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Crystals vacation part 6

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Crystals vacation part 6

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After her shower, Crystal drys off. Then reached into her backpack and finds a fresh pair of bikini panties and slips them on. She reached into the backpack again and soon realizes that she only had one bra, and it was hastily left behind at the jail where she’d spent the previous night. She was sure that the two rednecked deputies were probably using her intimate undergarments to jerk themselves off with, so no way was she going back for them.

It only then seemed important that she needed a bra. Even though she watched the other girl with her just throw on a tee shirt, and acted confident with herself being without one. Thought she’d already been a slave, and probably would have been equally confident walking out the door naked. Crystal was far from that degree of confidence. Even though outside of work her mom often goes bra less, and outside of school and work Misty also goes bra less.

Crystal thinks about that for a moment, and realized Misty likes the second and third looks random guys will give her. As they hunger for her cookie sized areola’s and thick puffy nipples easily seen through the thin white tank top. With the bottoms of her well endowed D cups hanging out the bottom of it. Below will be her chubby belly and pierced navel, along with her fat ass and thick thighs below that.

Yeah Misty might be a little more outgoing in some ways than Crystal. Like mom she’s more of the slut type.

“ Looks like I’m gonna be bra shopping at Wall Mart. “
Crystal says with a sigh as she quickly puts on a tee shirt. She looks at herself in the mirror.

“ Thank Gawd my tits ain’t as big as Misty’s or moms! “

She slipped on a pair of shorts and runs a brush through her still wet hair.
She slipped her bare feet into her flip flops, packs away her dress, and things and makes her way over towards the coin laundromat.

She did notice that guys were looking her way, along the way.

“ Are they looking at me? Or just my tits? “
The look she got from some guys was so intense, it was as if they even could have had X ray vision. As she passed they stared hard at her ass.

Crystal try’s to act as if it doesn’t bother her.
She makes her way into the laundromat and throws her dress, towels and washcloth into the washing machine.

She then picked up a magazine and sat down in a chair outside the front of the laundry mat. After a few minutes of thumbing through the magazine. She hears the soft friendly voice of a female talking to her.

“ Hey how are you doing? “

Crystal looks up from her magazine and sees it’s Alison Krause herself talking to her.

Crystals heart starts to beat fast, as she gets so excited that Alison is actually talking to her.

“ Alison? I’m great? How are you? “

“ I’m doing great! “
She then hands Crystal a schedule of all the groups performing in the festival.

“ Congratulations you and your group is opening for us tomorrow night. “

Crystal gasps as she sees the schedule. It didn’t matter none that they were dead last as far as the amateur groups go. But they were just before the professionals so she appreciated that Alison kind of spun it in a positive way.

These festivals are a big deal in the bluegrass world. All the big names follow these festivals around. So not only was it Alison Krause but The Tony Rice unit, Seldom scene, Ralph Stanley and the Clench mountain boys. And of course you can’t have bluegrass without Bill Monroe.
But the one that Crystal wanted to see the most was Ricky Skaggs. No man makes her wetter than Ricky Skaggs. And if it would have been him stop by to talk to her, she would have creamed on herself right then and there. She also would have fell to her knees before him and would have done whatever to please him right in front of the entire world.

“ Oh and congratulations on being graded Prime and all. “

Crystal was caught off guard hearing that from Alison.

Her blood starts to boil and her face turns crimson.

“ I can’t believe they told that? “
Crystal says thinking out loud.

“ Told what? “
Alison asks back, noticing Crystals quick change in demeanor.

“ Did the boys tell you that? “

“ No I heard it from a group of girls. “
She looks around and waves toward some other people she knew.

“ You mind if I ask you something personal? “

“ Of course not go ahead. “

“ How have you graded? “
Crystal asks Alison.

Alison starts to laugh out loud.

“ I’ve never been slave graded. “
She then paused for a moment and looks down her nose at Crystal.

“ And to be perfectly honest with you, I’m surprised and a little disappointed that you did. I thought you were better than that. “

Hearing those words from Alison Krause just cut Crystal to her core. She felt a heavy sense of shame come over her.

“ Oh you have to excuse me now, have a good show tomorrow night. “
And with that she walks away leaving Crystal drowning in a pool of her guilt and shame.
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Re: Crystals vacation part 6

Post by Belinda »

So love this chapter. Excellent.

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