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The Yards---Chapter 6

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The Yards---Chapter 6

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Thank you for reading my story. This chapter is a little different. I have had this whole meshing of Kaylee's story along with those of her mother. I thought I would get some feedback of her mother and father, so I am not sure if people liked that part of chapter 1. I have one or two flashback chapters in my head as this moves forward, unless you all hate it then I can figure something else out. Thanks again.

Thanks also to Joe Doe, and Carl, and all of the other fine 34th amendment story tellers. Thank you for kindly welcoming me to your world.
Also reference one of Carl's stories I hope you don't mind.

The Yards --Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The silence in the car was just too much. I tried to sleep, but fear, anxiety, excitement, the smell cum filling my lungs every time I inhaled, and the eating in my gut about why everyone laughed at me made my attempts to rest pointless. I just kept my eyes closed trying to think of anything but the moment.

“I have to pee,” Morgan announced, suddenly breaking the silence.

“Me too and we need to get gas. We will pull over at the next exit, get some gas and see if I can’t freshen the both of you up a little.” Miss Pierce smiled looking up at us through the rear-view mirror.

I sat up in my seat the best I could, “umm I was wondering.” I paused looking at her in the mirror then to my best friend next to me.

“Yes, Kaylee what is it?” glancing up at me for a moment before turning on her signal as we approached the next exit.

“Well, umm you, I mean like everyone, well you all,” I inhaled, finding my nerve, “you all sort of laughed at me back at the courthouse.”

Morgan snorted and smiled, “Yeah cuz you're like 12 seriously.”

I shook my head at her, feeling our friendship was really being tried over the last couple of months, and especially now, and the last few days. It felt like Morgan was quickly growing away from me and I did not understand why. We had been best friends for as long as I can remember. She was there to give me a pad when I got my first period in Junior High. Now she sat beside me, and I could not feel the connection we had had for so long. I felt sad and alone, and that only added to my anxiety of going through what was to come by myself.

The van slowed to and stopped at an intersection, as Miss Pierce was looking back and forth between two choices for gas trying to decide which would be better. She turned on the right signal and made her turn and drove to the smaller of the two.

Morgan looked at me, “Thank you, sir, for letting me suck your PENIS,” she took the tone of an elementary school brat on the playground mocking me, scrunching up her nose as she spoke, “thank you for blessing me with your SPERM! I mean come on grow the hell up! I know you know the word fuck, and cock, and cunt, and cum, so use them for fuck sakes before you make it worse on both of us!”

“Girls stop.”

“Why are you being so fucking mean to me right now!”


“I did not get us into this you fucking bitch, it was you what wanted to sneak in when I was willing to buy a ticket for the both of us!”

“Kaylee, Stop.”

“It was you that wanted to be a bad girl, and sneak behind the stage and stuff.”


“None of this shit is my fault, but your fucking treating me like I am the one that caused it. You are acting like a piece of shit best friend!”

“KAYLEE, STOP IT!” Miss Pierce shouted above me. We were stopped outside of the gas pumps. Miss Pierce turned in her seat, and I could see her out of the corner of my eye staring angrily at me. I was panting and angry, glaring at Morgan. All the emotions I had been feeling poured out of me on to my best friend.

Morgan’s eyes narrowed has her lips brew tight against her teeth, and a slow deliberate, “FUCK YOU KAYLEE MILLER!”

I started to cry. My hands were bound so I could not wipe my eyes as the torrent of tears started to flow, my chest bouncing as my whole body began to cry.

“Dear god could this get any worse, seriously you two this is hard on all of us! You both need to suck it up and be adults here.”

Miss Pierce got out of the van, and I could hear her outside messing with the pump. The door opened a moment later and she removed Morgan’s seatbelt, collar restraint, and cut the cuffs from her feet. She pulled Morgan out of the van by her leash and walked away toward the back of the van and out of sight.

I started to get control of myself for the few moments that they were gone, telling myself I was going to be alright, as I thought about the language that I used. I did talk like I was young and naive. How foolish, I must seem to them using words like sperm and penis, especially dressed like I am. I looked down at myself, my once white slave dress was stained and dirty, and now had tears and snot drying it alongside the sperm...”CUM!”...I corrected thoughts to myself out loud.

“Excuse me? Cum?” Miss Pierce had returned alone to the van and started to get in.

“I um, forget it, never mind.”

She was soon getting me out of the van, and leading me by my leash to a fenced off pet area next to the gas station. I could see Morgan walking along the far side of the area looking down as she did.

“Try not to take too much of this personally, you both are under a lot of stress, and It may only get worse.”

“I know, “I bit my lip trying to not cry, “I am just trying to make this a positive experience like get the most out of it. I mean it is happening so experience it all I guess.”

“Sure, I get it, but I can’t afford all of the experience so you're getting the budget version,” she smiled and winked at me, “and besides you might not like the all-inclusive experience.” We were at the gate and she turned me around. “Spread your legs so I can get that device off of you.” She took a small bottle from her pocket and started to shake it up. Then she lifted my dress and squirted it all around the device.

“Now let that sit for a moment.” Then she really looked at me for the first time, “you are a mess, and so is this dress. No sense worrying about it now.” She lifted the collar to my face and wiped away the last of the tears and snot from my nose and face.

“Do you need to blow?”

I shook my head no, and she let the dirty sticky dress fall back against my body.

“Now let’s see,” She gripped the top of the vagina...pussy protector and started to pull it away from my body. At first it did not budge but then I felt a small section of the plastic lose its grip on my flesh then the rest pulled away quickly.

I looked down at my pussy. It was red sweaty and swollen, and my clit seemed to still be sticking way out from where it normally was.

“Now you have to pee outside, so go do your business while I finish getting gas. I will try to get us some towelettes to freshen the both of you up.”

“Thank you, Miss Pierce.”

She let go of my leash, “please it's Mandy, now hurry and go pee.”

She quickly left the enclosure and jogged a few steps over to the car. I looked over at Morgan, and she scowled at me and turned her head. I saw her squat in a corner and I saw a surge of fluid run out from between her legs, and it was then that it dawned on me that I was to relieve myself like an animal. I moved as far away from my ex-friend as I could then squatted down my arms still bound behind my back trying to keep my balance as I looked off into the woods behind the gas station, I tried to relax and let my mind wonder about what Mis…. Mandy said about not having enough money for all of this. I wondered what I could do as I finally felt the pressure in my bladder release and all my pee spraying into the grass under me. I stayed that way lost in thought and air drying, until I heard Mandy walking up beside me.

“Hey I hope you're done, because we need to get moving, we don’t have very far left to go.”

“Yea I’m done.” I rose slowly and waited for her to take my leash again, looking around I didn’t see Morgan.

“She is already in the van.”

“Oh, I did not even hear you get her.”

“Yeah, you seemed pretty focused, and I thought it best to give you a minute.”

“Thank you,” she took my leash and started to walk toward the exit. “Umm I kind of was thinking about something.”

“Sure, what is it?” She kept walking toward the exit.

‘Could you stop for a moment?”

She stopped and turned around, “what is it hon? What's bugging you?”

I looked down at her, and hesitated for a second, ‘so you know what you were saying about not having enough money.”


“Well, I feel bad about getting you into this mess and you should not have to be paying for this. I mean I have the money, and I think you should let me pay for this. I mean we kind of left my purse at your house but I could get you all the money you spent on this when we get back, so you don't have to worry about that.

“Oh Kaylee, thank you. Money is tight, are you sure you don't mind? It would be helpful.”

“No, of course not.”

‘Thank you, now we should be going,” she started to pull me again.

‘One more thing.”

She sighed, “yes, we really need to be going,” she was impatient.

“I want the whole experience.”

“Excuse me”

“Yeah, so I don't care what you decide on her,” nodding toward the van, “but I would really like the best experiences of this whole thing. I mean I won’t get this chance again.”

She looked hard at me, staring into me, “you're sure?”

I nodded

“Ok let's see how it goes, now come on,”

“Please don’t tell Morgan, I don’t want her to know, you know what I said.”

“We all have secrets Kaylee,” she smiled and gave me a tug back to the car.

“Yeah, we all have secrets," I whispered to myself.”


4 Months ago

“Kaylee, can I see you in the living room please,” Erin's mom was yelling up at the stairs for her daughter.

Kaylee came bounding down from the stairs, “yea mom what’s up?”

Erin had her back to Kaylee when she came into the living room putting some things in her purse. Erin turned back around to face her daughter, putting her purse on her shoulder, and held out Kaylee’s tablet.

“Mom, I can explain.”

“We all have secrets Kaylee, just don’t let your father find out about this one,” she handed the tablet to her daughter, “your dad and I will be gone for a few days, no parties, Morgan can stay over if you like.”

Kaylee stood there silent looking at her tablet as her mom spoke. She had been found out her secret porn tablet had been discovered.
Erin walked to the door and as she was about to leave, with her back still turned, “I saved one in your favorites called ‘Moxie at the Spinning Wheel Pony Ranch’, I think you’ll like it.” The door closed behind her, leaving Kaylee standing there embarrassed and confused.

Erin had not expected to be back at The Yards so soon. It had only been three weeks since Wayne Newport, and her husband had come to an agreement that would shape their future moving forward. Now in just three short weeks she and Jacob were being flown by private helicopter back to The Yards to sign the papers, and she would be obligated to fulfill her physical agreement with Wayne.

Stepping off the helicopter the roof of The Yards. The day was brisk even in the early spring sun. There was still some artificial wind being generated from the slowing helicopter blades that blew against Erin’s stocking clad legs lifting her skirt as the two security guards helped them off the helicopter seeing them safely into the building. Once inside they continued down a staircase, and Erin fell in line behind her husband, brushing her skirt down, and straightening her hair. They only went down one flight of stairs before coming to another door, that opened into another office. This one was felt bigger then the first office they had originally met Wayne in, but it was almost identical. The furniture was the same, how they sat in the office was the same but something was just off. Erin looked at Jacob, and could see that he was equally as confused as she was.

“Arms out please,” one of the security guards spoke as they both stood in front of the couple. They were just what you though a security guard should be. Large massive men, with the only thing harder than the muscles on their bodies was the stern look on their faces. They wore dark well-tailored suits, and had a small earpiece with a squiggly cord running into the collar of the jacket.
Jacob and Erin both raised up their arms, the guard closest to Jacob began to run a metal detector wand lightly over his clothes, and Jacob was done quickly without a single beep. The guard motioned for him to sit down, and Jacob took his seat looking up at Erin as the wand ran down between her legs.
The guard looked at her and passed it over the inside of her other leg.
“Mam?” The guard looked at her as her face turned a deep crimson red.
“I think it, um it’s probably my garter belt hook.”
He did not say anything and ran it on the outside of her legs and when it got to her thighs the wand cried out again. He then passed it over her arms, and back, then across her chest.
He looked at her cocking an eyebrow, “underwire?”
“Yes sir,” she answered, trying to see past him to see how Jacob was handling it but the man was just too big and blocked her view.
Both men put a finger to their ear and then nodded yes almost simultaneously.
“We have been asked to verify.” the guard holding the wand set it on the desk then moved behind Erin taking her wrists in his large hands, pulled her arms down and held them tight behind her back. The other guard moved in front of her. Then he moved his hands under her sweater and much slower than was necessary began to grope and fondle her breasts. He then dropped to one knee. As he did the other guard let go of her wrists, and reaching under her sweater gripped her breasts pulling her close to him.
Erin thought she felt something hard twitch against her ass, but she could not be sure. This was happening so quickly, and when the guard knelt in front of her it was the first time, she was able to see her husband since it started. He just sat there watching fixated to the what she was going through. She had dressed rather conservatively when they left with a light sweater to match the coolness of the day, and a long-pleated skirt. She looked down at the guard in front of her as he put his hands under her skirt and rand his hands up her right thigh raising the skirt as he did. His hands quickly found the tops of the stockings she was wearing, but he continued his search to her pussy. He lingered there for a moment moving his hand back and forth against her panty clad cunt.
Erin bit her lip to stifle a gasp. He proceeded to investigate her left leg and repeated the process but rubbing her pussy a few moments longer. She pressed back into the guard behind her as he did. Then it ended as quickly as it had begun. The guard behind her released her breast and took his hands from her sweater, and the one in front of her stood up and motioned for her to sit by her husband.
“Are you ok hon?” Jacob asked as she slipped into a soft chair.
“I will be,” she smiled at him as she smoothed her top and skirt.

The guards moved and flanked the door they had entered, crossing their hands looking straight ahead.
This silents in the room gave Erin and Jake an opportunity to look around the office. Everything seemed to be the same as the office they had first met Wayne in. Same furniture, same desk, same drink cart, but there was something different.
It was Jacob that first spoke, “The walls are all mirrors, two ways if I were to guess.”
“Really why do you think is?”

“Erin you’re soon to be 43 years old, please don’t be so naive?”
“I don’t understand why would he want people to watch him work?” Erin truly was at a loss. She was caught up trying to think of a reason to have an identical office with observation mirrors all around.
Jake shook his head, “he peddles flesh love, slaves, prostitution, P-O-R-N-O-G-R-A-P-H-Y.” He was patronizing her as he said pornography, slowly enunciating each letter of the word, looking her in the eye as he did. His thumb and forefinger pinched together the rest of his fingers sticking straight up from his hand, moving his hand with each letter as if he was trying to elaborately direct the words into her subconscious.
Erin felt a heat rise in her as he did this, almost not hearing the word at all. She hated when he treated her like a toddler. She smiled through the rage that she was feeling, “oh, OHHH!” she blinked her eyes at him feigning a sudden awareness. She smiled ‘asshole!’ she thought, “silly me guess I had a blonde moment.”
“Honey, you have daily blonde moment, but I love you in spite of them.”
“Thank you honey,” she reached out and took his hand. Smiling at him she stood up, kicked her foot into his chest stabbing him with her 3-inch sensible high heel. He looked at her in surprise, but she was not done. As she pressed into his chest harder and the blood really started to flow from the open wound, she twisted his arm and ripped it from his body.
“I wonder why he has us waiting, Are you nervous about his demands?”
She shook her head yes, as her day dream faded. She knew that it was her job to serve her husband in every way as the good book demanded, but she hated him every time she spoke down to him. She was well educated, probably smarter than he was, and more than willing to take a backseat to him and his dreams. BUT “DON’T FUCKING TALK DOWN TO ME!” she thought.
She shifted in her seat. “I am very nervous about what he might have planned, and hope that is nothing more than just sex. I can do that, and I know it will be for us and a good cause.”
He squeezed her hand and opened his mouth to say something more when the door opened.
Wayne strode in the office, dressed far more casually than the first time they had met. He wore khaki shorts, polo shirt, and leather deck shoes. A well-dressed woman in a navy skirt suit, and an overweight older gentleman in a very expensive suit followed him into the room. The guard shut the door behind them as they entered.
“Sorry for the delay. I hope that the flight here was ok.”
“It was wonderful, there was no need to do that, we were prepared to drive.” Jake stood up to shake Wayne’s hand.
“Of course, but all of my business partners come and go in style. You're entering the big leagues, Jacob; you need to start acting like it.” He took his hand, gave it a solid shake and let go.
“I am not sure how our supporters would feel if I started running around in private helicopters. They might start asking questions.”
“Excellent point,” Wayne turned to Erin holding out his hand, “and how did you like riding in a private helicopter Mrs. Miller?”
She blushed as she took it, Jacob saw that his wife was continuing to do her part and knew she would continue until the deal was finalized, “oh it was amazing. I loved every moment of it.
“That is good to hear, now we should get down to business if you don't mind. I am a busy man, and well so many things to do,” Wayne motioned toward the man and the woman who stepped up and seemed to produce a file out of nowhere. Jake, Erin this is Mr. Jones and Mrs. Black they are two of my attorneys, and are here to supervise the signing of the agreements.”

Jake smiled and nodded toward both of them, his wife standing dutifully behind him.

“Mr. Miller, Mrs. Miller if you could step over here to the desk, please,” Mr. Black spoke to them. They both made their way to the desk and were flanked by the two lawyers, while Wayne stood behind his desk. “This first agreement is for your 3.5% of SPSI, and the subsequent declarations, and conditions. If you fail to meet your obligations, and the deadlines herein, your assets, including board seats become the sole property of SPSI.”
“That is not something that we discussed Wayne,” Jake looked up at him from the contracts, “I thought that we had an understanding that my contribution would be my influence, and connections?”
“Look Jake this is a formality, something to keep you motivated,” Wayne paused and looked at him, “do you have any doubt that you won’t be able to deliver?”
“I am absolutely sure that I will be able to deliver everything that I have promised.”
“Very good then let the lawyers finish with one last item, get these signed, and begin making plans,” he waved his hand at the attorney.
“Yes, continuing assets, board seats, and last your final asset your wife Erin.”
“Jacob!” Erin gasped.
“Wayne what is this?”
Wayne took his seat behind his desk, “just formalities”.
Jake took his wife’s hand, “come on, it's time for us to go.”
He stepped back from the desk and took a couple of steps away, but stopped when Erin’s hand slipped from his own. He turned back and saw her standing firm in her place.
“Jake sign the papers.”
“Erin, we could lose everything, I don’t want to you be a slave. We don’t need this money, or anything else this man has to offer.”
She took a deep breath, “you are going to sign the papers, and we are going to meet the deadlines, and make the world a better, and safer for everyone.”
She beckoned him back toward her. Jake hesitated a moment looking around the room at all of the eyes that were watching him. He stepped back over to the desk by his wife taking the pen from the lawyer and signing the bottom of the contract.
“And initial here please, and here, and one more signature here.” When he was done the lawyer took the pen and smiled.
“Welcome aboard Jake. I look forward to working with you for years to come,” Wayne stuck out his hand taking Jake’s in his giving it a solid shake, “now Mrs. Miller, Monica has your contract.”
“Mrs. Miller as an officer of the court I am to inform you this contract is an agreement with SPSI DBA The Yards. You will be agreeing to a limited FINO agreement.:
I am sorry what is a FINO?” Erin interrupted.
Leaning forward in his desk Wayne responded, “FINO stands for Free In Name Only. Basically, you are a free woman you have every right as a free woman, except when you are in the custody of The Yards or one of its affiliates.”
“So, when I am here, I am a slave?”
“Yes, and there are conditions in the contract about how you get the final say so in most requests of your time, except for this weekend, the fair week, and a few special dates in the contract. While you are here you will be treated as property.”
“What about people finding out who I am?”
“Precautions will be taken; I can assure you. Right now, keeping you a secret is far too valuable to me.” Wayne’s tone was sincere and both Jacob and Erin were feeling more comfortable about the document in front of her. “But do understand that your FINO status will all change if those dates and deadlines are not hit.”
Erin nodded, “I understand,” she took the pen from the female lawyer, “where do I sign?”

Moments later she put the cap on the pen, and Wayne took it from her. “This is a great day for all of us. Jake there will be a car for waiting to take you home, Erin will be staying here for the weekend and returned to you by 6pm on Sunday.
“I know we agreed that you would sleep with her, but the whole weekend?”
Wayne motioned to the guards, “could you see Jake to his car gentlemen?”
“I will be ok honey, I will see you soon,” she gave him a wave as he was led out of the room followed by the lawyers.
“I thought he would never leave,” Wayne chuckled as he looked at her, and Erin could not help but giggle.
“This really is happening very fast. I think I feel light headed.”
He pressed another button on his desk, and the back wall of his office began to retract revealing a very large room. Erin's eyes were wide as she saw all of the menacing furniture, and devices in the room that were now revealed. Other than the bed and a couple of chairs, she had no idea what most of it was for but one.
The gynecologist table was in the corner of the room, and secured to the floor. There were thick black straps hanging from the stirrups, and a chill ran down her spine.
Wayne pressed his hand to the center of her back guiding her toward the table, “all slaves that enter The Yards start here. I need to attend to something and when I return, I expect you to be naked and on the table is that understood?”
She opened her mouth to respond but found the words did not come out so she simply nodded yes.
“Very good, then you should get to it.” He stood and watched her for a moment, and realizing that he was not going to give her privacy she started to remove her blouse.
‘I mean why should he not watch; he has already seen me naked,” she thought to herself as she quickly started to remove her clothing. He turned and left once he saw that she was topless and wouldn’t need any more encouragement.
Once she was completely naked, she climbed up onto the table, and placed her legs in the stirrups and waited. She did not have to wait long, when she heard a door open behind her and a handsome young man entered pushing a cart with several items on it. He came to the end of the table, and picked up a tablet to seemingly to verify a few things.
He was tall, and very good looking. She could tell he was fit, but had not overdone at the gym. Exposed like she was she felt her pussy getting wet as she admired him.
“Can you confirm for me you are Slave Miller?”
“Um,” slave Miller caught her off guard so she stammered a bit, “um yes I’m slave Miller.”
“I am slave handler Logan; I am here to conduct your private intake.”
He started to pull on some rubber gloves, and then secured her legs to the table. He pressed a button and her legs spread even wider than they already were. He then stepped forward and grabbed her hips sliding her forward so her ass hung off the edge. He said nothing more as he moved up toward her head and began pulling out straps. One went across her chest just under her breasts, another went across her hips, and one across her forehead. He pulled out arm rests on each side and secured them out from her body like an obscene letter T.
He looked up and pressed a button on the side of the bed, and the video display on the ceiling flicked on with a view of her pussy. The close-up view reviled that her pussy was glistening with small drops finding their way out of her closed labia.
“Before we can verify you are not smuggling contraband in, we must get you chipped, and in the system.” He spoke so matter of fact like he had done this a thousand times. Erin realized he had done this a thousand times and she was just another piece of property to him to be logged, checked, and categorized.
“No, I don’t want to be chipped,” Erin struggled in the bindings be they held fast, “really I think there is an error?”
He glanced at the tablet and picked up a small gun with some kind of needle on the end, “no slave no mistake.” He pressed it to just under her left breast.
Josh smiled as she pleaded with him. He loved it when they pleaded and screamed. He leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth and sucked it hard between his lips. He felt her arch her back just a little under the straps then he pulled the handle.
“CLICK” her body jerked as the chip was injected just under the skin.
He let her nipple go and sat back up. He traded the injector, for the tablet and started to key in a few things. Erin was silently crying. He held the tablet and pointed it back at her breast.
Setting the tablet down, “you are now slave 3215, be sure you don’t forget it.”
3215 rang in her ears. She had never thought she would be registered as livestock, even when she agreed to his terms months ago this had never occurred to her.
He then moved back between her legs and pulled up a rolling stool.
“Before I perform the cavity search, is there anything that could endanger you or me inside of your ass or cunt?”
‘What NO! I don’t need a cavity OHHHHH FUCK!”
Two well lubed fingers pressed into her ass causing her to call out. He probed deep into her anal cavity, and pressing down on her belly, “cough please.”
“COUGH! COUGH!” Erin had tears running out of the corner of her eyes never had she been so humiliated.
He pulled his fingers out of her, and she heard a latex glove being removed, the next sensation she felt was cool gel being squirted on to her pussy, then pressure as he pressed some fingers into her. She looked up at the monitor and saw he had three fingers in her and she instinctively clamped her pussy muscles down and she herd him snicker. He gave his fingers a little wiggle, and she let out a soft moan.
“You slaves are all the same with an itch to have their pussies stuffed with something, cough.”
“COUGH!” Erin felt him start to pull his hand back.
“Wait she has given birth, so I have no doubt she can handle more than three fingers, really check her out I don’t trust this one.”
“Yes sir.”
Erin had not heard Wayne enter the room, but he now stood with his back to her looking down at her inspection. Then she felt some more intense pressure, and she tried to pull away but the straps held her tight, “OH GOD PLEASE NOOOOOOOOO!” she cried out the last letter half moaning it half screaming it as her pussy gave in and swallowed his hand.
Looking up through water filled eyes she could see how odd her pussy looked. This sight was new to her, the young man was moving his arm in and out of her slightly. His arm seemed to end at her grotesquely stretched pussy, but she could feel him opening his hand in her, and moving his fingers around. Erin’s breathing became rapid and she felt her head starting to swim.
“Well?” Wayne asked looking at the slave handler
“I don’t seem to find any contraband sir.”
“You sure, I think you should really check”
He started to move his hand more pushing it deeper into her. She could see her belly bulging and moving as he investigated the depths of her pussy, then from the side of the screen another hand entered the frame. The new hands thumb gently rubbed across her clit.
‘AHHHHHHHHFUUCCKKKSHIITTTFUCK!!!!” Erin steamed out as her body started to convulse, she felt like every inch of her was on fire, and that she lost all controlled and peed herself before blacking out.

A foul smell of ammonia being waved under her nose brought her around. It took her a moment to figure out where she was, and she could feel she still had something buried deep in her pussy, but this time it was accompanied with a rocking motion. She lifted her head and was happy to find that it was no longer secured to the table. She looked down her body and saw that Wayne now had his cock buried deep in her fucking slowly in and out of her.
“Welcome back sleepy head.” he winked and gripping her hips started to move faster.
Erin could feel the pressure in her body building again, and let her head flop down back onto the table. Looking up she could see his cock was every bit as big as the hand that had been in her and she felt herself squeeze it trying to grip it him.
“I have never seen a slut cum that much in my life.”
“She was instantly crimson, “I’m sorry I thought I peed on you.”
“Fuck no just a lot of slave cum, damn near drown my handler there.” nodding above her.
She tilted her head and saw they were not alone, and that the slave handler was preparing some sort of electric pen.
Wayne started to pick up his pace, making hard deliberate forceful strokes every time he buried his cock in her. He started to moan, and Erin felt her own orgasm approaching when Wayne buried himself deep one last time. She felt him swell bigger if that was possible, as he grunted and filled her with cum. She felt him spasming several times, and she was so close she tried to rock her hips on him but the bindings would not let her move. He remained like that for a few moments not saying anything or moving.

Finally, he pulled out, causing a surge of cum to flow from her very open pussy.
“Get her tattooed, collared, and stamped so I can give her a tour.”
“Wait please I am so close.”
“3215, is it?” the handler nodded, “like I said before, I never fuck the same cunt twice,” Wayne turned picked up a robe and left the room. Erin was disappointed, and incredibly horny and frustrated as he left.
“Now let’s get your slave number tattooed to your lip,” he held up the tattoo gun, Erin’s eyes went wide before fading to black.
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Re: The Yards---Chapter 6

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Kaylee this chapter was awesome! I do hope though that this experience doesn’t ruin Kaylee and Morgan’s friendship. Morgan seems pretty pissed off at Kaylee at the moment.

And Mrs. Miller Mmmmm! I’m really liking her. How she stands up to hubby and makes him sign them papers. All for the good of the country I suppose lol.
And he’s sent away so she can play slave over the weekend.
But it also would have been good if he could have been forced to watch his wife being processed and used by Wayne, before he’d be kicked out the door.
That type of stuff can play havoc on a man’s mental state.

Again awesome work! And keep it going!
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Re: The Yards---Chapter 6

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Great job, :cheers:

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Re: The Yards---Chapter 6

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Great chapter and loving this series Kaylee!! Looking forward to more.

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Re: The Yards---Chapter 6

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timerider wrote: Thu May 25, 2023 3:40 am Great job, :cheers:
thank you

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Re: The Yards---Chapter 6

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Darrenwhipsthesluts wrote: Sun May 28, 2023 9:49 pm Great chapter and loving this series Kaylee!! Looking forward to more.
Thank you
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Re: The Yards---Chapter 6

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wonderful, thank you so much for this - let it be the beginning of a long and fruitful career

or hobby

or just a lot of fun for you, for Me, for all of us!

~Gypsie Cowboy :thumbup:

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Re: The Yards---Chapter 6

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hot as hell

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Re: The Yards---Chapter 6

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I really don't mean to be pushy or ignore what is very possibly your real life that is getting in the way of this but I'd like to be certain that you do plan to continue this story? It's a very interesting take on the Slave Grading universe and I'm personally very invested in the characters you've created and what will become of them.
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