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Erin's Story - Part 1

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Erin's Story - Part 1

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Erin's Story - Part 1
(Was Bought or Rescued Part 3 on Lit)


Author’s note: I wrote this after reading stories about the fantasy world of legal slavery. I borrowed many elements from those stories but avoided any reuse of people, places, or company names.
Trigger warning: this story is non-consensual and contains scenes of sexual violation.
Everyone is over 18. While the story is set in a fantasy world, slavery and sex trafficking happen today in this world and are utterly evil. Please consider supporting an anti-sex-trafficking organization.


I stared at Jean Durham, the V.P. of H.R. for the University of Oklahoma Medical Center, in sheer disbelief. I graduated from U. Penn’s prestigious medical program with a 3.92 GPA. My entire family had watched me receive my M.D. I had just finished the final rotation of my residency in Internal Medicine (more commonly called I. Med.) and passed every review so far with flying colours.

I was expecting to go home next week to cram for my board exams in July. After that, I had a job offer from my alma mater, Temple, which I’d accepted to be close to my family in Trenton, NJ.

In the room with Jean Durham were Dr Matt Hanfield, the chair of I. Med., and Jeff MacDonald, the hospital’s Chief Legal Officer.

“I don’t understand,” I stuttered. “Every attending said I’d done brilliantly and would pass my residency with flying colours.”

“Erin, it is really quite simple. When we reviewed all the assessments, we determined that you had, in fact, failed your final rotation and need to retake it. The loan you took out for your medical degree at U. Penn contained a stipulation that you finish on time or be in default of the loan conditions. Combined with your undergrad loan for Temple, that means you are $400,000 underwater.”

“As required by your contract, we notified the loan company of your failure, and they received a court order sentencing you to 12 years enslavement to repay the loan. They wanted you to be auctioned on Saturday here in Oklahoma City where your colleagues could see you naked, bound, and humiliated.”

“However, we talked to the loan company’s lawyer about your earnings potential. They very kindly agreed to let us present you with a choice. Instead of being auctioned as a slave for 12 years, you would remain here in this hospital for 4 years as an Extraordinary Talent (E.T.) slave. You would remain clothed and not be collared. None of your colleagues or patients would know you are a slave.”

“After a stipend for food and clothes plus your rent, the remainder of your salary will be paid directly to the loan company. With an estimated salary of $220,000, your loan will be paid off sooner than 4 years, so any surplus becomes yours on manumission.”

We will sign off on you having passed your final rotation and give you all the time you need to prepare for your board exam in July. Dr Hancock is confident that you will pass the first time. Once you have taken your boards, we will allow you to practice as Doctor Erin Matthews rather than insisting on your actual title of Doctor Slave Erin.”

“Doctor Slave?”

“Yes. The word order is to make it clear that you are not a Slave Doctor who cares for the medical needs of slaves. But rather a physician who has the legal status of a slave.”

“Unlike other physicians, you will work six shifts a week on the daytime In-Patient service with no vacations. Apart from a complete absence of social life, your colleagues will remain unaware of your status, enabling you to resume practice here in this hospital as a free citizen afterwards.”

“What happens next?” I sighed heavily. They already had an enslavement order and had me over a barrel.

“Ms Durham will have you processed quietly through the facility in Broken Arrow, OK. You will be in and out in a few hours: no one should recognize you. When you return, a discrete moving company will help you move your clothes and books to the new physician kennel that has just been completed in time to home you.”

“As an Extraordinary Talent slave, you will be under a curfew from 10 pm to 5 am. You will always swipe your badge on arrival at your kennel and again on exit. After 10 pm, you will be unable to swipe your badge to leave the kennel until 5 am. In effect, you will be locked in at night. The two physician kennels are mini-apartments and are really quite comfortable. You will have high-speed Wi-Fi.”

The bastards. I knew exactly what they had done. They had a severe shortage of hospitalists as physicians left, and no one applied for the jobs. I had declined them because I didn’t want to remain in Oklahoma City.
They had fraudulently failed my rotation to keep me at the hospital and work harder than any regular employee. Making me give holiday coverage would help them retain staff and maybe recruit more. I was fucked.

“Who will my owner be? I know Extraordinary Talent slaves are only available sexually to their owner and no one else.”

“Since Citizen’s United, corporations have legally been people. Since we are financially independent of the University, the legal entity owning you will be the hospital.”

“After careful review by an outside legal team, we have determined that access to your sexual services will be restricted to members of the C-suite and your Department Chair. I should also clarify that you are forbidden from having sexual contact with anyone else.”

“We do not want to jeopardize your performance as a physician; sexual service will be limited to three one-hour appointments per week if you are fully cooperative. Otherwise ….,” he trailed off and shrugged. “Ms Durham will oversee organizing access to your sexual services.“

“Will you accept our proposal, or would you prefer to be auctioned on Saturday in Oklahoma City? The hospital will try to buy you at auction if that happens. If we succeed, your sexual service will be far more unpleasant and last many more years.”

“If you accept it, you are forbidden from discussing your status as an E.T. slave with anyone other than the people who have access to your sexual services. You will have to concoct a believable story to tell your family why you can’t visit for the next four years.”

Fuck it. They had the entire thing planned, including the timing of the physician kennel’s construction and the agreement on sharing my sexual services as a perk for the most senior staff. If they had had an external legal review, they must have been planning this for a while.
I had no defence and no alternative. I wanted to give the three of them a piece of my mind and tell them I knew exactly what the fuckers had done, but these people now controlled my life, and I dare not antagonize them.
“You know I have absolutely no choice but to accept.”

No one looked in the slightest bit surprised at the success of their fait accompli.


On Monday morning, Ms Durham picked me up from my apartment at 6:30 am for the two-hour drive to Broken Arrow’ we should get there just as they opened.

“I hate having to do this to one of our female physicians. Please call me Jean while we are in the car.”

After stewing silently for half an hour, I asked, “This entire thing was a set-up, wasn’t it? They must have been planning to enslave me for more than a year to complete construction.”

“I’m sorry, Erin. Picking one female resident per year to be an E.T. slave physician who would also be sexually available to the C-suite was decided 18 months ago. Some of the C-suite are frustrated that since #MeToo, they have been unable to force themselves on the prettiest residents and threaten their careers if they told anyone.”

“They decided to select an I. Med. resident four months ago after looking at where the staffing shortages were most severe. Of the 4th year residents, Matt picked you because you were the most talented physician in your cohort and, in his words, by far the most fuckable.”

“What? Enslave one female resident per year? What the actual fuck?”

“We have two kennels ready, one for you and one for next year. In six months, the board will review and most likely approve a plan to build six more kennels. This will give the hospital an essential way to retain graduating residents in areas with critical shortages. We have already selected the Dermatology Resident who will be enslaved at the end of her residency next year.”

“I have done everything I can to get you the least harsh conditions I could. I had to fight dirty to get them to give you one full day per week to recuperate by going to Risk Management and arguing it was a patient safety issue. I also insisted that your period of sexual service not start until after your board exams.”

We pulled into the parking lot; I knew what would happen next from watching slave dramas on Telemundo-X; they often showed some poor girl’s enslavement. I used to imagine feeling what the hapless girl was feeling (which, as a fantasy, can be deliciously erotic).

I watched avidly each time a terrified young woman was stripped, washed, photographed, made to practice block moves, and finally put on display before being auctioned. I had a lubed vibrator ready for when one of the slave wranglers decided to sample the poor girl’s cunt. Those were some of my best fantasy orgasms.

I also loved watching ‘Game of Holes’ on Cinemaxxx. Game of Holes was a competition where two pleasure slaves were held in rotating frames while four men played poker to decide who got what. A camera on the ground pointed up so they could cut to close-ups of a glistening wet vulva or of a large jeweled butt plug.

The winner got to pick the slut he wanted. The remaining three got the other slut. They picked which hole they would get in order of their winnings. The sluts were placed on two queen size beds. Viewers got to see close-ups of the live-action; watching the sluts beg and be used roughly was one of my guilty pleasures and a source of frigging fantasies.

They always showed the second slut being made airtight, where the T.V. screen was a triptych of close-ups of the three cocks filling the three holes simultaneously.

One of my biggest fears was people finding out that I, a confident, successful physician, loved fantasizing about being submissive and watching slave dramas. I shivered when I thought of the damage it could do to my career.
We parked in the space reserved for E.T. processing near the front door. I saw her eyes soften as she said, “Strip. Put your clothes in this holdall, then get in position to be collared.”

The humiliation burned as I stripped naked in public. I knelt while Ms Durham locked me in a blue-collar to indicate I was an E.T. slave. Growing up in New Jersey meant I hadn’t been graded for my college loan, so this was my first time experiencing the uniquely American rite of passage. She zip-tied my hands behind my back. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me. I wondered if it was karma for having enjoyed watching women be enslaved in T.V. dramas.

“Erin, while you are in this facility, you are a regular slave, not an E.T. slave under Oklahoma state law. You will instantly comply with every command. You will address me as Mistress Durham. Let’s go.”

She led me leashed to the reception desk. Mistress Durham presented the legal papers to a woman who led us to the judge’s office. I knelt naked on the floor with my knees spread wide while the judge spent 20 minutes reviewing the paperwork. After verifying my debt and earning potential, he signed that the agreement was legal and that 4 years of enslavement provided fair value to the loan company.

“Slut, do you understand this agreement and what is required of you in return for the reduced number of years?”

“Yes, Master.”

The judge stamped the agreement and handed it back to my Mistress. He stood up, “Thank me for signing your papers.”

I looked at my Mistress in panic.

“Slut, be obedient,” she reminded me before unlocking my handcuffs.

I’d not dated since completing my undergraduate degree. Medical school and the residency had left no time or energy for anything else. Don’t believe what you see on Grey’s Anatomy. Residents don’t have time for quickies in an office or closet. It was 8 years since I’d last seen a cock.

I knelt and undid his fly. I was relieved to see his semi-engorged cock would not be too fat for my throat. Without thinking, I slipped into acting out what I’d seen on late-night slave shows – it was a lot easier to imagine I was an actress in a drama than think about how humiliating it was to do this in reality.

I was already getting aroused from knowing what was coming next. I cupped his balls and licked his length while looking up and making eye contact.

“Fuck yes, that’s what I’m talking about,” he exclaimed.

He turned to Mistress Durham, “I see these hoity white ‘Extraordinary Talent’ princesses come in here every now and then thinking they are too important to be sluts. I love that state law allows me to humiliate them and drive home their status as worthless pleasure sluts while they are in this building.”

When he said, ‘drive home,’ he started face-fucking me brutally until I gagged, but he kept going. I couldn’t hold back my gag response any longer. Mistress Durham realized and grabbed the trash can for me to heave into. The lawyer looked inordinately pleased with himself for inflicting the humiliation of making me barf. My Mistress handed me a water bottle to rinse the taste out of my mouth and then told me to keep going.

He resumed face-fucking me with a vengeance while calling me every demeaning name under the sun. I had never been so humiliated in my life. He was pushing the deliberate humiliation harder than they ever did on T.V. I was torn between hating him and feeling the heat in my loins grow. I could feel and smell my arousal dripping down between my thighs. When he came, there were only a few miserable spurts. He still made me show him his jizz on my tongue and show my Mistress.

My Mistress took me to the bathroom to freshen up and rinse my mouth again. Gone was the earlier softness; only a steely hard look remained. It dawned on me that she found doing this difficult.
The next stop was the slut-wash so I could get an enema before my medical exam. The slut-wash was manned by two Latinas working on day release in prison garb. I quickly realized I was in for the full ‘Orange Is the New Black’ experience.

“Hey Maya, look at the pretty little white toy we get to play with.”

Maya grabbed me and mauled my tits before forcing her tongue into my mouth. I can’t explain why but I started kissing her back passionately. If my hands hadn’t been cuffed behind my back, I would have grasped her neck to pull her closer.

I desperately wanted the relief of human touch to soothe the ache in my heart over my enslavement. I licked her lips and then sucked them into my mouth. I matched her tongue dance move for dance move as she played deep inside my mouth. This would be my last kiss before my enslavement was complete; I kissed her back as if my life depended on it.

Her hands kneaded my breasts and twisted my nipples till they pleasurably hurt. If a college boyfriend had treated me this roughly, I would have slapped him, but I was enjoying Maya treating me like this. Being naked and collared does things to a girl’s mind.

Apart from my freshman year in the sorority at Temple, I had no experience of being with a woman sexually but being dominated like this by Maya had turned me on fast.

“Ha, Angela, this slut likes me. We can have fun with this one. Can’t we, my pretty little thing?”

I knelt and responded as submissively as I knew, “Yes, Mistress, thank you for playing with me. I am yours in any way you wish.”

They chained me up spread-eagled and washed me like they were acting out a soft-porn fantasy. They soaped me sensually while repeatedly returning to each of my erogenous zones; a woman’s body has many, and they knew every one of them.

They teasingly pretended to moan with pleasure as they ran their hands over me. I was moaning for real. I was also confused by their behavior until I looked up and saw that the security camera pointing straight at us had its red light on. Either security or someone in the management chain was watching. Maya and Angela were putting on a show for them.

Fuck, what if someone from here recognized me as Dr Matthews from the hospital? I was overwhelmed by the feeling of my life being torn away from me.

Maya started finger-fucking me while Angela kissed me and played with my tits. Hot damn. She quickly found my G-spot, and she was experienced. I ground my pelvis against her hand as far as the chains let me. It only took a few minutes for me to cum, and I came hard.

Knowing the V.P. of H.R. had just watched me be completely slutty made me even more humiliated until I saw her surreptitiously playing with her own nipples. I wondered if she was imagining being me or being the slut washers. If I’d realized she was classed as C-suite, I would have known that question would be answered soon enough.

They gave me two enemas which were something I’d never had before. I’d never even had a butt plug in there. After voiding the last one, they led me to a table. I was chained with my feet on the ground spread out to the table legs. My arms were handcuffed behind my back again.

“OK, slut, time to verify your back-passage is clean enough for our deliciously sexy Slave Vet.”

Maya clambered up on the table and lay on her back with her knees up. She ordered me to eat her out. I felt Angela hold my hips and assumed I was about to get a strap-on in my unlubricated ass.
I panicked, “Mistress, I am an anal virgin. Please be gentle.”

She surprised me by pushing slowly into my cunt instead. Something did not feel right. I was sure that wasn’t a strap-on pushing inside me. I forgot about Maya and jerked my head up. Maya burst out laughing.

“Angela, this one is already slave stupid. She hadn’t realized you are trans despite the size of your hands.”

Maya turned back to me, “Angela’s 100% woman but born with the wrong plumbing between her legs. It’s hilarious watching slut after slut try to figure it out. Now, focus! Make me cum.”
My first experience of a lady-cock was nothing like what I’d felt with any man. She was more sensual and seemed to have a more intuitive feel for what a woman needed to enjoy. I groaned. I could lie here for hours and let her pleasure me; her cock felt so fucking good. My first fuck in 8 years was like a summer shower in a drought.

I felt Angela withdraw her cock before I could cum and start lubing my ass. I whimpered in frustration until she slapped my ass and told me to be patient.

She got two lubed fingers in my ass before taking my anal virginity. I was so distracted by the sensation of being sodomized by a lady-cock that I couldn’t focus on Maya. As Angela neared her orgasm, she reached around and started rubbing my clit as she pounded my ass harder and harder.

She brought both of us to orgasm at the same time while I screamed utterly submissive beneath her onslaught. We climaxed together long before I managed to give Maya her happy ending.
Before we left the wash area, I knelt and thanked Angela and Maya for taking care of me. I was amazed that they had taken the time to make me cum and not just taken care of their own needs. I asked why they did it.

“I love forcing my tongue into sluts’ mouths. Some fight me and get punished. Some reluctantly let me in but are passive. Most kiss me back tentatively. You were the first in months to kiss me back in a way that made me feel you wanted me.”

I was taken to have my S.I.N. (slave identification number) tattooed inside my lower lip; I was NJ-73104-0114. I guessed that was my birth state and the hospital’s zip code.
Next was photography and entry into the National Slave Registry. As an E.T. slave, I was spared having the humiliating pink shots taken with my labia and ass cheeks spread open for close-ups. They shot me naked from the front, back, and sides, plus a prison-style mugshot of my face against a height chart. Finally, they fingerprinted me.

The final stop was to the Slave Vet for my medical checkup. We got to her door, which had a plaque saying, “Dr Beatrix Chandler, D.V.M.” I grimaced. Here I was, an animal seeing a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, not a human seeing an M.D. The name sounded familiar, but in my distressed state, I couldn’t place it.

My Mistress handed my leash to the medical assistant, who ordered me into the gynaecology chair and strapped me immovably tight. The vet had her back to me, reading my legal notes.

“Erin Matthews? The Erin Matthews from Temple class of 2014?” She turned around, “Wow! You were the last person I thought I would ever see in this position. A blue-collar slave. What did you do wrong?”

I must have been slave-stupid because I knew I knew her but couldn’t place her. She saw my confusion and giggled, “Failing to recognize someone you know happens easily when you are highly stressed and see them completely out of context.”

“Twelve years ago, I was the vice president of our sorority when you were a freshman. As part of hazing, you had to eat me out and were terrible at it. You were so embarrassed and clueless about a woman’s anatomy. You blushed so hard that it was wicked cute. I made you come to my room every night for ten days until I was satisfied you could take care of your sorority sisters’ needs. I became your Sorority Big Sister.”

She giggled again, “Do you remember what happened on the last night of your mini-apprenticeship in cunt-licking?”

I must have blushed bright scarlet, judging by the heat I felt. “Vividly. You wanted to graduate me, so you and your roommates stripped and lined up on the edge of your bed so I could kiss your feet.”

“You then had me lie on my back so you could each ride my face until you had cum more than once. I had no idea until then how different cunts could look and how different they could taste. Only when you were all satisfied did you use a Magic Wand to give me relief.”

“I remember being inordinately proud that my Big Sister had the sweetest tasting cunt of the lot. Finally, the four of you presented a framed signed certificate of cunt-licking excellence and ordered me to hang it prominently on my dorm wall. I still have that certificate in my private file.”

She giggled again. “You are still wicked cute when you blush, you know. What happened to you?”

I looked at my Mistress in confusion as I was under an N.D.A.

“She’s under a strict N.D.A. and cannot discuss it.”

Beatrix glared daggers at her and re-studied the legal paperwork. “I see she is registered as an E.T. slave in the Department of Internal Medicine in Oklahoma City. She must have just finished her final rotation based on how long it’s been since she graduated from Temple.”

“Let me guess, the hospital is short-staffed, so you fraudulently forced her into slavery to make her stay for,” she paused to find the information, “four more years. Am I right?”

My Mistress looked unhappy and replied rather diffidently, “I can neither confirm nor deny that.”

“Since the N.D.A. makes it clear the hospital wants this kept secret, you will facilitate me checking up on her health and safety every three months. I am legally entitled to do that as the D.V.M. who processed her E.T. intake. Besides, I’m her sorority big sister, which means she is under my protection, OK?”

I was shocked when my Mistress looked relieved. “Agreed. I don’t have the power to protect her, so I would be glad if someone had. But you must promise me you will not tell anyone else.”

“I’m sorry, Erin, but I must complete my examination. As a professional courtesy, I will spare you the needlessly invasive aspects of the gynaecological exam. However, I must check the inside of your vagina for bruising, check the appearance of your cervix, and do a pap smear.”

“I also need to check your lower colon for signs of bruising. Assuming everything is OK, I will give you a local anaesthetic and insert a Nexplanon birth control rod under the skin of your upper non-dominant arm. They are only the size of a matchstick, so don’t worry.”

“They are guaranteed to prevent conception for three years; its effect may last up to five years but can be removed sooner if you want to get pregnant after manumission. With four-year enslavement, you should have myself or your local slave vet replace it in three years to be safe.”

“The hospital has requested that one of the new high-security tracking chips be inserted in your upper leg close to the femoral artery on your dominant side, where it can’t be removed without specialist equipment. I’ve never had this request before. They must be concerned that you will be tempted to remove it yourself.”

“Finally, my assistant will do the mandatory S.T.D. tests. The medical results will be uploaded to your file in the national slave registry where the hospital can access them.”

“Hang in there, Erin. You are strong and fierce. I know you can do this. It is only four years, and the hospital will keep this secret from your colleagues and patients. You will get your old life back and put this behind you soon enough. I promise I am still your big sister and will do what I can to keep you safe.”

I looked at her, feeling insanely grateful to have an ally who knew what I was going through, “You are a lifesaver. I don’t know how to thank you.”

That got another giggle. “I do. I have an ulterior motive; I will be testing your cunt-licking skills on each visit.”

The only appropriate response was a slave mantra from Telemundo-X, “Mistress, I live to serve you. Please, may I take care of your needs?”

She looked delighted and nodded.

Beatrix sat, and I knelt naked before her. Memories came flooding back of all the times I had dined at her Y during my freshman year and how much I had loved being her favorite muff-diver. I remembered everything she liked then and hoped that was still how she liked it.

I breathed heavily on her clit and parted her labia. She liked me to start with three slow sensuous licks up the center before doing anything else. I didn’t need to lick her pussy to know she was already fully aroused. Her labia were fully distended. Inhaling her arousal was like recognizing my favorite perfume; it triggered a visceral response between my legs.

I moaned on her clit, and then explored her outer and inner labia. I’d forgotten nothing; she soon grabbed my hair, moaned, and begged me, “Fuck, little sister. Yes, right there. Ummm, like that. Don’t stop doing that.”
After a few more minutes, she said, “Fingers!” I didn’t give her fingers, not yet. I dove my tongue into her pussy hard and tongue-fucked her for a minute before stopping and only then sliding my fingers in. I remembered Beatrix needed the process drawn out. She tended to rush to the end, and her orgasms weren’t as intense.

I slipped two fingers inside her and swirled circles around the top of her entrance. I wouldn’t finger fuck her till she begged.

“Don’t make me beg, Erin; you know I don’t like being teased.”

I knew only too well she needed to be teased to cum hard.

“Erin! Please. Harder.”

I started finger fucking while I swirled my lips around the hood of her clit without ever touching her precious pearl. I wasn’t going to suck her clit and hit her G-spot till she begged again. She was content to lean back and enjoy the sensations for a while. Soon she grew impatient. “Erin, now! Finish me now!”

“Not yet, Mistress, if you want to cum hard.”

“Ruthless slut,” she whimpered, “cruel ruthless slut.”

She trembled and quivered as her anticipation grew. She pulled my hair harder and groaned in frustration, but I knew what her body craved.

Only when she was humping her mound hard against me and pulling my face tightly into her did I relent. I curled into her G-spot and sucked her clit rhythmically. She screamed so loudly everyone outside must have heard it.

I was kneeling and kissing her vulva softly as she came down when security rushed in, wanting to know who was hurt. We burst out giggling.

“Sorry, Frank, this slutty little thing just made me cum harder than I have all year, and no, you can’t try her; she’s an extraordinary talent muff-diver. I will buy her from her owner for my own exclusive use.”

Frank shook his head in disbelief. Beatrix grinned, “What? A girl can always dream, can’t she?”

“Dr Chandler, I think everyone on this floor just heard you climax. Perhaps you could be a little more discrete in future?”

My Mistress grew impatient with the chitchat. She reattached my leash and tugged hard.

I got one last look back as we left. Beatrix’s eyes brightened as we made eye contact.


After I was uncollared, dressed, and back in the car, Jean said, “Erin, I saw a side of you today that I would never have guessed existed behind the facade of a confident physician. I wouldn’t have guessed you could be so submissive. Although now that I know about your cunnilingus skills, I really will have to try them myself.”

“Tomorrow, a discrete packing company will come and help you move your possessions into the physician slave kennels. I think you will find your kennel more comfortable than you fear as we need physicians well rested to be able to give good care.”

“You will be exhausted after your board exam in July, but I only managed to get you one day off to recuperate. The following day, you will start work on the daytime in-patient service. When you are board-certified, you will receive the same pay and teaching responsibilities as other attending physicians in I. Med.”

“Your sexual service starts on the following day. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you will return to your kennel either straight after your shift or at 8:30 pm, depending on who has booked you. You will have 30 minutes to shower, give yourself an enema, make sure you are fully shaved, and be kneeling naked at the door when your appointment arrives.”

“During your hour of sexual service, your name will be Slut, not Erin. You will be collared and cooperate fully with each person regarding whatever services they want. You will keep and use the blue slave collar you got today to remind your visitors that you are an E.T. slave, and there are legal restrictions on what they can do to you.”

“They are entitled to make any use they wish of your three holes. You will address them as Master or Mistress and never use their names during those hours. You will never discuss sexual service with them or call them Master or Mistress outside those hours.”

“It is in our best interests to keep you healthy. They have agreed that they will not hurt you in a way that draws blood or leaves you bruised anywhere colleagues or patients may see them. Both you and the people using your services will be required to take monthly S.T.D. tests. Dr Hancock will also be your P.C.P. since he is the only one with whom you can discuss your unique challenges and S.T.D. results.”

“Like any slave providing sexual service, you are expected to make the person you are with feel like you love and enjoy every minute and are grateful that they used you. You will always thank them profusely before they leave. Am I clear?”

I nodded.

“Good. Apart from those three hours per week, there will be no hint of your enslaved status. You must not disclose that the hospital has a physician kennel or that you are required to sleep in it. You will simply tell colleagues you have a small apartment in town and prefer to keep yourself to yourself. Clear?”

I nodded again.

“I have talked to the six men and two women entitled to your services. I will make sure the first two people to use you understand this is traumatic for you, and they must break you into your new lifestyle gently. Since he’s your Department Chair, Dr Hancock has insisted on being your first encounter.”

“No one is allowed to book you more than twice a month, and they are not allowed to stay overnight. Once the novelty has worn off, you may find some evenings with no appointment.”

“If you need someone to confide in, you may make an appointment to see me or request a meeting with the slave psychologist; we now have one on retainer for physician slaves.”

“You have each Tuesday off work to do laundry and go food shopping. You may eat out with family members or colleagues on your day off as long as you don’t do or say anything that risks divulging your status back in time for your curfew. On other days, you are not to leave the hospital campus.”

“After sexual service, you will put clean sheets on the bed and launder the towel if they showered afterwards. You are responsible for ensuring you always have clean sheets and towels available for visits.”
As a resident, I had never dealt with the C-suite, “Jean, who exactly is considered to be C-suite?”

“It is the 6 people whose job title starts with ‘Chief’ plus me. So, the C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer), the C.F.O. (Chief Financial Officer), the C.I.O. (Chief Information Officer), the C.L.O. (Chief Legal Officer), the C.M.O. (Chief Medical Officer), and the C.N.O. (Chief Nursing Officer). As I said, Dr Hancock is also included on your list, making 8 people in all.”
I slowly unpacked in the kennel that would be my home for the next four years. It was a combined sitting room/bedroom that was 12’ square, plus a kitchenette with a fridge, a microwave, and a 24” stove. Unlike my old apartment, it had no dishwasher. I had a private bathroom with a shower obviously designed for two people to shower together. I guessed that was one more thing on the ‘Erin Menu’ for the C-suite to sample. I also had a laundry room with a full-size washer and dryer; I should be OK with three extra sets of sheets and towels per week.

The combined living area had a queen-sized bed for sex and two leather chairs. The bed had anchor points attached to each corner of the frame. I grimaced; it seemed bondage was also on the ‘Erin Menu.’ The good news was that I had a comfortable desk and office chair, and a solid bookcase for all my heavy medical texts.

For the next seven weeks, all I could do was cram, go to the cafeteria or hospital library, and go shopping once a week. I stocked up on industrial quantities of lube, condoms, Listerine, analgesics, and soothing ointments for bruises. The hospital had provided four sets of good-quality cotton sheets and luxury towels. I got three different enema kits from CVS to see which one worked best.

The day of my board exams came and went. I slept most of the following day. That evening, the doorbell rang. I opened it to find FedEx had left a heavy package on my doorstep. I opened it without any idea of what was inside.
It contained wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, a steel bar with four cuffs, a flogger, a sorority paddle, a ball gag, a dildo gag, butt plugs, nipple clamps, and chains the right length to clip the cuffs to the bedposts. Oh joy, more things on the ‘Erin Menu.’

My first day at work, a Thursday was not much different from what I had been doing in the final year of my residency. I would only become an attending physician supervising residents after my exam results.
I woke the next day with a sense of dread. After work, I would have my first experience being a high-end slave call-girl with my boss as my first customer. Whoopie-fucking-do.
I spent the whole day feeling like Shakespeare’s “whining school-boy … creeping like snail unwillingly to school.” As the hours ticked down, there was nothing I could do to prevent what would happen next.


When I swiped my badge to get into my kennel, Dr Hancock was notified automatically. I set a timer on my phone for 28 minutes, then showered and freshened up. Mercifully, he had not checked the box on the booking form, ‘Enema required.’

When the timer went, I knelt naked by the door expecting the doorbell to ring. It didn’t. My Master, for the evening let himself in without warning. I was glad I was already kneeling as Ms Durham had instructed rather than waiting for the doorbell. I found out my users had their badges approved to let themselves in.

“Greetings, Master. How may I serve you tonight?”

“Erin, stand up. I’ve brought dinner and thought we could chat over food before you are in slave mode for an hour.”

I stood and looked at him with a puzzled face before grabbing my kimono to cover myself up. He would only get one hour with me naked.

“Erin, look, we will be having sex twice a month for four years. I thought it would be more pleasant for both of us if we got to know each other as friends. You may call me Matt while we eat. Isn’t that better than me walking in and calling you ‘Slut’ in a nasty tone of voice? We can be a couple doing fantasy D/s roleplay after dinner.”

“Except, I wouldn’t have a safeword to stop anything?”

He looked taken aback.

“Well, obviously not, you are a slave, but I would give you a word to respectfully indicate that you were at the limit of what you thought you could take. As your Master, it would be entirely up to me whether I respected that. I’m offering you that if you cooperate in making it fun for me to dominate you, I may allow you a little leeway on what I make you do. Sound good?”

“Is every visit going to be a two-hour dinner and D/s date?” I asked a little petulantly.

“Erin, be reasonable. I’m making an effort here, and you need to meet me halfway, OK?”

“I’m not happy at blurring the lines between you being my boss and being your sex slave. Ms Durham ordered me to keep them clearly separated.”

He sounded annoyed now, “Well, she doesn’t need to know, does she?”

He was someone I could not afford to antagonize, and I had pushed back as hard as I dared. I shrugged, “I’m willing to give it a try.”

The takeout was from Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse, and he’d brought a decent Petite Syrah from Amador Co. He was clearly making an effort if he was willing to spend that much.
“Well, if you bring decent wine like this each time, I’m definitely going to be more cheerfully cooperative.”

That finally got a smile. Dinner conversation consisted of him complaining about his wife while I listened. He worked long hours to bring home lots of money, and “all she had to do was look after the three kids”. He didn’t understand why she was reluctant to have sex and hadn’t gone down on him since she was pregnant with their first kid. It took everything I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes.

“Matt, have you thought that maybe she would be happier and have a stronger libido if you worked fewer hours, brought home less money, and made time for her instead? Maybe she would make more time for you in return.”

“Obviously not; why would I want to make less money? You sound like my sister, which I don’t appreciate,” he snapped.

It only took a few weeks to learn that the ‘Erin Menu’ included marriage counselling and being a sympathetic Agony Aunt for interminable complaints about their spouses, children, colleagues, relatives, and not getting laid. The movie ‘Pretty Woman’ had it right: stressed executives sometimes just wanted a sympathetic friend to talk to safely.

I had just finished clearing the plates and glasses into the sink and wiping the table when he barked, “Slut, present!”

I stood before him, legs wide apart and hands behind my neck to push my perfectly rounded B-cup boobs out. I kept my gaze straight ahead. I had never done slave yoga, so I wasn’t sure I knew all the block positions. What I knew was from watching the slave dramas on T.V.

Master walked around my slender naked body, admiring it. He ran his hands softly over my boobs and my butt before squeezing them to feel how firm they were and cupping them to feel their weight and how they bounced.
He groaned, “Oh Erin, you have perfect boobs, they are so firm and perky, and I love how high on your chest they are. I love a shaved cunt, too. My wife has never shaved for me. I’ve only ever seen a shaved cunt on pleasure sluts I rent. Seeing my sexy resident naked and fully shaved is so freaking hot; I love it.”

He walked around me again, “Gorgeous, simply fucking gorgeous. Even better than I had imagined when I was mentally undressing each of the residents months ago. I will have lots of fun pounding the living daylights out of your tight slutty little holes for the next four years. Kneel, Erin, you know what to do next.”

Remembering that he had just complained at length that his wife hadn’t gone down on him for several years, I knelt. I ran my hand up his semi-turgid length and held his glans in my mouth, using my lips to pulse sensation on his cock while running my hands over his cock and down onto his balls. I did enjoy the sensation of a cock engorging in my mouth; I love the feeling of power and control it gave me.

When he was fully hard, I went lower and started sucking his balls, taking each into my mouth in turn; I played with him swirling my tongue all over each ball and then sucking it deep into my mouth before going back up to the glans, all the while running my other hand up and down his shaft.

I started bobbing and humming on his cock while using both hands to rotate and pump his shaft.

“Oh! Oh, Erin, I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to have my cock in a beautiful woman’s mouth again. Getting a blowjob from a cheap pleasure slut isn’t the same, and I can’t afford those who’ve been on the 8-week sex academy training. Or, at least, my wife would notice that much cash being used. I’m so glad we picked you to be the resident we enslaved this year.”

I don’t know if he realized that he’d just confessed to the fraud, but sadly I hadn’t left my cellphone on record to capture it.

I forced myself to deep throat him. He shuddered when I got him balls deep in my throat and the sides of my mouth tight on his groin.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, no one has ever deep-throated me that deep before. Oh, I’m so sensitive there.”

I drew back and started slowly sinking him deep in my throat again.

“Erin, STOP!”
It was too late. I felt him stiffen and then start to cum. I pulled back to play with his head while milking his cock for every drop. I felt three good ropes jet into my mouth. He didn’t taste bad; I’d dumped one college boyfriend because his cum always tasted weird. I kept it in my mouth, remained kneeling, and showed him.

“Stand up, Erin. I want to admire the view.”

I stood before him with my mouth wide open as he inspected my cum-slathered tongue.

“Good slut, you are such a good little slut.” He kissed my forehead, “I’m so sorry, Erin. I’m annoyed with myself for not realizing I would cum and stopping you sooner.”

He looked upset, “Matt, don’t worry. If this was your first proper blow job in years, then it is not surprising you were a little excited. Let’s just cuddle for a while until you are ready for me to fluff you for round two.”

He sighed and stripped off. When he was naked, I pulled the bedcovers back and pulled him onto the bed. I cuddled him for a while and murmured reassurance before he wanted to kiss me. He clearly was determined to make me his slave girlfriend rather than a hooker to fuck. He even seemed happy with me calling him Matt rather than Master. He turned out to be a decent kisser, and I relaxed into it after a while. If I was going to survive four years of this, I needed to find pleasure where I could.

“Matt, if you go down on me, maybe playing with my pussy will help you get hard again?”

“Yes, I’d love to admire your shaved cunt up close.”

He complied, apparently OK with me topping from the bottom.

I guessed he had hardly ever done this for his wife as he didn’t really know what he was doing. Amazingly, he accepted guidance on what I liked and seemed grateful for it. I guess his wife had never guided or encouraged him either. Now I think of it, most men had been grateful for advice on how I liked it. It took a while, and I had to reach down to play with my clit with one hand and my nipples with the other while he licked me, but I did get a decent orgasm. I fluffed him until he was hard again and asked if he was ready to fuck me.

“I’d been planning to, but after that first blowjob, I want to feel the sensation of my cock buried in your warm wet mouth until I cum. Please don’t be disappointed; we can fuck next time.”
Don’t be disappointed? I thought, what fantasy world is he living in?

“What can I do to help you last longer?”

“It was feeling the sides of your mouth tight against the sensitive nerve endings in my groin that did it. I want you to deep-throat me again, but not quite as deep. OK?”

“Standing? Sitting at the edge of the bed? Lying on your back? Or me lying on my back with my head hanging over the side so you can face-fuck me?”

“I am so going to face-fuck you like that next time, but this time I just want to lie back, relax, enjoy it, and let you do all the work.”

I pushed his legs apart and licked his balls.

“Matt, would you be willing to shave your balls to make this easier for me?”

“If my new girlfriend wants them shaved, they will be shaved.”

New girlfriend? Sheesh.

“Hmmm, thank you, they will look gorgeous shaved.”

I played with each ball, sucking it and rolling it around my mouth before licking the underside of his scrotum and perineum. I kissed the top of his inner thighs before licking up along his length, then up each side of his length.
This was the first chance to really examine his cock. He was average length but above average girth. Not so wide the veins stood out, but at least I would feel nicely full when he eventually fucked me.
I told him he had a fatter cock than anyone I had ever dated. Every guy wants to hear his cock is your biggest yet. Even though most of them know you are lying, they still enjoy the compliment.
I took his head slowly into my mouth, letting him feel the wet warmth enclosing him. I sensuously rolled my tongue around it and played with it before sucking him deeper into my mouth. I bobbed up and down on the top half of his cock while rolling the skin between his balls between my fingers.

He enjoyed the slow sensual build-up and ran his hands through my hair, “You are the most amazing woman I have ever dated, Erin; you are perfectly beautiful when you have my cock in your mouth.”
I realized he was determined to live out his fantasy affair with a pretty resident and played along.

“It’s lucky I chose I. Med. Then, and got you as my boss and not one of the other specialities.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Matt, I think we can make this work over the next four years if we look after each other.”

“Fuck, Erin, I’d love that.”

My goal now was to get him to care for me rather than simply use me.
I started deep-throating him but not quite bottoming out until he was close. He clutched my hair tighter until it hurt and groaned with pleasure. I needed to finish this before he pulled my hair out by accident.
I pushed down until the sides of my mouth were tight on his groin again: he exploded on contact. His orgasm was more intense, lasted longer, and he still got two decent ropes of cum into me.

“Thank you, Erin; I can’t tell you how wonderful that was.”

I reassured him it would get even better as we got used to being with each other. As he was leaving, he hugged tightly me like I was his new best friend. I guess he really was starving for physical affection. We kissed for a while then he swiped himself out of the door. I lay in bed pondering my first night as a doctor-slave-whore. Maybe topping from the bottom would be the way to manage these stressed executives and the stress of my enslavement? That would be a good question for the slave psychologist.

On reflection, Matt had decent wedding tackle and seemed determined to be nice to me. I probably could make this work if I trained him to make sure my needs were met as well. Training him might even help his marriage. I bet he hadn’t told her about the new resident slut. After a tasteless microwave dinner, I fell asleep and dreamt I was in a lurid Telemundo-X slave drama set on a pirate ship.

Parts 2 and 3 tell the rest or Erin's story from the Bought or Rescued Series before embarking on Erin's next adventure in Part 4 onwards
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Re: Erin's Story - Parts 1

Post by openmouth-tongueflat »

Really amazing story! I find that I'm usually most interested in the set-up, and I always prefer the set-ups that say something about the real world. Yours is perfect! I could absolutely see an academic institution puling something like this, lol. It's airtight. And whilst Dr. Hancock is a nightmare, it's a very interesting relationship to introduce into Erin' situation: I thought I would be frustrated immediately when it really started kicking up, but you convinced me right away that it could be very hot. A fantastic angle on dominance and the many faces it wants to take.

And speaking of hot: I loved the sex in this. It's very good.

Sorry I have no criticism, but I wanted to share my appreciation for your story! Thanks!
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Re: Erin's Story - Part 1

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Read this story and your others on Literotica. This one I feel is one of your best. Your talent is amazing and I really enjoy your work. Erin's story hits close to home forme and my fantasy world. Thank you so much for including this fine piece of work here.

Warmest regards,

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Re: Erin's Story - Part 1

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I really enjoyed this story. It's an interesting twist to enslave a woman for professional reasons, as well as to have her top from the bottom. I also liked the specificity of it (Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse!, and the 7 Ages of Man reference from As You Like It). Great character development, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes! :-)
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Re: Erin's Story - Part 1

Post by JustBob »

Thank you for your stories! It is interesting to have stories from the woman's viewpoint written by a woman, not a man trying to think like a woman. I do hope you finish this series. I am curious to see how being enslaved will affect her future and career.
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Re: Erin's Story - Part 1

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I just love the way Erin is manipulated into accepting a four year period of enslavement. Instantly you bond with this character feeling her angst in every paragraph as the story unfolds.
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