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Policewoman stripped of her dignity

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Policewoman stripped of her dignity

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Sasha had always wanted to join the police, even at school she dreamed of it, there was no family tradition it was just something that she wanted to do and her ambition was fulfilled when she graduated from officer training to her local force in the North of England.

Very rapidly the rose-tinted specs were removed and the gritty reality of policing in a city began to really take its toll on the pretty twenty four year old.

At five foot ten she was tall, and she kept herself fit by jogging and swimming, she could close her mind when she was underwater, she could block out some of the awful things she’d witnessed in the line of duty, things that would make a lesser girl quit but she was no quitter.

Her blonde hair, blue eyes and curvy figure often lead to all sorts of comments when she was dealing with some of the lowlifes, in fact some of the crudest comments came from her own colleagues, the laddish culture was hard to deal with but she wouldn’t let anyone grind her down.

But the incident on May 3rd would stay with her for a very long time, not least because of what followed soon after.

The call to the crime scene that would change her life came in at 2am, there was an incident on the Harris estate, the ‘Harris’ was the worst estate in the city, petty theft, drug deals and violence were common place but when she entered number 26c she wasn’t prepared for the scene, there was blood everywhere and in the two seconds it took to re adjust she felt a sharp blow to the back of her head and the room went black.

“Sarge, she’s waking up”

Sasha winced as a bright light was shone into her eyes, then winced again as she felt a stabbing pain in the back of her head.

“W-what happened , w-where am I” she stuttered.

“It’s Ok constable, you’re safe now, you were assaulted last night and blacked out, we’ve arrested the assailant and he’s under arrest but we need to get you seen to, a blow like that to the head can have all sorts of repercussions and there’s a process we now need to follow”

Sasha groaned, knowing what the ‘process’ was.

“But I feel fine Sarge, can I just take a couple of days off and I’ll be right as rain”

“Sorry constable, you know the rules, we need to get you assessed on the Psych ward, make sure you’re ok, no PTSD or anything, I’ll have Constable Jones drive you over and check you in”

Of all the people she didn’t want to take her it was Jones, he was an oaf and hated her ever since she had rebuffed his advances at the Christmas party, everyone reckoned he was on the take but he seemed to live a charmed life and was even due for promotion which would make him even more unbearable.

“Ok sweetcheeks let’s get you off to the loony bin, maybe they’ll keep you in” he chuckled

Sasha ignored him as she climbed into the passenger seat.

“Just get on with it you prick” she said through gritted teeth.

“Don’t worry love, it’ll be my pleasure” he retorted with a weird grin on his face

The Adam hospital wasn’t far from the police station and shortly they pulled up and Sasha climbed out thinking ‘let’s get this over with’

She was slightly surprised when Jones also clambered out and followed her.

“It’s ok I don’t need a chaperone”

“You know the rules, I need to check you in, as your escort I need to sign you in and then when they say you’re ok I have to sign your release papers”

Sasha didn’t like the sound of that but knew the rules and anyway she was sure she’d be out in a couple of hours, just pass a couple of tests to make sure she wasn’t concussed, and she’d be out in no time.

Everyone turned as they walked in, Police in uniform were no strange sight at the Hospital as sadly this was where a lot of the troubled members of the community ended up at one time or another and Sasha herself had attended several incidents when a patient kicked off and the police were called.

Jones approached the desk and started chatting to a rather large matronly looking woman then turned and winked at Sasha.

“Constable Smith has been ordered to attend the clinic for a full assessment after a head injury, poor thing just doesn’t seem herself so please run the full tests and be careful she can be a bit of a handful”

“Don’t worry Bob we’ll take good care of her for you” laughed the lady behind reception.

“Thanks sis” said Jones, “see you later”

Sasha suddenly realised the similarity between the two of them, large with red cheeks and ginger hair, she was bloody Jones’s sister, Sasha sensed this wasn’t good news but there wasn’t a great deal she could do about it.

“I need to get back to some real policing work now Smith, so just behave and do what you’re told, Betty will keep me up to speed and I don’t want to hear you’ve been any trouble for the nice nurses” smirked Jones.

The lady picked up her phone and looking straight at Sasha she started speaking.

“Hi Suzy, we’ve got a new patient for you to process, I think you’re going to be quite happy”, she winked at Sasha as she put the handset down.

A moment later the double door swished open and a petite young nurse appeared, she was very pretty in a slightly hard faced way, black hair tied back and large brown eyes, she looked vaguely familiar but Sasha couldn’t place her.

“Ah, Ok Officer, I gather you’re here to be processed, it’s my lucky day, now follow me”

Still in her black uniform it felt odd to be ordered around by the young nurse and Sasha was about to say something but felt better to just go along with it and answer their stupid questions and then get out of the place, it gave her the creeps as there were a lot of genuinely mentally ill patients, in fact many were more inmates than patients but they were kept on a separate ward.

Sasha followed the young nurse down a white corridor, there were hundreds of posters about mental wellbeing and advice lines for all sorts of dependencies, but Sasha knew none of that applied to her, she’d had a nasty experience but knew she was 100% sane so this should be a breeze and she’d be back on the beat in no time.

The nurse carried on down the corridor her white trainers squeaking on the polished floor, she then turned into a room and Sasha followed.

It was a typical doctors surgery which took Sasha a little by surprise but she supposed they’d need somewhere to ask her a few questions.

“Ok, take seat Smith said the nurse as she took a seat behind the desk.”

Sasha was a bit taken aback by the terse attitude from the young woman

“Whilst you’re in here you will address me as nurse and I will address you as Smith, is that understood, outside you may have the authority but when you’re in here you have zero power, you will do what we ask of you and that way you’ll improve your chances of being released, but that only happens when we say so, do you understand?”

Slightly taken aback Sasha could only nod in acceptance as the young woman started jotting down notes in a hard backed folder.

“profession” Sasha wanted to snap back “what do you think my profession is, I’m sitting in front of you in my uniform with handcuffs and baton hanging off my belt you stupid girl” but bit her lip.
“I’m not giving my address, I’m a serving officer”
She watched a slight smile flicker across the nurse’s face as she jotted something down.

“I think you’ll find that when you’re in here you’re temporarily suspended from duty so less of the attitude young lady”

Sasha glared back at her, anger rising up in her but once again thought better of saying what she wanted to and through clenched teeth gave her address.

“Now tell me what happened”

At last they were getting started thought Sasha as she replayed what had happened, one minute she was in someone’s front room with blood all over the walls the next she was staring into the bright light of a torch as she came around, she had no idea how long she’d been out for or what had happened so she couldn’t say much more.

“Well the first thing we need to do is check you’re physically ok before checking you’re mentally ok so let’s get on with it, so if you’d just get undressed and put a gown on we can begin.

Sasha stared at her in surprise her large blue eyes widened in shock.

“w-what, it was just a bump on my head, there’s no need for anything else, I’m happy to answer any questions or do any tests, I just want to get back to work”

Again she saw the nurse smiling and raising an eyebrow and she made another note on her file.

“Sorry, let’s start again” said Sasha, “I know under normal circumstances there is a whole process to go through when a new patient arrives, I know because I’ve brought some of them in but you know who I am and what I do so can we just skip to the questions bit”

Again the nurse smiled, shaking her head and jotting something down before setting her pen down on the desk, she looked Sasha directly in the eye.

“Ok, lets start over again Smith, you were signed in by a fellow officer and he explained what an ordeal you’d been through and that you seemed to be in a state of denial and he was concerned for your own safety and that you may even try and harm yourself, so please do as I ask or I’ll have to call for assistance, so it’s either my way or the hard way, it’s up to you”

The fact she was smiling the whole time she spoke set Sasha even more on edge, she was being spoken to by this young woman as if she were a child rather than a serving police officer.

“So I’ll ask one more time, will you please undress and I’ll fetch you a gown, all our patients go through this and so will you, policewoman or not”

Sasha couldn’t believe what was happening, a few hours ago she was a serving police officer going about her duty, serving the public end enjoying her life and now here she was in the psychiatric unit of the same hospital she had brought people to in handcuffs and now here she was being ordered to remove her uniform by a petite nurse a few years her junior.

“P-please nurse, s-surely….”

“Ok, the hard way it is” said Suzy reaching for the phone.

“No I’ll do it” blurted Sasha as she realised the nurse was about to call her colleagues which would only make matters worse, very very reluctantly she undid her belt, heavy with the handcuffs, radio and other pieces of equipment she used on a daily basis, she already felt exposed when she removed it and placed it on the table.

“That’s better, good girl” smiled Suzy

Sasha bristled, how dare this kid treat her like this, she vowed she’d get her own back one day but for now she held all the cards.

“Now that nice black shirt of yours please, hurry up we’ve got a lot to do and I’ve got other inmates to see”

Sasha hated the term ‘inmate’ she was a policewoman not a bloody prisoner, she gritted her teeth and slowly pulled her black police issue shirt up over her head and was about to place it on the desk but Suzy held out her hand,

“pass it to me please, I need to check everything for any sharp objects that you could harm yourself with, we can’t be too careful”

She then made a great display of running her fingers over the garment, checking the chest pocket before placing it next to the belt on the desk.

Immediately Sasha was horribly self-conscious as she stood there in just her bra and trousers, it was one of her older bras, she hadn’t ever thought anyone else would be seeing it but now here she was in the brightly lit room and her once white bra had clearly seen a few years’ service.

She blushed as she saw Suzy watching her every movement.

“Now let’s have those boots of yours next please young lady, not the most feminine footwear but no doubt useful when you and your colleagues put the boot in to some poor undeserving member of the public”

Sasha flinches as she picked up a genuine anger in the young girl’s voice, again she felt she recognised her but just couldn’t place it.

She undid the laces and pulled her service boots off and placed them on the desk, concerned as once more she made a big play of searching inside them.

“It’s amazing where people hide things, a small blade can do as much damage as a big one and we don’t want any of our inmates coming to any harm”

“You don’t seriously think I’m at risk of harming myself or anyone else, I’m a policewoman for Christ’s sake” she snapped

Instantly she regretted her outburst as once more the young nurse couldn’t hide a smirk as she jotted another note down

“You really do need to control that temper of yours young lady, it really won’t help your cause in here” tutted Suzy, “now let’s get those combat trousers off, quickly now”

Resigned to her fate Sasha reluctantly unbuttoned the waistband and stepped out of them, mortified as she realised, that morning she had just pulled on her pink pantie’s, the ones her sister had given her as a joke with mini-mouse all over them.

“Oh how sweet, who’d have thought miss high and mighty policewoman would have such a cute pair of knickers on under all that black uniform”

“Well who knew that under that tough cop exterior there’s just a pink body underneath, just shows that we’re all the same after all” smirked Suzy

“Listen you, I’m here as I had a bump on the head and now because of the stupid rules I have to be processed so please can we just get on with it so I can get back to work”

“Have you quite finished your little tantrum young lady, it may have escaped your notice but when you were signed in here you lost all your authority, now it’s my turn” smirked Suzy

“You really don’t recognise me do you”
Startled, Sasha looked her up and down.
“Imagine me not in my nurse’s uniform but in a blue and gold tracksuit”
Slowly it began to dawn on Sasha, her mind raced.
“Y-you’re Suzy Archer, b-but you got 6 months inside”

“Yes I did thanks to you and I nearly got kicked off the nursing course but here I am and here you are, now let’s stop wasting time, constable Smith will you now please remove your bra”

Sasha was stunned, this was the same young girl she’d arrested two years ago for shoplifting, she’d been a tearaway on the estate and when she was caught she fought like a demon, kicking and screaming blue murder so Sasha had to forcibly march her from the shop in front of all her friends and throw her in the van.

“I really don’t want to have to repeat myself Smith, lose the bra”

Sasha was several inches taller and fit from all her swimming, she was proud of her body yet felt inhibited and defenceless dressed only in her panties and bra in front of the fully clothed young woman.

“I won’t ask again young lady, please remove your bra”

“P-please d-don’t do this”

Sasha stood there numb with shock as she watched the young nurse pick up the phone.

“Matron, I’m having a little difficulty with the new inmate, yeah ‘Smith’ the Police officer, can you please come and assist, thanks”

Almost immediately the door swung open and the lady from the front desk came in.

“What seems to be the problem here” she said in a stern voice.

“Smith refuses to co-operate matron, I’ve asked her to remove her bra three times now and she has refused, a clear contravention of the rules and I’ll be noting her lack of cooperation on her file which is already not looking good”

“Smith, when the nurse tells you to do something you do it, you don’t question why, you’re here to be assessed and your preventing us from doing that so I seriously suggest you start to behave if you want to get out of here and the way you’re acting so far tells me you’ll be with us for a while so if I was you I’d take a long hard think and take your bra off otherwise we will have no choice but to call in more staff and use force, now take off your bra please”

Looking at the two women in front of her Sasha new she had no choice but to comply however unfair it was, however humiliating it was she really had no choice so with a blush spreading up her slender throat she nervously reached behind herself and unhooked the clasp before removing her bra and handing it to the nurse’s outstretched hand.

“See now that wasn’t so hard was it, we’re all girls together and now those pretty panties of yours, I bet when you pulled them on this morning you didn’t think they’d be on show, they’re cute but maybe a little young for you” giggled Suzy

Defeated, Sasha nervously hooked her thumb in the waistband and pulled her panties down her long toned legs before once more handed them to the grinning young nurse, her humiliation complete as she stood stark naked before the two fully clothed women.

“Well well, I can see why Bob was so taken with her” laughed Matron and then smiled widely as she saw the penny had dropped, Sasha knew she looked familiar, she must be Bobs sister, the oaf of a policeman who’d brought her here and signed her in, this really couldn’t get any worse!

“Hands by your sides Smith” barked Suzy causing Sasha to jump and now blushing furiously she did as she was told and moved her hands to her sides, now her total nudity was on display, her rosy pink nipples and firm pale breasts, her pussy no longer covered was there for all to see.

“A bit unkempt down below” remarked Matron causing Sasha to blush an even deeper shade of red, her last relationship ended several months ago, being a policewoman working night shifts made it hard to maintain any kind of serious relationship so she had no one to look ‘tidy’ for, the dark curls on her pussy had indeed grown of late and at that moment she almost felt protected by them as they hid her tight little slit from view.

“Don’t worry matron we’ll clean her up later, all part of the processing but for now do you have the camera as we need to record any markings, scars or tattoos so she can’t say we harmed her in any way”

“Ok Smith into the middle of the room under the light, do exactly what Matron tells you as we need to photograph every inch of you for our records now lift your arms above your head”

Sasha held her breath and nervously complied, she had never been so embarrassed in her whole life but she knew she had no choice if she wanted to get out of the place.

“Lift those lovely boobs up”

Matron was so close with the camera Sasha could feel her breath on the sensitive skin of her breasts.

“Oh Bob will love these” Giggled Suzy

Immediately Sasha covered herself, one hand shielding her breasts the other her pussy.

“W-what do you m-mean Bob?” she cried

“As he was the person who brought you here for processing, he will have access to your file and if I were you I’d remember that, maybe you shouldn’t have been so stuck up and rejected his advances you wouldn’t be in this mess, now turn around and let’s see that lovely bottom of yours” snapped Matron

As if on auto-pilot and numb with shock at the news that Bob, would be drooling over these photo’s one day made Sasha want to weep, she parted her long legs when told to, her mind racing, hating that the camera was literally inches away from her pussy and ass, the camera snapping away as her modesty was stripped from her one click at a time.

“Lift up that lovely blonde hair of yours, fold back your ears”

There was not an inch of her naked body that wasn’t now recorded on the camera and who knew who’d all see those pictures thought Sasha as her world turned upside down.

“Excellent, we’re getting there, with or without Ms Smith’s cooperation” chided Suzy, then turning and looking Sasha directly in the eye and with a wicked smile on her pretty face.

“Now the fun part and to be fair I had to undergo this a number of times when you put me inside and luckily for you Smith it’ll be me performing the search rather than Matron, just look at those hands”

Sasha was confused as she nervously glanced at the large woman’s hands, they were like her brothers’, great sausage fingers but she didn’t get the reference and just stared blankly at her tormentors.

“Hello silly girl, we need to search you, it’s for your own good so you don’t come to any harm when you’re with us” giggled Suzy as she approached Sasha who instinctively backed away, only to bump into Matron.

Sasha yelped as she felt a sharp smack on her exposed bottom, yelping in pain and instinctively clutching her sore backside.

“Owwww!” she wailed.

“Now stop messing around young lady, we need to continue to process you before the doctor sees you and part of that process is a cavity search to establish you have not brought anything in on your person, do you consent to this inmate Smith”

No n-no I do not wailed Sasha, all dignity gone, she was a policewoman for goodness sake, a good officer with an unblemished record who had gone to a crime scene as part of her duty and now here she was stark naked with a stinging bottom and two women threatening to examine her internally.

“Is that your final say young lady” smirked Suzy

“Y-yes it is” said Sasha trying to stand up tall and stare them down, she was damned if she would put up for any more of this nonsense.

Then suddenly she felt a vice like grip on her shoulder and before she knew what was happening Matron had somehow flipped her up and over and she was lying naked on the exam table and then before she could react Suzy had taken her handcuffs from her police belt and cuffed her ankles together.

“I said we could do this the easy way or the hard way and you’ve just chosen the hard way you silly girl” laughed Suzy as she looked down on the naked struggling Police woman on the exam table

Sasha was stunned at how quickly it had happened one minute she was standing there and now a moment later she was prostrate on the examination table with Matron tying her hands to the head of the table and her ankles pinned together she was stretched out and totally defenceless.

“Now young lady I’m going to search you one way or another and the more relaxed you are the less it will hurt so please just follow my instructions and it’ll soon be over, do you understand” All the time she was talking Suzy was pulling on some latex gloves, Sasha’s eyes were wide with fear as she watched the young nurse bustle around.

“I want you to bend your knees upwards and then let them drop apart, like a little butterfly ”Giggled Suzy

Sasha closed her eyes, trying to block out what was happening as she pictured herself on the couch, totally naked and exposed while the starch white uniformed nurse loomed over her.

“That’s it, what a good girl” laughed Suzy as she moved closer.

Sasha tried to block her out, the way she was being treated like a naughty child by this young girl, younger than she was yet totally in control.

“Now get ready young lady, I’m going to apply a little gel to make this easier and it might be a little cold”

Sasha almost fell off the table with shock as she suddenly felt the small latex clad fingers and cold wet gel on the sensitive skin of her pussy, then without warning she felt the fingers slide up inside her, she was defenceless to do anything about it as she felt them going in beyond the joint and right up to the knuckle.

She knew there was nothing to find, they knew there was nothing to find but Suzy kept rotating her fingers, slipping them out a little then re-inserting them, at least two fingers pushed up inside, Sasha could feel every little movement as they rubbed against the sensitive inner walls of her pussy, then with utter relief she could feel them being gently withdrawn.

“All seems to be ok up there Smith though it’ll be a lot easier when we get rid of these pubes of yours, look there all covered in gel now, tut tut” Suzy kept up the running commentary as she took some tissue from a box and Sasha had to undergo the further humiliation as the young girl wiped her clean.

“Ok nearly done for now Smith, Matron if you’d do the honours”

Before she knew what was happening matron leaned forwards and took hold of Sasha’s cuffed ankles and pulled them right back almost bending her double, her knees up by her ears, her bottom in the air and everything on display for Suzy who was grinning ear to ear.

“Oh now that is a view” she giggled, picking up matrons camera she added.

“I do believe we didn’t take a photograph from this angle; oh Bob will really love this”

Sasha’s face was bright red with shame as she was held in this absolutely humiliating position, her legs splayed crudely wide she could even feel the cool breeze of the airy room on her little rose hole as she struggled to get free.

“It’s great, the more the silly girl struggles the more I see of her, her little bottom wriggling about and there’s hardly any hairs round here so I’ve a great view of all our lovely officers charms,” laughed Suzy.

The more Sasha realised what they intended to do to her the more she struggled to get free.

‘Smack smack smack smack’

“Owwwww’ she howled as Suzy landed four sharp smacks on her cruelly exposed behind.

“Stay still you silly girl or I’ll call in more help”

Eventually Sasha slowly stopped twisting and turning, every part of her dreading what was to come but eventually she surrendered to the inevitable.

“That’s it, good girl now just try and relax”

It was as if she were calming a frightened pony as Suzy gently stroked the pale skin of Sasha’s upturned bottom cheeks.

She flinched as once again she felt Suzy’s latex clad fingers upon her skin, jumping slightly as she felt the cold gel being dabbed onto her bottom hole and then hearing the tube being squeezed more as Suzy applied a little more to her two fingers, then all Sasha could do was wait, her heart beating out of her chest as she waited for what was to come.

Then she felt Suzy’s fingers on her tight puckered ring, gently applying pressure, her body’s natural defence was to close up, keep the invading digits out but Suzy kept pressing and eventually her body yielded and with a deep sigh of air leaving her lips Sasha gave up the struggle and felt the two fingers slowly slip inside, her most private place invaded by this young nurse.

“There you go, I don’t know what all the fuss was about, I’m only doing my job”

Sasha tried to block it out as Suzy chatted away to matron as if it were the most normal thing in the world to have a beautiful policewoman impaled on her fingers, bent double in the most awful, humiliating position, her bottom cheeks spread wide and her pussy on full display as she groaned as the invading fingers filled her inside.

For what seemed like an age Suzy drew out the ordeal sliding her fingers deeper and palpitating the inner walls then slowly, very slowly withdrawing them, giggling slightly as Sasha suffered the worst indignity as her natural instincts betrayed her and she contracted, her body’s instinct to hold the invading digits inside until her tight little anus conceded defeat and Suzy’s fingers slid out, leaving her feeling hollow as once again she suffered the further indignity of having the gel wiped off, having her bottom wiped clean of the gel by the young nurse as she blushed furiously at what she had just endured………………to be continued
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Re: Policewoman stripped of her dignity

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Fantastic story. Really well done. Thanks for sharing it
Is there a part 2?


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