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This site was set up to continue a tradition that began over 20 years ago on Yahoo Groups. The general theme is for stripsearches, spankings and general humiliation. To that end, here are the rules for writing stories.


No sexual activity involving characters under the age of eighteen.

No scat, snuff, or bestiality.

No excessive violence, torture or mutilation. Brands or tattoos used in slave stories are acceptable, as long as they are small markers, not huge and disfiguring.


Stories should focus on humiliation and submission. While some BDSM activity will frequently be part of this, it should be kept to a level that consenting adults would do in the bedroom, not complete degradation. If your stories lean toward the "hard" side, post a warning at the top.

I would prefer not to see rape feature in stories. If that is your interest, there are other sites that will cater to you.

Regards, Steve
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