proof" it all fell apart. But it still took a sound spanking to get her to drop it. Stubborn girl!"

Nicole was openly giggling at this point.

"What's so funny?" Beth asked in a puzzled voice.

"Umm..." Nicole collected herself quickly. "I was just thinking of her smart little mouth with me earlier. I guess I'm too much of a pushover when I baby-sit."

"Well I don't spank often. But sometimes that's all that gets through... Isn't that right Christine?" her voice raised theatrically as she directed that last question to me.

God! I wanted to die right there. I was torn between a desire to flee this mortifying scene, and fear of being caught and spanked by that brute Beth some more if I dared. The fear won out as I muttered back a meek, "yes."

"What was that?" Nicole followed up eagerly. "We didn't hear you. Louder please."

"I... I said yes!" I replied - the cheeks on my face surely as red as those on my bottom now.

"And what are you saying yes to, dear?" Nicole followed up with delight.

"W... w... with what Beth just said!" I replied with exasperation.

Watch your tone, young lady!" Beth interjected, making my heart leap into my throat. "Answer Nicole politely. What was it you agreed with?"

"Th... th... that sometimes... um... only... um... sp... sp... spanking gets through?" My voice sounding as uncertain and squeaky as a real child.

"Good girl." Beth replied soothingly, settling my nerves as she deepened my shame.

"Well thanks for... everything!" Nicole told Beth. "Since you have such a... way with little Christine, perhaps you can help me out some more. She's staying with me all weekend you know?"

"Well sure. As long as you pay me. I could use a little extra money." Beth replied.

"Oh of course!" Nicole replied with glee. "You're a real life saver. I'd be stuck at home all weekend without you."

I felt my heart sink, as I realized this was going to be a very, very long weekend for me.

- Part 4

- continued by Yarlson

... believe that." Beth said with a roll of her eyes. "Oh, I can believe it " said Nicole with a smirk. "She's been a thorn in my side foe some time now, but it looks like you took the wind out of her sails. Well, I'm back now. So you can head on home."

She rummaged in her purse, and smiled as she came up with a wad of money "I can pay you for babysitting her, and a bonus for spanking the brat. It's just what she deserved."

My eyes widened and I gasped at Nicole's "generosity". That was MY purse and MY money."Something to 'discuss' with me further, Chris?" demanded Beth, her hand flattening in anticipation of more spanks. I hastily shook my head. My poor bottom was still tingling from the earlier spanking and I sure didn't want it resumed.

"Don't move! " Snapped Nicole, grasping my shoulder and turning me back to face the corner. "In fact, here's a little trick my teacher used to use on me. Try holding this piece of paper to the wall with your nose until I tell you your punishment is over. If it falls, you get spanked again."

I had no choice, humiliated as I held the sheet firmly pressed against the wallpaper with my sniffling nose. Beth and Nicole chatted for a bit, Nicole obviously enjoying the chance to embarrass me further.

Finally I heard the door shut, and wailed to Nicole "Please can I have my own clothes back? If your mother sees me like this I..I.. My career will be ruined!"

Nicole stood over me. a thoughtful look in her dark eyes. "Ohh.. I see."

"Please! I blubbered. You mustn't tell her what a fool you made of me. It'll be our little secret. Oh! the paper fell. But, but.. my punishment is over. right?

Nicole considered the situation, then spoke with more confidence "Oh, I'll keep mum. For a price." she flashed me an evil grin. I blushed like the schoolgirl I resembled, but knew I had to pay the price, whatever it was.

- Part 5 - Insult to Injury!

I stood there, gazing up at the smug Nicole towering over me, my panties with their annoying pink hearts still draped over my embarrassing Mary Jane shoes and my undoubtably red bottom still on display . "Whatever you want, Nicole. I'm just begging you to give me back my dignity."

Nicole sniggered at that. 'Lets's see.. let's turn you around. Mmmmm! She really did a job on you. Just hold still, darling." She grasped my shoulder and spun me around. Then I gasped as I felt her running her hands across my smarting flesh. One fingernail dug into my skin at the upper left corner of my exposed cheeks, then swirled around, down and across. It left an unexpectedly fiery trail and I squinted as tears rolled down my face again.

"I'm just going to take a picture for blackmail purposes" she informed me. Turn as if you're just discovering that in the mirror."

I did as I was told and was surprised to see a red message written on my bright pink cheeks. I blushed as I reversed the mirror writing in my mind . She has written 'Stupid Bimbo" on my behind! The "S,t, u were across the top of the left butt-cheek, and continued on the right with "p,i,d" . Below this, the "M" in "Bimbo" was centered on the crevice where the cheeks met. The camera flashed, and I couldn't help thinking how foolish and helpless the shot would make me look.

"Cute! I'll send you a copy, in case you get any ideas about backing out on our deal. " Said Nicole. "By the way, that's Icy Hot, I borrowed it from Beth. It should help to keep the sting going for a few days. Now, let's settle just how much you're going to pay."

- Part 6

"Just for a start", Smirked Nicole, " You are going to return and swap places with me again. the Baby Sitter becoming the Baby Sat. How does next week sound?"

'I..again? but, not with that awful Beth girl?" I stammered. Facing Beth's strength once had been enough! "Hmm.. all right. Tuesday, you will return and I will babysit you myself. And here's my real homework. Beth told me how humiliated you were to do schoolgirl homework. " She piled books and a binder onto the table.

"Now, you still owe a spanking for letting that paper slip. But I think I can handle that, personally. And you'd better do a good job, you brat! I expect to get excellent marks taking credit for your work."

I nodded 'Oh, yes! I'm sure I can handle high school work. " I was actually getting off easy, or so I thought.

'I'll need to think of a few more ways to humiliate you, so I'm going to post this little tale of ours, with a few details changed, on the ASN storyboard. " Nicole turned on the computer and began to type. "I'm going to ask for fan feedback. Do you think Christine should be embarrassed by:

1) having to wear a dunce hat, possibly with a different word on it, such as "Fool'?

2) having to write an essay 'What it was like to be spanked by Beth "?

3 ) Having to write lines? and what should they say?

4) having to recruit another victim for my style of fun?

5 )Anything else the fans can think of?

- Part 7

By the time Nicole's mother had returned I was relieved to be back in my own clothes. With the addition of a paper sign taped to the back of my jacket reading, simply, 'Spank Me ". Nicole had been most insistent at my not removing it until I got home, and I had blushingly agreed. Anything to get out of that humiliating schoolgirl outfit! Well, except for the silly panties, chafing over my stinging posterior.

"They suit your childish intellect. "Remarked Nicole. "Here comes my mom. Now, remember, your stick to the script, or I'll tell her you were indulging your weird ageplay fetish and Beth had to spank you to settle you down. You're also taking the blame for breaking that vase over there, unless you toe the line like a good little girl. And remember, I've got photographic evidence."

"I know, Nicole. I'll have to play along for now. That crazy story could wreck my career. Oh, Hello, Mrs Mcgee. I'm glad you're back. Nicole has been an angel, and we're getting along fine. I'd be happy to sit with her anytime."

Coryn reached for the sign "You've got.." but as instructed, I brushed off her assistance.

"No, no, don't tell me how to babysit. I'll do just fine without your help."

Coryn McGee was not a woman to offer assistance twice. She had made a policy of letting subordinates fall on their faces, to learn a lesson next time. She smirked "Well, then. Thanks for your help, I could use it again next week. I suppose you have a long subway ride home. Enjoy your trip." And I left, the embarrassing sign riding above my stylish skirt, praying no stray breeze exposed my pink-hearted panty-clad butt.

- Part 8

On tuesday, I found myself once again at Coryn MvGee's house, this time at the back door. As instructed, I texted Nicole "The stupid brat is at your back door." She had a real genius for these humiliating little touches. A few minutes later, the door opened about halfway, and Nicole peered suspiciously about.

"Okay, " she whispered. "Come on up. And keep your voice down. My mom might hear you."

She grabbed my wrist in a firm grip and led me slinking up the stairs, uncertain of what was going on. As soon as we were in her room and she had shut the door, I asked, sotto voice "You mean she's here? But, I thought.."

"You know, thinking's not your long suit." sneered Nicole. "And speaking of long suits, get that one off and get into your schoolgirl things."

As I stepped out of the fashionable pumps and shed my stylish brown skirt I tried to make sense of this situation. "But, Nicole, I assumed the point of all this was to get out of being baby-sat, yourself."

"It was, originally. But, when you so generously volunteered to take an extra session under MY guiding hand, I just couldn't resist humiliating you again." Replied the smug girl.

Ooh! How I hated being at her mercy like this. Especially since mercy didn't seem to be HER long suit. I pulled on the silly schoolgirl skirt over the pink-hearted panties Nicole had insisted I wear under my business attire, and let Nicole finish adding the blouse and mary jane shoes.

"I did everything you said, Nicole. I wore that wretched sign all the way home. And, any men that slapped my already stinging bottom, I made a date with them, and told them I..I had a SPANKING fetish! When can I tell them the truth?"

Nicole bent forward, nose to nose with me "Bend over, honey. And put your hands on your knees, like this. I suppose you can tell them..let's make it three dates in! If they'll believe you after that."

As I bent into the traditional "spankee" position, I saw Nicole swinging a sinister looking black strap. "This is a bungee cord I found. It's quiet, but as you can see, it delivers quite a strong spank.." she swung it at my upraised, trembling hindquarters.


I could feel the impact even through the layers of cloth, and was thankful she had removed the metal hook. Still, this wasn't going to be as bad as taking a bare-bottomed spanking from the brawny Beth! But, then I felt Nicole's hands fussing about my skirt. Was it my imagination, or did she take a little too much time feeling about my upper thighs and oh-so-private nearby areas before raising it up?

Nicole towered over my awkward position "Now, as I recall, today you were going to take the spanking


The evil black cord struck the straining fabric over my left butt cheek, making it blossom with pain. I gasped and stumbled a little.

"For letting that paper drop. Oh,and you'll take another"


"..for leaving position just then. Now, I'll..

SPANK! The cord curled under my poor, aching bottom and landed squarely on my left "Sit Spot" "..Teach you not.."


"... to be so foolish as to get outsmarted...


"So easily. Now, let's have a look at that home-work."

She paged idly through the simple high-school work I had breezed through on the weekend ."I DID mention, you were getting one spank for each percent point below one hundred, right?" She continued to belabor my exposed,swaying cheeks with the stinging strap


"Ohh! But, Nicole, if I had known, I could have done a better job..



"Oh, you'll know to do a better job.."


" time. I'm thinking of having you do ALL my homework, from now on.


"Any complaints?"

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